BRICS Now a Larger Share of World Economy Than G7

In 2020 it will surpass the US and the entire EU combined — when adjusted for PPP as it should be

As a side note: the BRICS now have a bigger share of the world economy than the Euro area and the U.S. combined:

In 2019, BRICS combined GDP will surpass (using PPP-adjusted GDP) that of G7 economies, and in 2020, based on IMF forecasts, it will exceed the combined share of the world GDP for the US + EU27 economies.

Not a single BRICS economy is currently represented in G7. Dire…

Source: True Economics

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  2. Inferior says

    Only problem with the tittle is that there is no such thing as BRICS. B is long gone for Uncle Sam’s camp.

    1. Séamus Ó Néill says

      Uncle Sam’s camp is bankrupt and on the verge of collapse. Apart from countries dumping the dollar, there’s a recession just around the corner and this time America will be unable to fiddle its books like it did previously……believe me collapse and the end of satanic America is imminent !

    2. Jim Santagata says

      The loss of “B” from the narrative will not matter in a year or two at most. Even just “RIC” without South Africa will soon be the dominators, while we suck wind and dream of yesteryear.

  3. Ramona Silvestri says

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