British COVID Hero Grandmother Rips Into Virus Bed-Wetters Some More

“We were bombed in the blitz and we didn’t give in. We went into shelters then we went back to work. That’s what we have to do now”

When you are a COVID bed-wetter, and less of a man than an 83-year-old granny

A great grandmother who captured what many people were feeling when she said she “didn’t give a sod” about coronavirus rules has said that the country should not “surrender” to the pandemic.

Maureen Eames, 83, who became an overnight celebrity after expressing her anger at the impact of Government restrictions, said that Britain was supposed to be “a free country” and “life has to go on”.

Speaking from her South Yorkshire home just before parts of the region enter tier three restrictions, she warned that it is subsequent generations who will be paying the price for the lockdown, telling Boris Johnson: “The future of the young is in your hands.”

Mrs Eames told the Telegraph: “We were bombed in the blitz and we didn’t give in. I was at my aunt’s in Lincolnshire, next to an airfield, and they accidentally dropped a bomb and it blew our windows out.

“We didn’t surrender then and we shouldn’t now. We went into shelters then we went back to work. That’s what we have to do now.”

Mrs Eames has had a growing army of supporters since she was interviewed by the BBC whilst out shopping in Barnsley on Wednesday, with some saying she should be the next Prime Minister.

She told the broadcaster it was “ridiculous” that the town would be the next part of England plunged into the “very high” alert level.

She said: “We should never have been in lockdown. All the people who were vulnerable should have been helped and kept home safe. And all the rest of us, I’m 83, I don’t give a sod.

“I look at it this way, I’ve not got all that many years left of me and I’m not going to be fastened in a house when the government have got it all wrong.”

Maureen Eames and her husband Micheal have both recovered from coronavirus 
Maureen Eames and her husband Michael have both recovered from coronavirus

The octogenarian, who served as a parish councillor for her home village of Notton for 50 years, warned that restriction would leave millions unemployed and those paying for it would be “all the young ones. Not me because I’m going to be dead”.

Mrs Elms, who has three grandchildren and two great grandchildren, said she had been overwhelmed by support since the interview.

She immediately drew comparisons with Brenda from Bristol, who summed up the feelings of many when she was told that the 2017 General Election had been called and responded: “You’re joking. Not another one.”

An ordinary member of the public also caused some embarrassment for Gordon Brown when he was Prime Minister in 2010 and was recorded calling Gillian Duffy a “bigot” during a walkabout in Rochdale.

She had first-hand experience of the virus when her husband Michael, 82, developed severe coronavirus in late February, coughing up blood, and wasn’t fully recovered until May. She caught it at the end of May and developed deep chest pains but recovered after ten days.

The retired doctor’s housekeeper has revealed that she was against lockdown from the start and continued her routine of shopping three times a week.

She said: “What they should have done was ensure that all the old people and the people who have health problems were protected and if they wanted anything there was someone there to take it to the house. Then they let the rest of us get on with life.”

“All this money that’s been spent and at the end of this year there’ll be so many children, young people and old who’ll be unemployed. “There’s no future for the young ones where this is going.”

The Tory voter said that she laid the blame for the response on Matt Hancock and believes that Mr Johnson has been “shackled” by his scientific advisors.

“The future of the young is in your hands Boris. And for God’s sake, get some people around you who know what needs to be done,” she said.

“I would sack the lot of them, especially Matt Hancock. Get people who will tell you to open everything up and shield the vulnerable.”

One of the Health Secretary’s mistakes, Mrs Eames believes, was telling doctors to see patients on Zoom, which has made it “easier to get into jail” than a GP surgery.

“It really does worry me is how many people at the outset were diagnosed with cancer and now are dying,” she said. “They have no future because of this policy, they are dying.”

Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield will move into the most stringent Tier 3 restrictions at Midnight on Saturday, joining Manchester, Lancashire and Liverpool.

It was not just those on social media who supported her frank views as Mr Eames, a retired coal mine electrical engineer, revealed he was proud of his wife.

“We watched it on the telly and I said ‘you’ll go viral with that and she said give over. But I was right,” he said. “I call her My Hyacinth, my own Mrs Bouquet.”

Source: The Telegraph

  1. Grim Fandango says

    Stones. This woman has stones!!!

  2. RussG553 says

    I’m with you, Maureen! Has the world not seen all the fresh evidence that the PCR test for
    Covid-19 has resulted in up to 90% FALSE POSITIVES?? That is why the
    number of cases is rising! Have a look at StateoftheNation web site, under “The Greatest Scamdemic”. Covid-19 is indeed on par with the seasonal flu. More doctors, such as Dr. Allan Spreen, are reporting the same thing.

  3. Saint Jimmy (Russian American) says

    Good for those two. That’s the spirit. The “lock downs” are such an obviously ridiculous policy in response to anything except a truly deadly disease that it’s unbelievable that sane leaders would implement such a destructive, draconian policy. If you have half a brain, you have to conclude that either most world leaders are insane or the lock downs were imposed for reasons other than disease prevention…. IF you have half a brain….

  4. ke4ram says

    You can be told by numbskull doctors you have recovered from Covid but you cannot “recover” from a non existent virus. Until it’s isolated and identified it doesn’t exist. This isn’t the 19th century. Even if it was they wouldn’t destroy their economy and peoples lives. We say we’re smarter then those in years gone by yet here we are doing far more stupid cowardly things.

    Who knows what disease this couple had,,, possibly a bit of flu or pneumonia, but I am happy they recovered from whatever it was.

    The entire medical establishment is compromised and bought off today. Many dollars or pounds for diagnosing Covid,,, Zero dollars or pounds, for calling it whatever it really is.

    The fact governments of the world are bribing doctors and hospitals to declare this virus the cause of almost every sickness is proof positive it’s a scam. No bribing necessary if it was for real. If you come up positive from the bogus PCR test and die in a airplane crash a week later it’s marked up as Covid. Anything you die of within 28 days of testing positive will go down as Covid.

    The lady is a fine example of her generation but she is still buying the diagnosis as gospel like millions of others because there is no where else to go to get a unbiased opinion. Today we are actually living a lie.

    Freedom involves some risks,,, the biggest risk is keeping it. Safety and security by government will chain and suffocate you. Today North Koreans have more freedom than those in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and other nations that are shutting down.

    Freedom isn’t Free and it sure as hell isn’t guaranteed by government….

    1. jm74 says

      Simply put into a nutshell the authorities labelled the flu, pneumonia as ‘covid 19’. There never was a cure for the flu nor a successful prevention. there is more to this than meets the eye, why would a country deliberately destroy its economy.

      1. itchyvet says

        “Why would a country deliberately destroy it’s economy ” ? Never ceases to amaze me, that folks can’t work that out for themselves. The Globalists have been work hard for many years, to institute Global Government and Global monetary system. The monetary system has been rejected and many nations refuse to take it on board. However, the ALLEGED Corona pandemic is the ideal vehicle to usher in such a system. The plan is get people so devastated and on their knees, they will be willing to accept anything to relieve their misery, which the U.N. and the Globalists will tell everyone their solution will cure all the problems. The people who are betraying us all, are our own Governments and politicians who are part and parcel of this Global order.

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