British Destroyer PURPOSEFULLY Crossed Into Crimea’s Territorial Waters, Russia Says Dropped “Warning Bombs”

UK Ministry of Defence ADMITS it sailed through "Ukrainian waters" on purpose

HMS “Defender”

Editor’s note: Unclear if warning shots were actually fired, and “warning bombs dropped”. There is no footage for the bombs. Firing can be heard but the official British story is that the Russians were conducting gunnery exercises nearby. In any case that’s not the important thing. The important thing is that the British Navy intentionally sailed into Crimea’s territorial waters disputing Russia’s claim to the peninsula with a military asset. Imagine the Russian Navy sailing into the territorial waters of the Falkland Islands to make a point of recognizing Argentina’s claim to the islands but not the British one. The British MoD claims “innocent passage” but that is total nonsense. Innocent passage is for when an equally convenient route outside the territorial waters does not exist. You do not cross into territoral waters for no reason whatsoever. Besides there is nothing “innocent” about a warship of a hostile military block sailing into your waters to dispute your claim to your territory. Will the Russians now make it a point to violate UK’s territorial waters?


Machine translated from Russian

The British destroyer crossed the Russian state border at 11:52 and entered the territorial sea near Cape Fiolent for 3 km.

“The destroyer was preliminary warned about the use of weapons in case of violation of the state border of the Russian Federation. He did not respond to the warning, ”the ministry said in a statement to RT.

At 12:06 and 12:08 the border patrol ship performed warning firing, at 12:19 the Su-24m aircraft carried out “warning bombing” along the path of the destroyer. The OFAB-250 aerial bombs were used.

After that, at 12:23 pm, the destroyer Defender left the borders of the territorial sea of ​​the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Defense reported.

British attache was summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry to explain what happened. Britain officially denies entry into Russian territorial waters and the fact of bombing at the rate of the destroyer.

The provocation itself is obviously a probing reaction to the violation of Russian sovereignty over the Crimean territorial waters. In the absence of the most severe reactions, such provocations will continue.

Ukraine, as usual, will act in such provocations as a springboard for such activities (the destroyer left from Odessa), and in some cases as an instrument.

Of course, you can evaluate for yourself what Boris Johnson’s statements about “readiness to normalize relations with Russia after she changes her behavior” cost. Britain, as a state hostile to the Russian Federation, does not intend to change its behavior at all.

PS. I would have watched the video of the bombing at the Defender course. It is worth remembering that if he would continue to drag in Russian territorial waters, one of the next stages in the development of the situation would be an anti-ship missile in its side.

A BBC journalist aboard the Defender said that the ship was pursued by more than 20 Russian planes, and the ship’s crew was in a state of readiness for hostilities.

Video of the Su-24 overflight next to the British destroyer Defender during a provocation at Cape Fiolent.

Taken before the warning bombing. In total, 4 bombs were dropped.

Arrival of the British military attaché at the Russian Foreign Ministry in connection with the incident.

Source: Colonel Cassad

  1. Mr Reynard says

    #1 .. Never poke the Bear !
    As the saying goes… You will see a Lion tamer without scars, you will se a Tiger tamer without scars .. But you will never see a Bear tamer without scars ..

  2. yuri says

    now a US colony these dimwits believe the senile vegetable Biden..soon Scotland secedes and England becomes the impotent colony of Australia…it is difficult to take these hypocrites seriously

  3. john mason says

    Very few words are need from Russia namely ” do it again and we will sink your ship or shoot down your planes; you have been told”. Now go and tend to your goats.

  4. Val says

    These people never grow up, and still play the infantile power games they will always play.

  5. GMC says

    Can’t blame the Brits – they just wanted to get close enough to those Crimean beaches and scope out the Russian beauties laying on the hot sand in their thong bikinis – something the Brits will never have again – beautiful white chicks that act and dress like Ladies. lol

  6. Oilman says

    Stupid Brits AGAIN trying to provoke a move from Russia but this time to try to prevent a Germany and France EU-Russia Summit. The Brits provoked WW2 and now, they are doing their utmost to prevent peace with the two biggest EU members. That’s the Brits for you. Russia took away their manhood back in the 40’s and took them down from a superpower to a paper tiger. They never accepted it hence, since then, constantly made moves to attack Russia’s credibility and some lately were absolutely ridiculous and unfounded.
    The bottom line, the Brits are like a bitchy teenage girl. All talk with zero power.

  7. Curmudgeon says

    Jonathon Beale is not a journalist, he is a propagandist. Crimea was never “part of Ukraine” in the same way that Kent is a county of England. It was an autonomous republic within the USSR administered by Ukraine. It remained autonomous within Ukraine, when it voted to leave the USSR and join Ukraine under the same status as it had in the USSR. When the 2014 coup, of a President the people of Crimea elected, occurred, they voted to return to full autonomy. “Occupied” Crimea is propaganda as much as the IRA’s claim that Northern Ireland is occupied.

    1. Emily says

      There was no vote to leave Russia.
      The Crimean people were totally opposed to it.
      The Crimea was handed to the Ukraine some decades ago by a Ukrainian national who at that time was also supreme USSR President.
      Crimea has been part of Russia for centuries and is just back home.

  8. Helga Weber says

    If one goes back in History to the year 1908 when England already planned WWI as written about in a book by the american Historian Nicholas A. Lambert: Planning Armageddon, where he wrote about the british Marine, it does not surprise that they are looking for war, but the Americans should fight the war for them. These cowards are hiding behind the US.

    1. GMC says

      The Charge of the Light Brigade, comes to mind. When one charges in te wrong direction – it usually gets – very bloody.

    2. Hazzo says

      Not too bright are you. If you think for one moment we British just decided to provoke Russia without the US ok then you need help. Through NATO all involved nations have a contingent of troops on Russia’s Western front since 2014 and all because Russia foiled the plan to install ‘democracy’ across the ME and N.Africa by aiding their ally Syria, our Western govts are being run by criminals and they’re ‘all in it together’. I bet you’re wearing your mask and voted for Joe.

  9. XSFRGR says

    Absent an overt act by NATO all Russia/China needs to do is wait.

  10. Terry G says

    The US using a proxy to fight its wars. A sunk UK ship can be handled, but a sunk US ship means war and the US cannot fight any wars now, they are bankrupt.

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