Breitbart Peddles Falun Gong Fairy Tales on Wuhan Virus

Breitbart, peddles sensationalist nonsense by the notorious fake news factory of the Falun Gong cult that is The Epoch Times , which Breitbart deems an “anti-communist newspaper” which is a little bit like calling Joseph Stalin an “anti-Fascist” — technically correct but still fantastically dishonest in how much it leaves out:

A shocking report published Saturday local time by the Epoch Times revealed that crematoriums in China are struggling to keep up with the hundreds of bodies they are receiving, suggesting Beijing is undercounting the number of coronavirus deaths in the country.

The Epoch Times, a Chinese-American anti-communist newspaper, sent journalists to speak with the heads of several funeral homes and crematoriums in Hubei province – whose capital, Wuhan, is the epicenter of the current novel coronavirus outbreak. The newspaper found that adding up the total number of people cremated per day in several funeral homes yielded a significantly larger number than the official number of [virus] deaths tallied since the outbreak began in December. [No shit, Sherlock.]


With this math, the newspaper concludes that Hubei province incinerated 341 bodies on February 3; China reported 65 deaths nationwide due to coronavirus that day. 

Cremation is a common burial practice in China, and Wuhan is a city of 19 million people. Wuhan crematoriums are indeed cremating hundreds of bodies a day. Just like they do every day.

Falun Gong itself gives up the game when it reports the “backlog” of bodies waiting to be cremated is because fewer crematorium workers are showing up for work either because of the holiday season or because of disease fears:

“You Hu” told the Epoch Times that the backlog of people waiting to be cremated was not due to lack of space in the burners, but lack of sufficient transportation and collapsing staff numbers, as few were sleeping or taking breaks. Due to transportation and staff limits, the Epoch Times estimated that the Hankou crematorium was burning 225 corpses a day.

Laughable stuff: Because short-staffed private crematoria in a notoriously head-strong, pragmatic and often shortcut-taking Chinese commercial culture are not burning corpses of people who died from the virus separately, like the state demands of them, it must mean everyone cremated in fact died of the virus:

Of course, the article notes that there is no guarantee that all these people died after becoming infected with the novel coronavirus. It notes that, of the 127 remains “You Hu” received on February 3 (116 were cremated that day), eight were confirmed coronavirus patients and 48 were suspected carriers. The newspaper also identified another funeral home that took in 22 sets of remains and three were confirmed coronavirus cases.

These numbers, the report argues, do not align with the Communist Party policies issued on handling coronavirus remains.

“As per from the current policy of the Communist Party of China … the funeral home must give priority to the burning of novel coronavirus patients’ bodies; other bodies may not be burned on the same day due to funeral culture, rituals, and other reasons,” the article notes. “Based on this, it can be inferred that the 116 dead [at “You Hu”‘s crematorium] basically all died of novel coronavirus pneumonia, or at least suspected of having died of it.” [No you can’t, idiot. Based on this you may inferr that in a one-party state the authorities can say one thing but that doesn’t mean it actually happens.]

Simply laughable stuff, and a waste of time.

But hey, as long as it’s good for clicks, and there’s never a fallout from being wrong on “Communist” China.

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  2. Rowdy-Yates says

    Yet the Holocaust fairy tale says that Germany cremated 80 to 90 bodies per crematorium per camp each and every day from 42 to 45 with a total number of 6 million. The incredible fantastic stories from America

  3. Zorin says

    Actually, Falun Gong has a very good intelligence gathering in China.
    So I believe this organisation and not the communist government.

  4. The Great Gazoo says

    The author of this article obviously doesn’t know anything about Falun Gong. The Epoch Times doesn’t represent Falun Gong. FG is a philosophy and a form of Buddhism and a set of exercises. FG is not political or organized in any way except to teach the exercises. The Chinese government and Chinese Communist Party are pure evil and must be abolished immediately.

    1. XRGRSF says

      It that your unbiased opinion ?

  5. hvaiallverden says

    Yeah, FG, is like SOHO, etc, etc, to Breitfartlingas, an pack of rats, and they are on top of it in the same league as ZeroBrain H, and Infowars, Investmentblog etc, all run by the Tribe, and they shoot out so much bollocks that I find them, despite the gravness, just plainly laughable, and they pimp anti-Chines propaganda at an speed I havent seen since Libya, and Ukraina, where Russan Army was everywhere, all over Ukraina, and after 5 years, well, the prof is in the pudding, right.

    The truth is, the facts are of course not easy to get, and I guess that goes to the Chines as well, and dont forget any kind of high contaminating viruses spread exponetially and that makes the Gov will stay behind the curve, and its by all means to be expected until the have found those that is de facto infected, and I have to remind people that Corona virus is way more comon that many belives, lie Stafylococes, we all have them in our systems, but as far you are not compromissed from before, like the victims of the Corona virus you have nothing to fear, and all the storys about missing this and killing that is coming from sites like this FG run shithole, and have no credibility what so ever, is like asking Breitfarts about the truth on the Palestinian issue, yeah, make an wilde guess what that answer would be, total nonsense.

