Britain’s New Flagship to Lead a Carrier Group Into China’s Missile Kill Zone in First Deployment

Supposedly it will be 'sending a message' to China by sailing where it never could in an actual war

The UK is sending its new aircraft carrier, the HMS Queen Elizabeth, to the Indo-Pacific region this month to send a message to Beijing. On Friday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the deployment will show China that the UK believes in the “international law of the sea.”

The US and its allies have been accusing China of threatening the so-called “rules-based order.” One example the West points to is Beijing’s claims in the South China Sea, which the US challenges with dangerous military provocations by frequently sailing warships near Chinese-controlled islands.

The HMS Queen Elizabeth is expected to sail through the South China Sea while in the region. The aircraft carrier will be leading a large naval strike group that will be the largest British Navy deployment since the 1982 Falklands War. A US Navy destroyer will also join the British ships.

Sending such a large naval flotilla to challenge China is a provocative move, but Johnson insists it is not meant to be antagonistic. “One of the things we’ll be doing clearly is showing to our friends in China that we believe in the international law of the sea, and in a confident but not a confrontational way, we will be vindicating that point,” he said.

Considering the view from Beijing, a large naval deployment to the region is reminiscent of the Opium Wars in the mid-1800s, which led to the UK carving out Hong Kong as a colony.


The first operational deployment of Britain’s flagship aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth to Asia will show countries such as China that Britain believes in the international law of the sea, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Friday.

Johnson said the Carrier Strike Group, which will interact with more than 40 nations on the deployment through the Mediterranean, Indian Ocean and South China Sea to Japan, would project Britain’s values as well as its military capabilities.

Source: Reuters

  1. Ronnie says

    Just a note.
    Goon Britain may not be buying any more FAT35 jets for it. Short of funds and the planes are dodgy.
    They also spent 3.5Billion on recon tanks from USA that HAVE TO STOP TO FIRE THE GUN.
    Overly noisy in the crew cabs. Why not ear muffs? Ordered years ago still waiting.

    The new Elizebeth tiny carrier apparently is not fit for use…like as an all rounder in a all rounder type of bare knuckle naval war with those upperty Chinese. Also it It keeps flooding but thats ok.
    The Brits charged into one of the Iraq wars and their new rifles would not fire …a sand kind of thingy apparently. Damned non compliment Arabs with sand everywhere.

    Sooooo the South China Sea could be a tad choppy and over in a manic hyper sonic scream fest.
    ” Captain what about the women sailors?”
    “They can go and get F*cked.! ”
    “But Captain ……do we have time?”

  2. Ultrafart the Brave says

    “Friday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the deployment will show China that the UK believes in the “international law of the sea.””

    Perhaps someone should point out to Boris that his partners, the Americans, DO NOT believe in the “international law of the sea”, seeing as how the United States is not even a party to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) because the United States refuses to ratify UNCLOS as it refuses to be held accountable to it.

    Strange, then, that Britain’s best little mate in the whole world, the USA, uses UNCLOS – which the USA refuses to sign – as the justification for its highly provocative “Freedom of Navigation” exercises in the South China Sea.

    Maybe, just maybe, Britain should reflect on the mismatch between what it claims to “believe in”, compared to their BFFs across the Atlantic.

  3. Ronnie says

    Sorry forgot the reference.
    See Pesky RT website ….press the UK section and get the belly laughs.

    Or tears I’d you think of the young men and women that are going to die from flash burns or molten aluminium plastered all over their skin.
    Goon Britain world power or sad joke?

  4. saoirse52 says

    What a pathetic little has-been. When you’re over in that part of the world, if your “ships” can make it that far, perhaps you should ask the Chinese to build you a proper ship… that is quiet and doesn’t leak !

  5. mijj says

    the UK is “sending a message’ – that message is : “the UK has bumbling deluded drama queens for leaders”.

  6. GMC says

    Yo China, remember that US false flag in Haiphong, that led to millions of Asians killed, including some Chinese ? Take them out before they make a deal for a base in – Formosa. Time for a Typhoon.

  7. Geraldo Lino says

    It’s worth remembering that the last time a British government sent a naval squadron “to deter” an Asian power, in 1941, the battleship Prince of Wales and the battlecruiser Repulse lasted no more than two hours under the bombs and torpedoes of the Japanese Navy planes.

    1. Mr Reynard says

      Hmm.. ‘sending a message’ to China? As the past record show, using a mobile phone to send this message, would be cheaper IMO ?

    2. Richard Seeto says

      And the Amethyst incident that the Brits at the time still thought that their gunboat diplomacy can hold sway over a China it defeated in the Opium Wars. Seems like it has not learnt a lesson and if China does what the Yanks are doing calling for compensation for Covid-19 as if China is responsible for its spread, the whole USA and Britain as well as all those nations which participated in the Century of Humiliation, will be bankrupted. The West doesn’t know what luck it has that China has not become truly angry.

  8. kkk says

    Perfect target

    1. Ronnie says

      Maybe not …it is very small..!

  9. Helga Weber says

    Aircraft carriers are sitting ducks.
    Little Great Britain a has been.

    1. Richard Seeto says

      Britain does not know or accept that it is no longer Britannia which once ruled the waves by going around the world stealing everyone’s countries and stealing their goods and resources for nix.

  10. Jerry Hood says

    BoJo is satanic,zionazi JEW born in Jew Yoke City, and needs bloody hooked nose…China should give him( or her?) that!!!

  11. Ying Jun says

    China under Guo Min Dang claimed South China Sea ( Nan Hai ) in the 1940’s. Suddenly the West has a problem with freedom of navigation now? There is no problem with freedom of navigation of commercial ships. Western colonisers should be kicked out of Asia before they turn Asia into another Middle East.

    1. Richard Seeto says

      Well said and well put. The only trouble makers anywhere in the world especially Asia-Pacific are the US, Australia as its self appointed Deputy Sheriff and the UK and EU. The sooner they are kicked out of the region, the sooner it will prosper in peace.

  12. jha says

    because nothing says “journalistic integrity” quite like a photo-shopped “photo” of camouflaged missile carriers

  13. anon says

    Brits forced opium on China in the 1830s, bombarded them when they resisted, then forced them to give them ports like Singapore, Canton, Hong Kong and Shanghai through which they delivered the opium. US merchants also supplied opium like the Forbes (John Kerry;s family) and the Russels (financiers of Skull and Bones death cult at Yale) and other Boston blue blood families. So don’t be surprised if Fentanyl is China giving the west back a little taste of their own medicine.

    1. Richard Seeto says

      For a full history of how the US’s wealth barons benefited by smuggling opium in China during the Century of Humiliation, read the very comprehensive book by ex US Marine, James Bradley: The China Mirage.

  14. PJ London says

    It is very embarrassing and humiliating to be British with these bozos in charge.

    1. Richard Seeto says

      You’re not wrong and thanks for being so honest. Boris, the Boor has sold out to the yanks at the expense of his constituents.

  15. XSFRGR says

    This should provide the Chinese with an entertaining targeting exercise.

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