Bolivia Coup Regime Asked Israel for Help in Fight Against the Pro-Morales Opposition

“We’ve invited them to help us. They’re used to dealing with terrorists"

Interior Minister Murillo and the National Police chief Montero — the coup regime looking to treat the pro-Morales majority like Israelis treat the Palestinians

Bolivia’s interim government wants Israel to help local authorities fight “terrorism” in the South American country, the interior minister told Reuters on Friday, alleging plots by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and other leftists to destabilize regional governments.

Without providing details, Arturo Murillo said Bolivian police were investigating radical leftists allegedly linked to Maduro and drug-traffickers whom the government say had instigated deadly unrest in the country after former President Evo Morales resigned last month.

Morales had been set to finish his third term in January but had faced weeks of protests following an election that he won but which was dogged by accusations of vote rigging. He has blamed his downfall on a coup after security forces withdrew their support for him.

The interim government of President Jeanine Anez, a former opponent of Morales who was the highest-ranking official when he and his vice president fled to Mexico, has since swung Bolivia’s politics sharply to the right.

She has strengthened the standing of the religious right, resumed strong ties with the United States and Israel, and sent hundreds of Cuban doctors and Venezuelan diplomats home.

Her government has also set up police units to conduct counter-terrorism operations. [Read intimidation and repression.] TV footage broadcast on local media have showed police in face masks with guns in training sessions.

“They’re tough and not messing around,” Murillo said of the units. “We’re going to keep preparing them.”

Murillo said several countries had helped train the police and that he has asked Israel for support as well.

“We’ve invited them to help us. They’re used to dealing with terrorists. They know how to handle them,” Murillo said of the Israelis. “The only thing we want is to bring peace.”

Last week, the government struck a series of deals with protest leaders to “pacify” Bolivia after clashes between security forces and Morales’ supporters killed some 30 people [all of them on the protester side].

Murillo accused Maduro, a close ally of Morales, of financing unrest across the region, without providing evidence. Murillo said he plans to travel to the United States to set up “connections” for exchanging information.

Maduro’s government has dismissed the charges as baseless.

Murillo also called it “worrisome” that former leftist Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner was set to return to power as vice president next week.

“Unfortunately, the Argentine people elected her. That’s why all of us democratic countries must be on alert,” Murillo said.

Source: Haaretz

  1. Hist 83 says

    Asking the little ZOG entity for help, f**k you Murillo.

  2. DarkEyes says

    The illegal government of Bolivia does no have to wait long after its call for zio Mossad to come and “assist in getting rid of their opponents”. Their outstanding service in Palestine is the proof how well the are in getting rid of unarmed opponents of their Great Israel Plan.

    The zio Mossad is in waiting state for your requests.
    Hundreds of “Israelis” are already living in southern Argentina where they are able to be quicker of assistance when regime changes are to be carried out in South America. (till now).

    May the gods help and support the Bolivian people against this Evil.

  3. JustPassingThrough says

    Check out Arturo’s website:
    “Born on 27/12/1963 in Cercado, Cochabamba. Owner of companies such as Importe Murillo, Hotel Condominio Victoria S.R.L. and Distribuidora Los Amigos S.R.L. In 2005 he was elected plurinominal deputy for National Unity (UN) in the Department of Cochabamba, and later was Senator of Democratic Unity (UD) for the same department for the 2015-2020 negotiations. He worked in the Commission of Territorial Organization of the State and Autonomies.”

    As for the ghetto golems, they’re good at killing the indigenous population. Just make sure the golems have enough diapers.

  4. CHUCKMAN says

    Surprise, surprise, the bad guys “network,”

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