    And on top of it, like InWestB and ZH had storys about the “horrible” prison camp, aka hostpital, with barrs on their windows, etc was of course because China is comunistic, right, and had nothing to do with containing people whom they found out was indeed infected, and to confind them to an location where they where unable to infect others, etc an methode used since the bloody stone age but acoding to the briliant shitholes this was only because the Chines Gov was evil, killing millions is just nothing but what they always have done, jesus I read much total bullshit this days, and the hyping is of course we all know why, because the west have been onto the Chines for years and this Corona came down as an gift from heaven, and right now they trow everything they can at the Chines, incl pure hate, racism, yeah, funny thing isnt it, all to hit China.

    I wounder, if people can remeber SARS and how did the west react and fast did they do that, huh, I know that this virus is already boiling down to mere nothing, 600+ persons in an population of 1.2 billions, yeah, since comon core is the new religion I guess math dont matter anymore, right, genuises.
    I can critizes Chine for something/s, but in this I see nothing, but western fear mingreling and hyping Chines hate propaganda.
    Grow up and get an grip.


  6. Gary Pansey says

    Falun Gong is an exercise “chi Gong” system with a moral component. I’ve been studying it for 20 years and they (it’s very loosely organized) are very reliable. Because of the violent religious harassment Falun Gong suffers in China, they have very good information and connections. So I would trust what they say and report from China…do a search for Organ Harvesting in China and you’ll see that what Falun Gong reports is not Fairy Tales.

    1. XRGRSF says

      Falun Gong has an intensely anti-Chinese agenda so why would I trust them in the least ??

  7. CHUCKMAN says

    Well, Falun Gong is almost certainly a CIA created and/or sustained operation. China has fought hard against its influence.

    Breitbart is a hard right-wing America-first operation which is undoubtedly loyal to all the establishment’s organs, like CIA and FBI.

    Surprise, surprise.

    1. Al Carbone says
      1. CHUCKMAN says

        With the ugly language you use, I can’t imagine how you think you are communicating with anyone.

        1. Al Carbone says

          you are providing cover for your stupid statement by acting like a Jesuit English teacher. fact remains you are an idiot

        2. XRGRSF says

          I’ve mentioned that to Al, but Al is Al, and that’s the way he really is. At least he’s sincere.

    2. The Great Gazoo says

      The author of this article obviously doesn’t know anything about Falun Gong. The Epoch Times doesn’t represent Falun Gong. FG is a philosophy and a form of Buddhism and a set of exercises. FG is not political or organized in any way except to teach the exercises. The Chinese government and Chinese Communist Party are pure evil and must be abolished immediately..

      1. CHUCKMAN says

        I’ve had some exposure through the many students from China I taught and the friends of the student for whom we served as “homestay” for nearly three years.

        I’m sure you are right at a certain level, the level of many of its adherents.

        But at another level, there is something else, or else China would not be so strongly opposed to it, as it very much is.

        Anything that troubles China’s government – like the Hong Kong demonstrations and riots – virtually automatically receives covert support from CIA. That’s just how things work in today’s world.

        1. XRGRSF says

          As the blue haired little old lady said, “BINGO !!!!”

    3. Bob avlon says

      Israel stated its a China bio engineered weapon against their own country. That must tell you everything I mean considering US anti China actions on its economy Huawei organized anti Hong Kong riots etc.

      1. David Chu says

        That’s absurd.

        China unleashing such a virus to destroy (or at least temporarily slow down) its manufacturing base?

        Try the great United States of Death, Disease and Destruction for that role.

        1. Bob avlon says

          Of course its absurd. Its already been said the US of death did it. Israel saying they did it to themselves is a give away. As if anyone believes that. They also have a bio research center. The Americans were losing their attack on China’s economy. Their history is to then start other means.

        2. Al Carbone says

          also an arab report said that israel and US made the virus and ISRAELI DRUG COMPANIES WILL GET BILLIONS SUPPLYING TREATMENT DRUGS

          1. David Chu says

            Not so sure about the Israeli angle but the Yankees (along with the Canadians and the British) are definitely behind almost all modern biological weapons using viruses (AIDS) and bacteria (Mycoplasma) since 1940s:


            1. Al Carbone says

              check the israeli drug companies and their invovlevment in a vaccine. the Chinese better keep the jews out of their business or they will be destroyed looted sucked dry like one of Draculas victims. look at the west.

          2. XRGRSF says

            The forces of evil are already pushing the drug thing in the U$, and saying that they will have a vaccine to save us in 8 to 10 weeks. Of course the tab is being picked up by the U$ Gov.

      2. CHUCKMAN says

        “Israel stated” is of course a red flag at all times for whatever follows.

        Deception and lying, sadly, are national sports in that country.

        And Israel is very close to key elements of CIA.

        They work together on many things.

        After all, Israel is de facto an American imperial colony in the Middle East, a highly privileged one.

        1. XRGRSF says

          Chuck, I don’t often disagree with you, but I think it’s more like the US is an Israeli colony in the far west.

