Bolsonaro Confronts WHO’s Tedros on the War on the Poor That Are Lockdowns — VIDEO

Why does it fall on the 'right-winger' to stand up for "people who need to work to feed themselves"?

Also confronts him on the ineffectiveness of vaccines and vaccine passports:

  1. Ilya G Poimandres says

    Aaaah that left wing slogan “free makes work”.. smart rebrand really from the last leftwinger.. he had to actually give 1500 calories/day to his slaves so they could perform below par – these slaves pay for their own food and housing, whilst hammering away with gusto!

  2. Alberto says

    Bolsonaro is the greatest stateman in the world? Viva Bolsonaro! Hope speaks portuguese not russian…

  3. ken says

    Wonder how the conversation went…..

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