Bill Gates Had a Car-Changing System for Meeting Women, Forced Staff to Keep Quiet

Let this man run your life

Bill Gates would drive to work at Microsoft in his Mercedes before driving off in a golden brown Porsche that an assistant brought for him, in what staff believed was his system for meeting women, it has been claimed.

The 65-year-old announced his divorce from Melinda French Gates, his wife of 27 years, on May 4.

On Monday a report in Vanity Fair detailed long-held rumors about his serial infidelity, including how he would switch cars to try to cover his tracks.

‘We all assumed that it was when he was with women,’ one Microsoft employee told the magazine.

‘I knew there were many offsite meetings that were not on his calendar.’

Vanity Fair reported that an aide to Bill Gates would drive to the Microsoft office in a golden brown Porsche, similar to the one pictured above, and then Gates would drive away in it. ‘We all assumed that it was when he was with women,’ one Microsoft employee told the magazine

Gates is famously an avid car collector, with a penchant for Porsches. He has recently purchased a Porsche Taycan, an electric car. Gates has previously owned a 1979 Porsche 911, and a Porsche 959 Sports – of which there were only 337 ever made.

Another employee denied the account, however, pointing out that Gates was meticulous with planning his day, famously dividing his time into five minute blocks.

They said he was ‘one of the most intensely scheduled people on the planet.’

Two sources told the magazine that someone in Melinda’s circle worked with a private investigator leading up to divorce filing, and the PI’s findings will form part of the case.

A spokesperson for the 56-year-old Texan called the claim ‘completely false. Neither Melinda nor anyone at her direction ever hired a private investigator.’

Source: The Daily Mail

For years there have been whispers, within Microsoft and in Gates’s broader professional and social circles, about inappropriate extramarital relationships. None of it was entirely shocking, despite the seeming contrast with his public persona. Bill and Melinda’s relationship began as an office romance, with Bill as the boss and Melinda as the younger employee whom he flirted with at a conference before asking her out in the company parking lot. As The New York Times reported, Bill pursued women who worked for him a few times when he was the chairman of Microsoft, once emailing an employee to ask her out to dinner, and another time telling a woman who worked for the Gates Foundation that he wanted to take her out to dinner while they were on a business trip to New York. According to the Times, the women did not feel pressured, but the balance of power was hopelessly lopsided. In 2019, Microsoft’s board of directors opened an investigation into Bill’s behavior after it was notified about his advances on an employee in 2000, according to The Wall Street Journal. Bill stepped down from the board the following year, after the company hired a law firm to look into the allegation. (A spokeswoman has said that his “decision to transition off the board” had nothing to do with the affair.)

For the people who worked for him, Bill’s behavior was something of an open secret. The former employee who signed an NDA said there were times when Bill came into the office driving a Mercedes, and an hour later, one of his security personnel showed up with a golden brown Porsche that Bill drove away in. “We all assumed that it was when he was with women,” the employee said. “I knew there were many offsite meetings that were not on his calendar.” According to someone close to Bill, his infidelities were no secret to many of the people around him. Yet another source close to Bill disputed that he would disappear from the office, saying he was “one of the most intensely scheduled people on the planet.”

It’s not clear how much Melinda knew about her husband’s behavior or these rumors, or how much they factored into her decision to file for divorce. People close to the couple said there had been tension for some time, that they had been living separate lives for years, and that the decision to separate had been delayed until their youngest daughter graduated from high school. The Times reported that in 2018, Melinda was unhappy with how Bill dealt with a sexual harassment claim against his longtime money manager, insisting on bringing in outside investigators. And then in 2019, when the relationship between her husband and Jeffrey Epstein became public knowledge, she hired divorce lawyers, setting a plan into motion.

Source: The Vanity Fair

  1. Tom Gregg says

    Super rich dude wants to score with women…nothing surprising.

    1. Thomas Turk says

      And you never once got bonked outside marriage, Pope TomG?

  2. Jerry Hood says

    Satanic jew, did he go by satanic Babylonian Talmud allowing girls as yound as 3 years and 1 day? For these snake mongrels,it is Not pedophilia as it is for the people of Christian countries!

    1. Thomas Turk says

      Yes, holy virgin till and after marriage JeffH.

  3. ken says

    Can’t stand the moron but the article is trashing someone with…. gossip.

    what staff believed
    it has been claimed.
    Two sources told
    We all assumed
    It’s not clear

    Heck, At least they were women,,, today, he’d probably be held in high esteem if they were men….

    1. Ronnie says

      I will give the article 5💩

      I don’t like him either…..but a man pays for it one way or another. That English football star only dated strippers and working girls handy with the oil lube. The media moaned and grounded about his private life.

      Stick to Bills jabs and the New York ped dude.
      Leave the working girls, other blokes girlfriends, other men’s wives and assorted gold digger out of it.

    2. Scadrick says

      And then it shows up in court filings and you’ll say ‘I didn’t see it myself!’,etc etc etc

  4. Dattatreya says

    A devil’s advocate might put forth that at least in those instances , there were no children involved !!!

    1. Eileen Kuch says

      That may be so, Dattatreya, but Gates of Hell also was a friend of the late Jerry Epstein, who flew to his island paradise in the Caribbean (with a group of underage girls). No wonder, his wife of 27 years – Melinda – divorced him .. She hated Epstein.

      1. Revo says

        “Late” Epstein?…He is in Isisrael diddling Palestinian kids

        1. Lilly says

          so true

  5. Laurance says

    A rich man having mistresses? What else is new? Who cares how he spends his money or who he sleeps with?

  6. Tod Foulk says

    nunmine, BUT he is a pos for even thinking he can control us with a virus when he cant keep them out of his software. i know others said i did too. prove us wrong

  7. Bob says

    U guys don’t see the bigger picture here!!!! I NEVER LIKED THE…SUB -HUMAN!!!! BUT…along with the Epstein interfaces.. puts …Gates.
    Into the pedophilia, satanic ritual abuse,torture, murders, cannibalism of very young victims,…crome,arenas!!! And people trust this. Creature with their lives with any kind of high profit,untested vaccines!!! Check out how his father and himself vehemently defend population control and eugenics!!
    This is the biggest picture !!!

  8. Bobby says

    Yeah, I read an article that claimed Bill Gates was going to steal all of Paul Allan’s Microsoft stock and this, when old Paul was sick with the condition that finally took his life. Supposedly, Steve Ballmer talked Gates out of it. If this is true, Gates is a POS. Paul Allan was the brains behind Microsoft and a decent person of the highest caliber.

  9. Jerry Alan Kimbro says

    Sue, baby! SUE!

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