British Ex-Army Contractor Goes to War in Ukraine, Experiences Helicopter Fire, Runs Scared Into the Woods… tortured by the Ukrainians thinking he's a Russian spy, is released, leaves for the UK immediately.

One of the first British fighters in Ukraine told yesterday of his ferocious battle with Russian troops at the Battle of Antonov.

Ex-Army medic Jason Haigh, 34, exchanged gunfire with the Red Army as it sought to seize an airport and was later beaten by guards in terrifying interrogations.

Jason, who served two tours of Iraq, told The Sun: “The Ukrainians fought like lions and I’m proud I was alongside them. What Putin is doing is terrorism. He’s bombing kids and families for nothing. He’s a war criminal.”

He flew to Ukraine at the start of last month. He recalled: “When I told my mates they were like, ‘What, are you mad?’. I’m a qualified combat medic and have done seven years working as a private military contractor. I wanted to go and do some good.”

He set up home in Kyiv and linked up with foreign fighters ahead of the invasion.

Jason was sleeping when a pal woke him on the morning Putin’s troops and tanks invaded.

He told The Sun: “The world just blew up. You could hear rockets coming over the buildings.

“In the distance there were bright lights flashing all over the city from the Russian bombardment. It was completely surreal.”

Jason dashed out of his city centre flat in full body armour and carrying an AK-47.

His unit quickly joined a detachment of Ukrainian troops heading to defend Hostomel Airport.

Ex-Army medic Jason Haigh, 34

Jason recalled: “It was a very confusing situation. No one really knew what was going on.

“As we headed into the dark I think it’s fair to say I was scared.

“Anyone who goes into that position that isn’t scared is a liar.

“When we arrived it was very quiet. But all of a sudden the gates of hell opened up on us.”

A squadron of Russian jets fired down rockets before a fleet of attack choppers joined in.

Jason and ten soldiers from the Georgian Legion took cover in woodland. Jason, who served with the Mercian Regiment, added: “We got very close to getting whacked. I’ve never experienced firepower like that, I don’t think anyone of this generation ever has.

“Iraq and Afghanistan was totally different. The Russians are a conventional modern army.”

Reinforcements then arrived with Stinger missiles to pick off the Russian choppers in a brave show of Ukrainian resistance.

However, Jason and an American pal were later arrested by Ukraine agents looking for Russian saboteurs. He said: “My mate and I had a day sack with two walkie talkies and a small pistol.

“We had them for genuine reasons such as if the comms network went down but they got suspicious.”

They were taken to a security service base and interrogated for three hours. Jason said: “My head was slammed down by one of the guards.

“A different guy came in and I could tell by his kit that he was in an elite unit. He had cable ties and two hoods and I thought ‘S***, this is real’.

“They kept shouting Russian at me but obviously I said I was English. They whacked me around eight or nine times. I had quite a bad concussion and was bleeding heavily.”

He went on: “They looked at my phone and my messages which was a really scary moment.

“I wasn’t scared of dying but I was scared about putting my family and friends through the pain of knowing I was in that situation.”

Eventually, they were released and Jason joined hundreds of thousands on trains to Lviv. He then fled to the Polish border before getting a train to Warsaw.

From there he flew to the UK and arrived home in Kidderminster last Friday. He said: “I didn’t go there to die. I obviously thought about it but I had a job to do.”

The Battle of Antonov — also known as the Battle of Hostomel — was among the first major skirmishes of the war, with Russian attack helicopters and jets aiming to dampen early resistance.

Putin’s forces were successful but at huge cost — as Ukrainian forces downed several choppers. Jason said: “The Ukrainian people are heroes. They’re all great blokes who have the heart of lions and are defending their country.”

Source: The Sun

Come tell us how you slew them old Arabs two by two
Like the Zulus they had spears and bows and arrows
How bravely you faced one with your 16-pounder gun
And you frightened them natives to their marrow

  1. Commenter says

    Oh boy. Guess he learned his lesson. Despite his praise he left so something still works. Good example of how twisted view of Russia Ukraine situation had real effect on people

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  2. GMC says

    I thought he said he was with a Georgian squad. What happened to those ” blokes” ? Probably were smart enough to stay in the woods.One fire fight doesn’t show the whole picture. Unless it’s used for propaganda.

    1. Jerôme says

      The Chechens liquidated them…

      1. GMC says

        Hopefully !

