Biden’s Jab-to-Work Speech Was Him Announcing His Defeat

"This tide just turned. Get ready to ride it."

People seem worried and depressed post Biden speech. Don’t be.

Last night was Biden losing. It was his reign of terror ending. It was a tepid, bitter speech in which true colors were shown and nothing was gained. Biden was the angry grandpa 5 drinks in at thanksgiving dinner talking about how the damn Beatniks and minorities were ruining America.

And everyone heard it.

He even lost “swiss cheese” Jerome. (And this guy never met a mandate or imposed mitigation he did not like.) When Jerome starts doubting your mandate and calling you out you’re WAY off the reservation. You cannot even see the middle from how far out on the edge you are.

No president can be as blatantly divisive as Biden was last night. It was a conflict speech, pitting neighbor against neighbor. It was the speech of a fascist demagogue losing control and losing the plot. It vilified and hectored. And that is a weak speech. It’s a speech of defeat, a speech of capitulation that your ideas, ideology, and science are bankrupt.

And everyone heard it.

He claimed he would overrule governors acting within their own just purviews. He instituted clearly illegal labor policies rooted in discrimination and domination. He declared those who will not comply the enemies of the state and the enemies of their communities. This was a war speech, a call to arms speech. It sounded like he was trying to work himself up to utter the phrase “Pfizernacht.”

And everyone heard it.

There’s no kidding yourself anymore about who the fascists and totalitarians and authoritarians are. They just told you. But even more telling was what they did not say and what they did not do: this was a weak response, a limp and vapid plan, and minor evolutions in encroachment.

I had expected something MUCH more muscular. Vaxxpasses nationally, white-labeled by government and administered through a database of databases to be federally run and privately implemented and required. FAA mandates. Denial of federal funding to any who oppose it. A massive public-private partnership of carrots and sticks to drive industry into corporatist fascist compliance.

And we got none of it.

They don’t have the will, the votes, or the backing and they just showed us so. There’s nothing left in their hand. They have realized the people are not with them and they dared not do anything bold. This speech was not the beginning of the new tyranny, it was the end of this one.

And boy oh boy did the governors hear it.

Revolt has surged into the open and become general.

Even the cats and dogs are now in alliance against tyranny. Follow battle beagle for the latest in states whose governors or AG’s have said “no way” to this labor department overreach in vaccine mandates.

27 and counting.

And some of the governors said a bit more than “see you in court.”

No one is gonna have to ask henry for clarification on what he meant, will they?

So get your heads up, amigos. We did not lose last night, we won.

Biden revealed his true nature and intentions too blatantly to ignore.

And everyone heard it.

And many, many rose against it. And more will rise every day. This was the call to action, and action is coming.

This was the call to unify and to stand tall. And it’s finally happening. This desultory, petulant toe in the water broke the dam and there are about to be 900 billion gallons of America running everywhere.


(Better yet, help.)

This tide just turned. Get ready to ride it.

Source: Substack

  1. Raptar Driver says

    Love the optimism! I wish I could have more.

  2. Cap960 says

    Keep dreaming! Yanks are good at making noises. That’s all. Making noises. No Action…too fat. Too lazy. Too stupid to do anything more than noise. The last election has shown the world how right Americans deserve this president. As American as Biden!

    1. Raptar Driver says

      Biden got a very small minority of the votes. It
      was a massive fraud a coup. We could do as much about it as the Ukrainians could in 2014.
      The evidence was overwhelming and presented however the courts are all stocked with the Marxists.

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