Bolton’s Exit Doesn’t Change Anything, The Real Problem Has Been Donald Trump All Along

It's Trump's narcissism, not Bolton's subterfuge, that has been blowing up settlements that could have been had

Ankit Panda connects Trump’s Afghanistan debacle to the president’s need for flattery and affirmation in international negotiations:

When the history of the Trump administration is written, there will be many tragedies that will need documentation, but this may be one of the greatest: his inability to embrace a lifesaving peace agreement if its adoption doesn’t follow his desired adulation narrative.

The president desperately craves praise and enjoys putting on a spectacle, and when he is deprived of both he reacts very badly. The negotiations with the Taliban had produced a real agreement, and Trump’s envoy had made significant progress until the entire process was blown up in a fit of pique.

It should be enough that the U.S. secures an agreement that serves our country’s interests, but the president would rather lose the agreement than miss out on the pomp of a summit. If he cannot be seen personally as the great deal-maker, he would prefer failure. For that matter, he tolerates policy failure as long as he gets to play the part of the high-stakes negotiator. Results are irrelevant. All that matters to him are the ratings and the images.

The administration’s North Korea policy is a flop with respect to substance, but when it comes to superficial showmanship it has provided Trump with some of his most important opportunities to pretend to be a statesman. The president remains favorably disposed towards Kim because the dictator butters him up and because he has been willing to play along with the photo op summits.

The Iranian government has so far refused to indulge Trump in these empty displays, and so he remains as hostile to them as ever. It is important to understand that Trump’s “diplomacy” isn’t likely to work even now that Bolton isn’t there to sabotage it because the president is preoccupied with making himself look good instead of focusing on getting a sound agreement that serves U.S. interests.

The funny thing is that Trump would get far more credit for successfully completed negotiations that produced meaningful agreements if he allowed U.S. diplomats to do their job and make the necessary compromises, but he inserts himself into the process to make everything about him and so ends up with nothing.

Panda puts it this way:

His ascension to the presidency opened up new, unthinkable possibilities in international relations, like a thawing of relations with Kim and a truce with the Taliban. But his desire to be the star of every story line tragically quashes all those possibilities.

Getting rid of Bolton was a good start, but unless the president can suddenly stop being the self-centered, vainglorious person he has always been the administration’s foreign policy will remain a failure.

Source: The American Conservative

  1. John C Carleton says

    No, the real problem is the USA is an evil, invading, occupying, oppressive, pedophillic evil crime cabal, run by evil degenerate two legged animals with no souls.

    ‘The USA Is A Foreign Corporation, The Enemy of Americans, And The yankee States Which Helped Murder. Rape and Subjugate The Southern People, Can Kiss My A$$.-NRT’

  2. thomas malthaus says

    If the president is serious about his 2020 presidential aspirations, he should note the economy will be in tatters by election day.

    If the possibility exists to mitigate those odds, it rests entirely with Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan and the US’ respective troop withdrawals.

    The mere thought of less defense spending for these locales may extend the life of US equity markets

    1. CHUCKMAN says

      And what would the odds for such acts coming from the most subservient President in history to Israel’s interests, excepting only possibly Lyndon Johnson?

      The Neocon Wars, quite literally, are Israel’s beloved children.

      American aggressiveness in the world is precisely the music Israel wants played, believing its ability to be aggressive in its own region requires it.

      1. thomas malthaus says

        Zero to negative. I anticipate him adding Venezuela and Iran within a year.

  3. JustPassingThrough says

    All the experts are out psychoanalyzing this one.
    No it’s not psychopath Bolton. It’s narcissist Trump’s fault. Trump is no winner, just a standard-issue ami moron.
    But to exonerate Bolton is typical of the naive american mind that has forgotten or never has known this neo-con’s sordid history.
    The simple american mind, once stuck on a MSM concept goes nowhere.

    This Bolton is a 1st class psycopath.
    He has been in dirt since he arrived.

  4. Séamus Ó Néill says

    There seems to be an eagerness to lay all blame for America’s depravity on the insidious buffoon, now taking temporary residence in Washington, but this is far removed from the truth. For many generations American policy has been both satanic and psychopathic in their quest for world dominance. In 1945, after they’d finished making tanks and planes for the Nazis, their only notable contribution at that time was to vaporise hundreds of thousands of Japanese women and children, not once but twice….just to see the effects of atomic bombs on civilians. In the 1950’s the U.S. dropped 635,000 tons of explosives on North Korea, including 32,557 tons of napalm and countless tons of other chemical weapons, pulverising 64 cities to dust and annihilating 25% of the population. Their perverted degeneracy was repeated in Vietnam….and on and on, etc, through 68 sovereign countries. The countless millions slaughtered in the ME , in South America, the enforced famine on Venezuela and Yemen, it goes on ad infinitum. No it’s not all D. Trump, it’s in the psyche, it began with the genocide of the native inhabitants and continues unabated to this present day !

  5. CHUCKMAN says

    “Bolton’s Exit Doesn’t Change Anything, The Real Problem Has Been Donald Trump All Along”

    Yes, I agree completely with the headline.

    But it’s far worse than this article proceeds to say in its main body.

    Quite apart from his extreme narcissism, this man completely lacks all the talents required for his job and the tasks he has chosen to pursue.

    He’s impatient, rude, not well-informed, always ready to blame others, driven by impulses no one can even understand, extremely dishonest, displaying loyalty to no one but his (inept) daughter.

    I don’t think a great many Americans understand fully how destructive he has been.

    They are still blinded or partially blinded by all that Old Glory Patriotism, God Bless America crap.

    Driving allies away. Renewing old hostilities. Generating new unnecessary hostilities. Driving new combinations together abroad. Leaving little faith in the value of America’s word, both among opponents and friends. Tearing up important treaties and conventions.

    Destroying a great deal of world trade. Destroying or insulting important international institutions. Trying to threaten his way to increased prosperity.

    The landscape of all his efforts is just bleak, resembling something after a terrible war.

    I’m pretty sure he has set some things in motion which cannot be reversed and are going to prove extremely averse to America’s long-term interests.

    I’m sure he’s speeded the emerging multi-polar world in reactions against his stubborn blundering and almost complete dishonesty, speeded the dissolution of old close alliances, and speeded the eventual death of America’s world reserve currency status.

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