Brazil Senate Panel Recommends Bolsonaro Be Prosecuted for Crimes Against Public Health

"Inciting an epidemic"

“Strongly collaborated for COVID-19′s spread in Brazilian territory”

Now, a co-ordinated counterattack is being mounted  by the proponents of medical fascism. An 11-member panel of Brazilian lawmakers led by Senator Renan Calheiros has drafted an almost 1,200-page report, prepared over six months, that recommends Bolsonaro be indicted for up to 11 crimes, including crimes against public health and crimes against humanity.

The report claims that Bolsonaro’s government had “deliberately exposed the population to the risk of mass infection,” including through the “deliberate delay” of vaccine purchases, and adds that the President was guided “by an unfounded belief in the theory of herd immunity by natural infection” and is “principally responsible for the government’s errors committed during the COVID-19 pandemic”.

The CPI (parliamentary commission of inquiry) rapporteur, Senator Renan Calheiros, has sought an indictment for Bolsonaro and 65 others, including his three sons, several ministers, former ministers and businessmen, and two companies. His report remains in draft form, and will need to pass a Senate vote next week, during which time it could be altered or simply vetoed. Even if approved, Brazil’s prosecutor general would still have to bring charges before the president would actually face legal proceedings.

Bolsonaro is dismissive, and considers the investigation a politically motivated joke. Although the President evinces no concern about the possibility of an indictment, his apparent nonchalance may prove to be a mistake. The techniques off hybrid war in “regime change” operations are many and varied, and the effort to remove the Brazilian president builds upon an already well-established media hate campaign, one whose international fellow travellers have given the latest legal manouevers their glowing endorsement .

The tone and even some of the content of their press coverage is similar to that endured by other Covid-sceptical heads-of-state, just before they met their own untimely ends. If the Bolsonaro government falls, whether by impeachment in the next weeks, or by the people’s vote in next year’s general election (transparent or otherwise), the last substantial barrier to mandatory vaccination in Brazil will have been removed, and South America’s superpower will be firmly within the fold of the billionaire pandemic-planners and their great fascist Reset.

Excerpted from Fourth World 

The Conversation:

An earlier draft had called for Bolsonaro to be indicted for homicide and genocide as well, given how the ravages of the coronavirus have disproportionately hit Brazil’s Indigenous groups. But those charges were dropped from the final report.

  1. ken says

    The only thing spreading is bullshit. Ole Klaus Schwab’s bank account holding all the money they stole from us must be dwindling fast paying off all these Jezebles.

    Here in the states hospitals were/are paid $77,000 ($50,000 today) for ‘each’ covaids admitted. Add $3-4,000 per week for good ole Fauci’s remdesivir which has a 30-40% kill rate, another $30,000 or so for ramming a tube down your throat which kills 70-90%,,, one might get a clearer understanding as to why the fake disease was/is spreading so fast!

    Yep,,, a cool hundred grand per covaids patient. The elderly were/are the best money makers,,, they die off real fast!, then incinerated (no evidence) and all those sad doctor faces (now you know why the masks) telling the family how granny fought soooo hard.
    Governor Cuomo ,,, a Ford of his day,,, made an assembly line of death. Sending those patients dying of hospital pneumonia back to infect others at the nursing homes not only made room in the hospitals for for patients but created more patients as well!

    1. Maiasta says

      “Add…remdesivir which has a 30-40% kill rate, another $30,000 or so for ramming a tube down your throat which kills 70-90%,,, one might get a clearer understanding as to why the fake disease was/is spreading so fast!”

      So few people understand that it was the hospital protocols that were responsible for the spring 2020 death spike. It was organised, systematic and deliberate. Here are two videos explaining two of the three principal killers (midazolam and remdesivir, with the third being intubation for people with normal lung functyion, of course):

      Hancock orchestrated the mass use of Midazolam, killing thousands of elderly in 2020
      Remdesivir genocide

      1. Kieran says

        in India too most of the hospital admitted died with ventilators, steroid overdose, and oxygen cylinders causing mucormycosis. most of patients treated at home by their GPs with ivermectin survived

        1. Maiasta says

          Do you have any good data on that, Kieran? It would be useful to compare effects and protocols with those used in UK.

