Big-Brain Behind “Sputnik V” Receives Fancy Award From Putin Minutes After Call for Apartheid Against the Unvaxxed

Putin's favorite scientist

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Every Russian schoolchild learns about Alexander Gintsburg—the legendary scientist who eradicated Ebola in Ebola-free Guinea in 2017. Everywhere he goes, admirers lay flowers at his feet as they cry out, “Thank you for getting rid of all that nasty Ebola, Alexander Gintsburg!” and also: “Will you autograph my pericarditis?” For he is also the Father of Sputnik V—a minor footnote in his long illustrious career, which among other triumphs includes an embezzlement scandal, and also non-stop failure.

He is a wonderful man. So we were not surprised to read about his wonderful plan to ensure a “line is drawn” to “sharply distinguish” between Sputniked Citizens and No-Jab Vermin (55% of the adult country):

Izvestia Newspaper: Now we see the highest incidence in the history of the pandemic [that is, higher than before any vaccination], about 40 thousand new cases of COVID-19 per day. From your point of view, are there enough restrictive measures?

Gintsburg: Restrictive measures without vaccination are practically useless. They must be combined with a sharp increase in the number of vaccinated. Sergei Sobyanin said the number of people vaccinated has quadrupled (per day) in the past 10 days . And it should increase 10 times. In this case, according to my rough calculations, it will be possible to overcome this infection in a few months.

In addition, a line must be drawn between the vaccinated, that is, people with QR codes, and the unvaccinated. They must be sharply distinguished.

Hours later, President Vladimir Putin awarded Gintsburg the Order of Alexander Nevsky. The honor was bestowed upon the beloved scientist in recognition of his “years-long dedicated work.”

Triumph of the Shill

Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

Meanwhile, unappreciative Russians have started to grumble about how life-saving digital ID-based apartheid is somehow at odds with Russia’s so-called “Constitution.”

Here’s one of many whiny commentaries currently circulating on Russian social media:

The trend of the last week is, of course, QR codes. As is customary among real fascists, suddenly and without a declaration of war. Now, with the help of this tool, the elimination of all human rights, without exception, will take place, and without exception.

Once again, it is worth clarifying that the constitution in our country has ceased to exist. As well as all mechanisms for its alleged protection. The pathetic Constitutional Court is now just a detail of the interior of the historic Senate building and a place where they receive fantastic salaries just for nothing.

Of course, the technology will be introduced gradually, it will be tested, but the goal remains quite obvious – segregation and apartheid. A person who does not have a QR code loses all civil rights. True, and having obtained the code, there is no reason to relax: now it will have to be regularly confirmed by carrying out any (I want to emphasize this especially – any) decisions of the authorities, which bind everything that it considers necessary to the receipt and operation of the code.


In any case, life coupons have already been created. Even for those who have these coupons available, the quality of life will inevitably deteriorate. For those who are left without such, the situation will almost immediately raise the question of choosing between life in the biological sense of the word and non-life. And there will be a lot of such people. And the regime will have to solve this problem, and rather quickly. The question is how. And an even more important question – by what forces.

The fact that the regime is moving towards a complete transformation of society is not surprising: the current regime simply does not have any other chance to retain power. A year, one and a half or two, they may still hold out, or maybe they don’t have that term either. The degradation has gone too deep, the management resource has decreased too. There remains only one method of management – mobilization.

Do you think Gintsburg won the Alexander Nevsky Trophy with a negative attitude like that?Turn that frown upside down.

  1. ken says

    Putin has dived head first into slime lake. A shame. He was the only politician in the last 50 years I had (past tense) respect for. He was a statesman turned politician. He no longer has the Russian people foremost on his mind.

    1. Maiasta says

      Same here. I wonder how they ‘turned’ him? Or was this cosying with psychopaths a component of his character all along?

      1. Raptar Driver says

        He was their guy all along.

    2. Alberto says

      Once a communist, always a communist!

  2. Malatok says

    Time for Ras Putin to collect his chips and take a hike.

    It’s a big club and obviously they are ALL in it.

  3. Malatok says

    They need you dead before the fecal matter hits the fan (ASAP) and wakes the herd up. Then it’s pitchfork time.

