Bookmarking Fairy-Tale-Slaying Slavsquat Costs Only Zero Rubles

Zero rubles and unimaginable pain

Who doesn’t love a good fairy tale? Everyone does. Problem is when you are an adult, and you believe a fairy tale to be actually true

In that case, you need some fairy-tale-slaying. You won’t like it, it will be painful and traumatic, you will resist it, and you may even hate the one doing the slaying, but it is nonetheless for your own good. Not for the good of your comfort, but for the good of you knowing true things.

I can’t say I ever went easy on Russia in relation to its spring 2020 lockdown, but for a very long time I gave “Sputnik V” massive amounts of the benefit of the doubt. Boy did Slavsquat disabuse me of that. It was disappointing to learn the truth, but it’s always better to have good quality information about the world than to have your head filled with myth, no matter how soothing.

I was very open to the idea that Sputnik may be better than Western injections because it isn’t an mRNA one, and because I don’t know any microbiology (and let’s face it; because I am an incorrigible Russophile and life-long Pan-Slavist). Turns out the viral vector technology it employs is only slightly older than mRNA, with only two such vaccines (both for ebola) ever authorized for humans before the Covid hysteria. But as Slavsquat shows it goes far beyond that. There are so many questions.

For instance, Russia’s mortality rates in vaccinated 2021 are actually higher than in unvaccinated 2020:

True enough, only 45 percent of Russia’s adults are vaccinated but shouldn’t that make a dent already? Maybe lower the mortality by 45 percent? It certainly shouldn’t have caused death rates to climb further — and that is after so many of the frailest had already died off in 2020, leaving a healthier population on average, with a far smaller pool of those most at risk.

Anyhow Slavsquat quit a cushy job at RT to be able to document this stuff. He hasn’t been exactly received with open arms because having your soothing myths slain is something that is deeply discomforting and nobody loves the dentist. No matter how necessary, it’s not an enjoyable process for the average alt-media reader to learn the true mind virus situation in the Empire-Independent World.

Sometimes reading his reports starts to feel downright nihilistic but it’s not because Slavsquat is a nihilist but because the people he is exposing are. There’s a lot of nihilism, sadly. Some people believe only in money, power, or ass-covering.

The rabbit hole goes deep, he’s got tons more stories. There’s a high up in the Russian government that has a major say on lockdowns and injection passports that is also selling her own vaccine (KoviVac), then there is a protocol in Moscow hospitals that doesn’t allow doctors to treat Covid patients according to their conscience and best knowledge. They must follow prearranged steps (Sobyanin calls it their “algorithm”) like automatons.

I for one want to see how deep the hole goes and for Slavsquat to write up all of this stuff and more. He already quit his work to be able to tell these stories, why not squeeze him for all that he’s got?

So help me out; bookmark him, follow him, and nag him to keep producing more of his fun fare. Fun like having your teeth drilled. But at least it gets rid of the rot that is believing untrue things to be true.

At least his sarcastic prose makes the news a little bit more bearable. A little.

  1. ken says

    “and that is after so many of the frailest had already died off in 2020”

    Most were ‘killed’ off by misdiagnosis ( there is no covid),,, incorrect treatment (remdesivir and ventilator),,, and neglect. (no food, water, turning, cleaning etc)

    I doubt they will ever get real justice as they were considered useless eaters that were soon to die anyway. Only when the younger more ‘valuable’ people were dying did any resistance begin.

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