          1. Kieran says

            we have no data yet but the man on the street knows it. most GPs discouraged their patients from being admitted to hospitals because that was like a death sentence and the whole world now knows about Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath who defied the WHO dictat and gave ivermectin kits to the denizens of UP that number 250 million ie more than population of Europe and they barely have a trace of COVID today

            1. Maiasta says

              Yes, i heard about Uttar Pradesh. India may constitute the weak link in the billionaires’ plan. The fact that it has a milleniai-old medical tradition that approaches healing in a radically different way to Western pharmaceuticals is a huge advantage that Indians have.

    2. Kieran says

      this was replicated in UK also, the deliberate infection of nursing homes, the use of midazolam (euthanasia??). was this one way to get rid of the useless eaters pensioners by a bankrupt government

  2. Ragheadthefiendlyterrorist says

    How sad for anti empire, who spent two years defending this fascist psychopath as a hero.

    1. Field Empty says

      19 months to be exact. Not so much defending as celebrating. Specifically his resistance to the mind virus. Not our fault 96% of other political leaders don’t stack up to a ‘fascist psychopath’. That’s on them.

    2. Emmet John Sweeney says

      Fuck off.

    3. Maiasta says

      Not long after Bolsonaro’s assumption of the presidency, Uriel Araujo – a Brazil-based anthropologist who has published in and Fort Russ.gave this sober assessment of Bolsonaro. It is hardly flattering, yet the author unambiguously asserts (explains) why Bolsonaro is no fascist:

      Moreover, if you saw Bolsonaro’s interactions with Tedros at the UN recently, you would understand that this president genuinely cares for his people. I haven’t seen an English version of this clip yet, but if you understand the Spanish subtitles, you will see that he critiques the ‘pandemic’ impositions for their effects on ordinary working people. He points out that people who are vaccinated in Brazil keeping getting “Covid”. Tedros responds that the vaccine doesn’t stop transmission but only lessens severity, But Bolsonaro counters that many Brazilians have died after taking the vax. When Tedros says that these people must have had comorbidities, Bolsonaro counters again that “80% of Brazil’s population is asymptomatic”. He then explains that he has no control over the health polcies of the different Brazilian states, and that state governors are trying to impose mandatory vaccination for children. Bolsonaro then turns to his own entourage and says that “in his [i.e. Tedros’] words, the WHO does not recommend these vaccines for children. We need to make a note of this.”

      He then adds that “whenever we say anything, the press calls it “Fake News”. our hands our tied, and kids’ lives are in the balance” the best thing to do would be simply to follow what [Tedros] is saying.” Here,Bolsonaro is being naive, of course. But he is taking Tedros at his word, and doing so in order to try and save teh children of Brazil.

      Finally, he asks Tedros where the “virus” came from, to which Tedros responds “We’re working on an answer to that”

      Now, Bolsonaro didn’t have to say any of this, and didn”t have to cross-examine Tedros. He chose to, for the good of the Brazilian people. Is that what a fascist is now? How times have changed!

      As a last point, your pissing all over the editor of this site is completely off-the-mark. Anti-Empire called out the phony pandemic & global coup attempt correctly from the very start, And all of those who are fighting for freedom should take advantage of the fact that the resistance has on its side someone as important as the President of Brazil.

      We can go back to our old, traditional political bickering once this is all over and the uber-elites behind this event are all in prison or. hanging from the gallows.

  3. raptar driver says

    all of my nazi hillbilly friends admire the fascist bolsonaro—pro-empire receives another paycheck from CIA

    1. Field Empty says

      You’re the one with the Nazi friends.

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