    Kill Bill gates of hell, best buddy of Maxwell Epstein pedovore in chief and Mossad kiddy porn director along with filthy Swi$$ money laundry and spawn of genuine kosher German Nazis, the Hollyweird central casting SS cutout lout aka Satan Klaus Slob, Rothschild bagman geriatric peddler of fellow Jews to Nazis, the inimitable Gyorgi “Soros”, all these demons would have you believe that their Tony Jaws Fauci and his Fort Detrick (debt trick) Wuflu virus has it all sewn up and you are nothing more than a redundant head of tax cattle down on Rancho Goyim, USSA soon to be slaughtered for the greater good of the zero 1% reptilian slime that imagines it has “inherited the earth”.

    The great r€$et my ass. The entire scam is falling apart as quick as you can say Pfizer macht frei and nothing on this Earth is going to save their mountains of fiat filth IOU Saudi Mercan petroscrip toilet paper dollahs and gimp bastard €urodollah or their evil genocidal asses in the coming Nuremberg reloaded. The Wall St shitter is about to blow their Ponzi sewer to hell and all the fake covaids and DARPA mRNA death pricks won’t put Humpty Dumpty together again when the tsunami of toxic derivative shit washes over Slumville and the rest of the anglozionazi empire of filth. Simply by staying unjected we win when the millions of vaxxed sheeple start falling like dominoes in the months ahead; Dark Winter comes with a vengeance. Then guess how long the vertical pigs and uniformed mutts slurping their swill for now at the elitist trough along with rancid politcal swine and craven presstitute hos will cover for the cabal of reptilian scum that unleashed this vile insanity on the planet. These porcine scum will have their own offspring croaking like flies and even pigs and sheeple finally understand the stench of mass slaughter the nearer they come to the slaughterhouse erected by the reptilian alien slime now running planet moron.

    There’s going to be a lot of entitled, hubris bloated elitist garbage dangling from lampposts in the years ahead andnothing is going to stop the stampeding poisoned sheeple from taking grisly revenge when the herd finally grasps the totality of their stupidity and the enormity of their betrayal at the hands of our “Western democratic” kakistocracy. Forget about the ravings of trans slash humanist oddball geriatric retards and their great psychopathic “reset” and get ready for the greatest flush of demented loons that humanity has ever seen in its sorry history of depravity at the hands of gubermint puss and the ghouls that wallow in it.

    YOU are the disease, their covaids death squirt the cure
    PfiZer macht frei
    Same as it ever waZ

    The covaid$ Caper in under 2 minutes

  4. aardvark-gnosis says
    1. E-What? the Ethereal definition of the illusions of illusions, within the Kabalistic Zoharian Talmudic info structure of the Jesuit order and the Catholic pope of Semitic Dopamine and the Black popes order of Baal, of which, they all worship! Most people are deluded by innate main stream media propaganda… This propaganda has been going on for a hundred years and is still the format of the CFRians that span the globe and the elite that practice genocide in the forest of redwoods in California.. the bohemian Grove of Kabalistic Zoharian magic… Superstitions that go back centuries are still practiced by the elite that believe in the satanic worship of Baal and the ancient superstitions of middle eastern Babylonian gods… The more we understand the politics of religious beliefs, we will open the door of understanding why politics and religion are the metaphors of semi spiritual algorithms constructed to keep the masses in fear and cognitive normalcy Bios. The latter is the opioid of what we see in the BLM moment and how mob rule institutes the fever of human segregation as prophesized by the protocols of the learned elders of Zion and the Zionistic Nazi structure of the Jesuit order… The latter is in control of the constitutional format of the forefathers of our so called privilege’s that constitute a mental format of delusive freedom, freedoms lost to histories propagandized mythological illusions, that the roman caesars of the past living human gods from mythological human construct. Gods that project the totalitarianism that has infected all of the American dream… We are now under the bury me rule, of communisms social construct of luciferins that run the gambit of political disorder and misinformation, because they own the Mass media main stream business of propaganda we have seen for a century our more.  Nuff said… follow the history of mythological constructs and see for yourself how your brain is programed believe if phantasies that conjure a matrix of delusive thought… It is taught in the state Rockefellers foundational system of education that programs the mind of the masses in the USofA… brain dead folks with a degree in propagated formats of following the pied piper to the sea of the political matrix… those that are elected are replaced with the same dementia ,of franchised state education… That is why nothing changes in the political roman arena of ancient Rome’s gladiator style genocide in the coliseum of death by words of the Caesers that the elite emulate and direct the eradication of the population to service them in the slavery of mental conditioning all across the globe…Nuf said!

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