Boris Johnson Chickens Out Like Always, UK in Full Lockdown, Netherlands Going the Same Way, Who’s Left?

Chickened out on Premiership, chickened out on a strong Brexit, chickens out on lockdown

In the least surprising political development, ever Johnson caved in. The Dutch guy is also already giving ground and Trump probably isn’t far behind. Who that leaves as a politician in power who isn’t looking to lock us all up to save his skin, Jair “extrajudicial executions” Bolsonaro?

The Guardian can’t believe their right-wing boogeyman won’t lockdown his tropical country over a flu:

Brazil’s far-right president, Jair Bolsonaro, has accused his political foes and the press of purposefully “tricking” citizens about the dangers of coronavirus, as Latin America braced for a spike in the number of deaths.

The pandemic has claimed nearly 15,000 lives across the globe and looks set to exact a deadly toll on Latin America in the coming weeks, with many regional governments closing borders and shutting down major cities in a desperate bid to limit the damage.

But Bolsonaro has resisted such drastic measures, dismissing media “hysteria” over coronavirus and calling the illness “a little flu”.

In a tetchy television interview on Sunday night Bolsonaro again downplayed the pandemic and attacked the governors of key states including Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo who have ordered residents to stay at home and are imposing quarantines.

“The people will soon see that they were tricked by these governors and by the large part of the media when it comes to coronavirus,” Bolsonaro said, as his own health officials announced 25 deaths and 1,546 cases of coronavirus in Brazil.

Sounds about right to me. If Bolsonaro is for a change defending his citizens’ rights that’s all right by me.

  1. Undecider says

    It’s the trendy thing these days. Get a full glass of Kool-Aid!

  2. Jozo Magoc says

    The Jew Yoke City born jew BoJo locked down people only after work! His talmudic double-talk solves no-thing! The virus will spread even more, and UK will soon became 2nd Italy! If he shut down everything for 3 weeks, all the corona carriers( infected) would be by 2 weeks known,isolated and the spread could stop,and only after that, heslthy prople could easily return to work! But the jews in City of London Co., could not parasite for 3 weeks,and the jews in that Serpent port borough don’t want that solution! They want parasite and eliminate the weak pensioners,the satanic jews see as ” useless eaters”! These elderly who built the country suppose to die,and the satanic,parasitic jews wants to survive and live well from the working class!!!

  3. Grand Nagus Zek says

    DGAF re the lockdown – got to repair car today or will be hard to feed family

    bollocks to all this hysteria/police state crap


    South Africa is going on lockdown as from tomorrow. This is so non sensical! A flu virus being sold as the next “plague”. How wonderful! (not).

    1. cechas vodobenikov says

      recently spoke w 2 Africaaners involved in land reform–they described themselves as “anarchists”. I mentioned that Adorno described anarchism as the “arts and crafts movement”—thye laughed–“we love arts and crafts”

      1. AFRIKAANS@RSA says

        Afrikaners or Africans. Afrikaners has nothing to do with land reform. Land Reform comes from the blacks. Go and read a little about “Black economic empowerment in S.A and you’ll see. A policy where all races are included in the economy except the whites. Even google will tell you that.

        1. Jozo Magoc says

          I’d rather move to Russia than live in South Africa in these days!!!

  5. Jozo Magoc says

    UK ” full lockdown” only after work, you stupid morons!!!

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