Bird-Man to Russia: Stab Your Best Friend in the Back, It’ll Be Fine

Saker tells Kremlin to make itself not-agreement-capable

Aside from its freakishness and its narcissism what is the most striking about Bird-Man’s demand that Russia regime changes Lukashenko is its utter fecklessness.

Think about it. In a situation where Moscow is already bogged down in an unpopular coerced vaccine and QR pass war at home, and is a party to a legitimate war scare on the Russian-Ukrainian border owing to NATO encroaching on its red lines Saker proposes that Russia…stabs its best and closest anti-NATO friend in the back. Because what could be better than a three-front war?

When you’re already stuck in two extremely difficult conundrums, well that’s just the time to get creative and…start a regime-change blitz against people who are on your side.

The situation just isn’t complicated enough for Russia, it’s time to play with fire…inside the house of your best and closest neighbor, friend, and kin who just happens to also be besieged by NATO right now.

Makes perfect sense, folks. How can you not see the great wisdom, the sheer brilliance of this VeRy sErIoUs Florida analyst?

Bird-Man presents no plan on how the Kremlin is supposed to accomplish this. It is not for him to burden his mind with the question of implementation. His job is merely to issue regime-change fatwas against Slav anti-NATO leaders from his Florida home and then it is for the folks in the Kremlin to click their heels and figure out how to implement his commandments.

But why doesn’t the Ayatollah list a single thing Russia or anyone else can do to make “Lukashenko must go” happen? Given how difficult such undertakings are I’m sure the Kremlin would appreciate a few pointers. Is it because actually listing the nasty things that go into a regime change might alienate any non-psychos reading?

He also has absolutely nothing to say about the possible pitfalls of such an undertaking and how to avoid them.

And why would he? When have regime changes ever gone wrong? Who has ever heard of such a thing?

The idea a Moscow stab in the back could end up destroying relations between the White and the Great Rusians for decades or centuries. Or that it could result in chaos and instability that NATO, Poland, Tsikhanouskaya’s neocons in Lithuania and its sleeper backers in Belarus could take advantage of — that’s just ridiculous. Who has ever heard of a regime change ever not going according to the regime-changers’ most optimistic expectations?

Okay, there is that one time a CPSU regime change in Prague made anti-Russians of the most pan-Slavist nation in the world, or the time its regime change in Kabul was followed by a decade of war. But aside from that? Aside from that, and the disastrous consequences of the regime change against Diem, Saddam, Gaddafi, Yanukovich, and countless others, what examples are there? Come on, when has a regime change ever come with unforeseen consequences and with third parties swooping in to complicate the picture?

And what of Russia’s other partners? How exactly are the Chinese, the Syrians, the Iranians, the Venezuelans, the Vietnamese, the Nicaraguans, and the Armenians supposed to react to a Russia that regularly treats with Erdogan and even the West but surprises its closest CSTO ally with a regime change? Where exactly is Russia’s international credibility supposed to be found when it starts to mimic NATO and color revolution leaders who are pro-Moscow just not pro-Moscow enough for Bird-Man?

But does the Florida Ayatollah even care about all these possible and even likely pitfalls?

Is Bird-Man really so dumb that he doesn’t know that regime changes frequently result in disaster for everyone involved? Has he become a sniveling idiot?

Or is it the case that he simply doesn’t care?

Nothing I’ve laid out here is nuclear physics. It’s all elementary stuff that anyone who has ever tuned into news is already aware of. So why isn’t Bird-Man? Is it because it’s not in his interest to be?

How Saker gets away with not having to devote a single word to possible risks of targeting Lukashenko is by explaining that whatever happens “getting rid” of Lukashenko is a necessary and first step to getting to a certain final outcome he wants: “this process has to begin by getting rid of him”.

When that is your outlook — when your outlook is that any situation other than X is intolerable and that the only way to get to X is through Y, then it doesn’t really matter what unforeseen horrors Y might trigger. 

Chaos, death, NATO incursion, hatred among brothers, three-sided civil war…none of that matters anymore.

So Belarusians hold on to your pants. A Florida Ayatollah is all of a sudden super eager to color his Eastern Europe coloring book a certain way so you’re in for a wild ride…

….except you’re not because nobody in Moscow is as demented as the lamentable Bird-Man.

But to be exact, the Regime-Change Ayatollah is so incredibly vague about his “Lukashenko must go” directive that it isn’t even clear on whom exactly it falls to fulfill it. But since he justifies it as saying that Lukashenko must be replaced “with a person the Kremlin can trust” we have to assume he means the Kremlin ought to do it. Or does he mean that Belarusians must topple Lukashenko but better make sure to raise “a person the Kremlin can trust” in his stead? Wouldn’t that be a hoot? To command the Belarusians to topple their President, then command them to fill the spot with someone that Putin, Medvedev, and Mishustin “can trust”, or else they have to do it all over again. Life is fun when Eastern Europe is your coloring book!