  3. Jerôme says

    Kidderminster by Birmingham…I am sure,he learned for rest of his life who the Ukronazis are!!!

  4. anon says

    This British imbecile has only bullied broken and cowed third worlders in the past and was obviously out of his depth under ‘real’ enemy fire… before he ran screaming back to nanny…

    further more aside from the usual anti Russian boiler plate run by the red top yellow media in the septic isles… it seems that this imbecile had already deployed ahead of Putins offensive… strange that, so I’m guessing this mercenary had ties to British intelligence (if indeed he exists at all)….

    I’m waiting for the in depth interview with some Asov ‘nazis’ on th BBc.. particularly the bit about Hitler and white nationalism…

    should be fun, sandwiched between the trannys, lesbians and africans…

  5. Ultrafart the Brave says

    From there he flew to the UK and arrived home in Kidderminster last Friday. He said: “I didn’t go there to die…”

    So why did Jason go there? Seriously.

    “The Ukrainian people are heroes. They’re all great blokes who have the heart of lions and are defending their country.”

    Sure they are. But not all of them. The Nazi Azov battalion comes to mind. Benjamin Fulford published a video clip of these great blokes stringing up a Christian captive on a cross and burning him alive. All very ritualistic, yet oh so casual – all in a day’s work.

    Kind of like the Australian Police are all great blokes, but they seem to have no trouble beating up women and children, shooting unarmed protesters and frying innocent people with directed energy weapons. And they seem to have a complete blindspot for the human trafficking, government pedophile networks and all manner of egregious official corruption throughout the country.

    Or kind of like the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are all great blokes, yet they seem to have no problem trampling old ladies with their horses, stealing food and fuel from law-abiding truckers and beating the living shit out of unarmed peaceful protestors.

    Just saying. Seems to be a pattern emerging. Australia, being the exemplary example of democratic freedom and human rights that it is, showed her sterling support for for her sister “democracy” Ukraine by sending $100 million dollars worth of weapons to help stoke the war.

    Maybe The Sun should commission a movie about Jason’s unsung adventures. Something along the lines of “American Sniper”, only British.

    1. guest says

      Benjamin Fulford is merely a professional charlatan, here to make money off ignorant groupies. (isn’t he still waiting for Trump to take out his Kraken and clubber someone ?)

      1. Ultrafart the Brave says

        It’s hard to get a fix on Mr. Fulford – not easy to confirm the stuff he says.

        But that video he posted appeared to be the real thing.

        … isn’t he still waiting for Trump to take out his Kraken and clubber someone?

        Lord have mercy, the imagery of Trump releasing the Kraken would be the stuff of nightmares. (But given the alternative, if it was my position to do so, he’d still get my vote).

  6. Rightiswrong says

    He went there to fight, after the first day of watching a fight, he ran home.

    That sounds like the British Expedition Forces of WW2.

  7. Hostage (Raptar) Driver says

    Stupid Limey got what he deserved.
    Except for death.

  8. EstibenDelMar says

    i had several laughs while reading this.

    1. iconoclast says

      i have to question if this “story” is even true.

  9. stephanwilliams says

    I’ll wager Jason isn’t the brightest bulb in the pack.

    He gets savagely beaten by the thugs he came to support and still claims “The Ukrainian people are heroes”…

    He’s a moron.

    1. Idefix says

      You don’t know whether that isn’t scripted or the journalists wrote that in. The dude sure was cussing a lot when getting interviewed, so the hack that did it sure had to write some filler… But yeah, the SBU is crazy good at making everyone hate them, now foreigners too.

  10. Martillo says

    We can only hope and pray that this masked hero is quadruply squirted and socially distancing at home now that the Ukrop Variant has proven to be even more sickening that the terrible covaid$.

    Cringe of the week award to another moran. Don’t be a moran!

  11. Jim Garrison says

    Appears our brave English mate wasn’t aware that his Uke pals have been killing Russian civilians for the past 8 yrs in Donbass? Nor was he aware of the neo-Nazis in western Ukraine whose ancestors killed his British ancestors in WW2? Or the threats of NATO to Russia’s security?

  12. Clem says

    Don’t mention Zulu in your article we have nothing to do with you war donr reference is as we don’t care about racist Ukrainians

  13. padre says

    It’s interesting, he ran home, before the real fighting started, but he knows, that Russians are there only to kill innocent children!

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