      3. The Great Gazoo says

        BS. Nobody wants to be a part of the insane Chinese government. The HK protesters don’t want their organs harvested by the psychic Chinese government. The author of this article obviously doesn’t know anything about Falun Gong. The Epoch Times doesn’t represent Falun Gong. FG is a philosophy and a form of Buddhism and a set of exercises. FG is not political or organized in any way except to teach the exercises. The Chinese government and Chinese Communist Party are pure evil and must be abolished immediately.

        1. Bob avlon says

          Insane chinese. Havn’t you been able to see how international wuhan was tons of people working there from US Europe and all over the world. Your sounding out like a rascist thats all. As if the US has no defects for one , like the CIA and there world wide escapades or terror or evil

  8. Fred Heaven says

    Well I see this is another failed lefty TABLOID site. I see you wear your village idiot crowns proudly.Have a HAPPY MAGA/KAG DAY, AS I SURE AM, ESPECIALLY after reading this tabloid article and LMAO AT ALL OF THOSE INVOLVED.

  9. pinOKYO nOSE says

    well when you look up “fairy tale” in the encyclopedia there is usually a picture of breitbart

    1. Fred Heaven says

      I looked it up, and there was a picture of you bent over, Obama style.

      1. Morningstar says
        1. Fred Heaven says

          Nice, funny, still though you are the village idiot who PROUDLY wears the crown.

          1. Morningstar says

            Can’t be. You and your fellow Breitbartniks elected the village idiot as POTUS. You know, this orange shitgibbon who sells the US out to Pissrael..


            1. Fred Heaven says

              Ahh you poor thing, you should seek treatment for your TDS, as it has you all banged up. Make no mistake, I DO LOVE IT THOUGH. THANK YOU JESUS.

            2. Morningstar says

              Ah, that make sense! A christian…
              Only people who are gullible enough to believe there is a allmighty, invisible man in the sky who loves us, but tortures us horribly for all eternity if we trespass against his commandments, can mistake Trump for someone who cares for anything but himself and his henchmen.

              Hint: too much capslock use makes you look stupid…


            3. Fred Heaven says


            4. Morningstar says

              Thank you for proving my point so aptly. And for proving that one has to be a few IQ points short, to fall for that religious mumbo jumbo…


            5. Fred Heaven says

              Nancy,nancy,nancy, you should .Not post when you are all boozed up. P.S. YOUR VILLAGE IDIOT CROWN looks nice on you. LMAO AT YOUR SHEER STUPIDITY YOU SO PROUDLY PUT ON DISPLAY.

  10. David Chu says

    This is a Canadian living in Shenzhen, China.

    I find his news blog videos to be very real and honest, as opposed to the hype and agenda-driven “news” by people like Kyle Bass and news blog sites like Zerohedge:

  11. David Chu says

    How about the 50,000 coronavirus deaths being plugged by Zerohedge???

    It was their lead “story” for this past weekend, pinned at the top. But now? Today, February 10, that story is in some black hole as it cannot be located on ZH!!!

    1. CHUCKMAN says

      I’m not sure Zerohedge is a good source for this kind of thing. He runs some wild-eyed material at times.

      Moon of Alabama, another alternative news site, is quite balanced and analytical.

      He says no such thing, and cites statistics of the infection starting to peter out.

      1. David Chu says

        Thanks, but there is another prior post on ZH that is now gone . . .

  12. Godfree Roberts says

    Wuhan’s population of 12,000,000 suggests a cremation rate of at least 300 per day, seven days a week.

    Nothing to see here but clickbait, folks.

  13. Zaphod Braden says

    Breitbart, like FOX, is a False Flag psyop.
    ALL FOX News was ever meant to be was a propaganda machine to steer American Christians into groveling to Israel … A true Judas Goat.
    BEWARE of FOX news —– Rupert Murdoch is a FLAMING LIBERAL “christian.zionist” posing as Conservative.
    — flip to FOX Entertainment and you get TMZ, GLEE, Family Guy, and numerous other ANTI-FAMILY propaganda crap promoting the homosexual, drug, degenerate lifestyles. Rupert Murdoch HATES Christian Families.
    I Have said for years —- Murdoch uses FOX NEWS to control, steer, Conservatism. FOX NEWS is never allowed to criticize America’s enemy, Israel. FOX is Controlled Opposition, and “teaches” RINOneoconism —

    1. The Great Gazoo says

      All MSM is lies and propagandist.
      The author of this article obviously doesn’t know anything about Falun Gong. The Epoch Times doesn’t represent Falun Gong. FG is a philosophy and a form of Buddhism and a set of exercises. FG is not political or organized in any way except to teach the exercises. The Chinese government and Chinese Communist Party are pure evil and must be abolished immediately.

      1. XRGRSF says

        I don’t suppose there’s any bias in your opinion of the CCP? What would you suggest we replace the CCP with? How about Jewish banksters, and predatory capitalism? That would be sort of like the opium trade only more socially acceptable.

    2. Trap Is Not Gay says

      That’s what I’ve said.

      I’d go further, I’m coming to the conclusion that every site, TV channel, celebrity, etc from the JewSA “sings the same song”.

      The Jewish “narrative” is such a farce that they had to turn the whole country into an echo chamber so no one notices the insanity.

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