In the next installment, we’ll tackle the Ayatollah’s curious claim that Y is the only possible way to get to X, and then we’ll take a look at his arguments for why X has become so urgent.

  1. Ragheadthefiendlyterrorist says

    See, when you write this sort of thing I’m totally with you. If you would dial back on the covid obsession and would stop attacking people on the basis of what they said about covfefevirus I would ignore what you post about covid, just as I ignore Bernhard’s occasional covid posts.

    As for the Faker, some of you might be aware of my own, let’s say, contentious history with him. Those who don’t, never mind.

    1. Edward Slavsquat says

      It’s so nice that everyone’s mutual hatred of Bird Man can bring us all together!
      He is the absolute worst.

      1. Ragheadthefiendlyterrorist says

        I’m banned from his site for questioning his sagacity.

        1. Robert I Bruce says

          Yeah, I try posting counter arguments or just straight up criticism that of course never gets past his reviews.

        2. Edward Slavsquat says

          Aren’t we all?

  2. Ragheadthefiendlyterrorist says

    While we are on the topic of Belarus, here’s a ludicrous article by the Canadian propagandist Gwynne Dyer.

    Short version:

    “Russia is posting troops on the Belarus border to save Lukashenko from being overthrown. Russia won’t invade Ukraine because it’s terrified of Ukrainian resistance.”

    1. Mr Reynard says

      Well, If there would be a conflict Russia-Ukraine, you can be certain that within 48 Hrs Ukrainian Troops will be parading on the Red Square in Moscow ..
      Of course they will be escorted by Russian Troops …

  3. JSS says

    I’m with Saker on this one. After overthrowing Lukashenko and putting in someone that Saker likes the Russians should overthrow Zelensky and put in someone that Saker approves to run Ukraine as well. From there Russia can overthrow the governments in the Baltic’s and Poland and put in good people that aren’t bad like Lukashenko. It’s so simple I’m surprised nobody thought of it before, I can see now why saker is considered such an insightful analyst with lots of important stuff to say.

    I think what the critics are missing here is that the US overthrows governments and creates chaos because they are bad but if Russia does it for good reasons like pleasing bloggers than it’s actually really good. As a matter of fact not overthrowing Lukashenko would be the actions of a rouge and illegitimate regime. If Moscow wants to be seen as a credible and a reliable partner by its allies they need to do something about Lukashenkos dictatorship. By not getting rid of current rouge regime in Minsk Moscow is playing right into NATOs hands. Putin outsmarted his Western opponents by going all in on the Covid hoax even harder anyone would have hoped. Now if he wants to really show them how serious he is again he needs to get rid of Lukashenko and put in someone who will do everything Lukashenko is doing only with more QR-codes, forced vaccinations, mask mandates and all the flu related stuff that Belarus is tragically missing out on due to Lukashenkos brutal anti Russian pro NATO authoritarianism.

    1. Edward Slavsquat says

      Putin outsmarted his Western opponents by going all in on the Covid hoax even harder anyone would have hoped.”
      another absolute gem. keep them coming!

      1. JSS says

        The QR codes in order to go to the gym or torgovi center have raised the life expectancy in my region to like 150 years for even alcoholics. Lukashenko not following suit can’t be explained by anything other than he is a secret navalny supporter and agent of White House agent.

    2. Ilya G Poimandres says

      You have a very keen and delicate sarcasm! 😉

  4. nnn says

    Zionist mafia runs the show

  5. kev says

    Lukashenko cant be trusted. he should be replaced. he and his western friends were exploiting russia until the west tried to shaft belarus with there next maiden. and lets not kid ourselves that the people choose there leaders. most times those who control the media can program the masses to believe anything they want. this time the birdman is right. if you can use regime change to destroy a country then why not use it to rescue a country. if russia doesn’t get off its arse and finally get proactive belarus will be turned into another Ukraine.

  6. XSFRGR says

    I gave up on Saker when I read his essay extolling the virtue of exterminating the White race in order to have world peace.

  7. Frodo says

    Bird-Man completely disappointed me. From now on, his blog and his analyses will not be of the same interest to me. Thank you for the hint.

  8. Jacques says

    The Saker is part of a network linked to Russian far-right “philosopher”, Alexander Dugin. He is nothing but a Russian fascist. You will find other shills among these fantasists, including Dimitry Orlov and Andrew Korybko. The latter is slavishly pro-Turkey and pro-Pakistani. The Saker has enlisted the help of Sheikh Imran Hossein to promote the idea of a military alliance between Russia and the Orthodox World and Islam.

    Yes, you read that right. The Faker promotes a military alliance between the Christian Orthodox world and Islam!

  9. Islander says

    Birdman aka “Vaxxinator” wants to get rid of Lukashenko because he’s the only European leader not going along with the covid mafia and the mandatory covid vaccination program !

    1. Edward Slavsquat says

      I agree.

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