Bolton: Latin America “Must Remain Free from Internal Despotism”, Will Have Its Fate Decided by “Western Hemisphere”

Top tier mental gymnastics from Bolton to explain why Washington DC should have more say in Venezuela than Caracas


Bolton WARNS Venezuela: Monroe Doctrine ‘Alive and Well’

Bolton made the statement as he announced that the US was imposing a new round of sanctions against Venezuela – something that he said should become a warning to “all external actors, including Russia”.

National Security Adviser John Bolton has signalled the US administration’s readiness to use the Monroe Doctrine in its policies towards Latin America.

The Monroe Doctrine, which was announced by US President James Monroe in 1823, aimed to oppose European colonialism in the Americas. The document declared that any action by any European power directed against independent nations in North and South America would be considered hostile by the United States.

“Today, we proudly proclaim for all to hear: the Monroe Doctrine is alive and well”, Bolton told the Bay of Pigs veterans group in Miami on Wednesday, lauding the Americas as an “incredible region” which he said “must remain free from internal despotism and external domination”.

He claimed that “the destinies of our nations will not be dictated by foreign powers” and that “they will be shaped by the people who call this Hemisphere home”.

Well isn’t that convenient, Russia is an “external actor” in Latin America, and must therefore exit and stop helping the Venezuelan government. However the US is not an external actor to Venezuela because it is also a Western-hemisphere nation.

Of course, the Venezuela government itself is made up of “people who call this Hemisphere home” so you might think they would be allowed a say in the affairs of their own nation.

However, the Americas “must remain free from internal despotism” (the US decides what is despotism) so that isn’t actually the case. Only Western Hemisphere people like top Washington officials such as Bolton who oppose “despotism” get to have a say.

Seeing how apparently Western Hemisphereans get to have a say in the affairs of each other’s nations you might wonder if that also means that eg Chileans, Guatemalans and Bolivians get to have a say in what goes in Washington and the US, or does this this pan-American collectivism work only one way? To ask is to answer.

  1. CHUCKMAN says

    The Monroe Doctrine.

    An unwarranted idea from a second-rate American president and lifetime slaveholder.

    Hardly something to base foreign affairs on nearly two centuries later.

    But it really does say something about contemporary America that a high official would speak of it in public with pride and arrogance.

    America just becomes more dangerously absurd with each passing week.

    1. Canosin says

      United States of Hypocrisy……. masterly outpacing itself dayly…..
      what a degenerated class of moronics in DC…. the American people should be vomiting every time these Pompinos and Boltons appear on the screen

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