Bolton Defeated and Fuming: The Captured & Released Iranian Supertanker Casually Unloads Enough Crude to Run Syria for 3 Months

State Department "swagger" comes to nothing

US President Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor John Bolton has tweeted what appears to be a satellite image of the Adrian Darya 1 tanker, with the image showing the ship loitering approximately two nautical miles off the coast of the Tartus naval facility in the Mediterranean Sea in western Syria.

In the tweet, Bolton accused those who believed the tanker wasn’t going to Syria of being “in denial,” and claimed that Iran “thinks it’s more important to fund the murderous Assad regime than provide for its own people.”

“We can talk, but #Iran’s not getting any sanctions relief until it stops lying and spreading terror!” Bolton added.

Bolton’s remarks followed reports earlier this week that the Adrian Darya 1 had been travelling somewhere between Cyprus and Syria, with its transponder turned off and its exact location unknown, amid US threats to sanction any regional country where the ship docked.

The US has repeatedly accused Iran of planning to ‘go back on’ its alleged commitment not to allow the tanker, previously known as the Grace 1, to sail to Syria following its release from detention in Gibraltar last month. However, Iranian authorities have insisted that Tehran never gave any guarantees that its tanker would not head to the war-torn country.

Source: Sputnik

State Department ‘Swagger’ Means Offering Bribes

U.S. Secretary of State “we lie, we cheat, we steal” Mike Pompeo said that U.S. diplomats must have “swagger“. This is what he meant:

Four days before the US imposed sanctions on an Iranian tanker suspected of shipping oil to Syria, the vessel’s Indian captain received an unusual email from the top Iran official at the Department of State.This is Brian Hook . . . I work for secretary of state Mike Pompeo and serve as the US Representative for Iran,” Mr Hook wrote to Akhilesh Kumar on August 26, according to several emails seen by the Financial Times. “I am writing with good news.”

The “good news” was that the Trump administration was offering Mr Kumar several million dollars to pilot the ship — until recently known as the Grace 1 — to a country that would impound the vessel on behalf of the US. To make sure Mr Kumar did not mistake the email for a scam, it included an official state department phone number.

As the captain did not agree to be bribed the U.S. sanctioned him. The ship now sits off the Syrian coast and is unloading its 2 million barrels of oil. That will be enough for three month of Syria’s consumption.

Farsnews notes that this was not the first time the U.S. tried to bribe and pressure tanker captains:

Hook, who heads the state department’s Iran Action Group, has emailed or texted roughly a dozen captains in recent months in an effort to scare mariners into understanding that helping Iran evade sanctions comes at a heavy price.

No one fell for it. The Iranian ship captains are obviously patriots who do not take bribes from the enemies of their country.

Brian Hook has a really lousy job and zero success in it.

Source: Moon of Alabama

  1. edwin says

    So lets take a look at this Bolton BBBBBBBbbbi. He loves blood and guts. Prides himself in it. So would you want someone like this as a diplomat to your country? HE is the most discusting piece of shhi on thie planet. He did this to Iraq, Syria, Venezuela wa, Cuba and the rest of the middle east. Just a complete F_-up. Notice how the country leaders are always the bad guys.
    So what about Hook or Hooker? He is such a suck wad without a title sucked into sending letters. He is just a paperboy or worst yet the midnight cleaner. He has the wrong boss. Good news? These dummies all think foreigners are all just stupid. All of these things happening with the countries wanted to be overthrown by the US, when you read, is like a big kindergarden class.
    Screw the sanctions, and the offered monies. In the end, it will be only the US that suffers.
    OK not that we have established the real winners, Can anyone name anyone in the big gov that is sane? Thought so!!!! Come to the US and buy your drugs, cheap

  2. blakebrown says

    Your article states the captain is Indian…then that he’s a great patriot who doesn’t take bribes from his countries enemies. Credibility just took a dive out the window.

  3. TellTheTruth-2 says

    Warmonger National Security Advisor John Bolton is not even qualified for his former job as a warmonger AIPAC pundit for FOX Cable.

  4. Rick E. says

    Hopefully the USA won’t commit a true act of war and seize the ship! Though I wouldn’t be surprised if exactly that, did happen!

    1. blakebrown says

      Like Iran seizing the British tanker?

  5. Mikhail Garchenko says

    …and this is the FIRST of many, many more. Stupid “gringos”… 😛

  6. JustPassingThrough says

    poor johnny fuming and freaking probably has chewed off his entire walrus disguise.
    talk about being in denial. he is bald isn’t he?

  7. DarkEyes says

    Neocon and zionist Bolton has no reason to be fuming or being furious about an Iranian oiltanker.

    The man’s job is only advisory and not being the minister of defense of the US.
    So, all hot air.

  8. BillA says

    so who is selling the oil in occupied Syria? and who is the buyer?
    – I’ll bet we know the answers; Kurds -> Israel

    1. TellTheTruth-2 says

      ISIS = CIA Mossad joint operation.

      1. blakebrown says

        Cool story. That was a greatly detailed explanation of how it all works. Thanks.

    2. David Bedford says

      America is stealing all the oil in Syria’s richest oilfields east of the Euphrates River. As for the murderous regime that would be the US of A!

      1. blakebrown says

        Uhhh no. That would be stupidly expensive oil per’s not like there’s a functioning pipeline network to the coast they could use, while the same companies you’re saying are doing this could instead just invest that money in the continued boom in cheap oil in the U.S. which is now the world largest oil producer by many industry measurements.

  9. chris chuba says

    What a dick. Is Bolton claiming that the ‘regime’ is going to drink the oil, of course it will be given to the Syrian people to use for their vehicles and homes.

    1. blakebrown says

      I can’t blame Iran..the U.S has screwed the people of Iran so thoroughly with these sanctions. They would be willing to do anything they can to bring some money in, and I simply cannot blame them. People cannot get a hold of basic medication, for example. The PEOPLE of Iran are intelligent, beautiful, welcoming and wonderful people and I feel awful for what’s happening to them.

      1. Promitheas Apollonious says

        I dont think Iran send the oil to syria because they need to make money or expect any money from syria for the help they give them.

  10. ArcAngel says

    I do love US hubris.
    This is the first news article on a Sunday, and it has caused a wry smile.
    I have found recently, that reading article’s containing large quotes by psychopathic idiots goes by much quicker when you gloss over, or just outright omit, the vile stupidity spewed by these cowardly chickenhawks. I gave reading or listening to ANYTHING that that disgusting reptoid Bolton regurgitates during his time in the Bushiejr Cabal.

    The bribe/threat was a new low in “International Geo-politics” and is really no surprise considering who is walking the Halls of Power in WARshigton DC, and has been since the Ronnie RayGun Criminal Cabal.

    Nice to see the tanker in Syria. That ought to drive the psychos completely nuts.

    I would suggest, this is not the end of the world ‘giving the finger’ to the US…
    I am now looking at US troops/spooks and mercs in eastern Syria.

  11. Doc Brown says

    Bolton, you are a murdering, terrorist, coward.

  12. Ben says

    Should have sunk it.

  13. Hj says

    Soon there will be a day when your terrorising and blackmailing will come to end. Your masters the zionists will also perish with you thats the fact .

  14. Captain Colin Smith says

    Such sanctions on an Indian Captains future could well ruin his career. In all probability he will be barred from US ports, which means he will be all but unemployable with any other company. I hope the Iranians are giving him copper-bottomed assurances for his future.

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