Biden Vows to Keep Firing His Giant Money Hose at Everything Until Inflation Is Fixed

"This has so far been his solution to every other problem he has faced"

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Inflation is out of control, but President Joe Biden has a dynamic solution to that problem: a giant money hose. This has so far been his solution to every other problem he has faced, but he’s especially certain it will help with inflation.

“I just need Congress to fill my money hose, and then I’m going to fire it at everything!” Biden explained, prepping his hose. “If you see a problem, you just fire the money hose at it—that’s been my philosophy for my 87 years in Congress. Has that philosophy ever failed me? I don’t know; I’ve been too busy firing a giant money hose to pay attention.”

While most people support the firing of a giant money hose at everything, the policy has drawn a few critics. Some economists even say that the giant money hose could contribute more to inflation. “When you fire lots of money at everything out of a giant hose, that can devalue money,” explained economist Brian Collier in a high-pitched nerd voice, using a bunch of lingo no one could understand.

Still, Biden is undeterred and continues to fire his money hose at every problem he can see—though he mainly seems to be aiming the money hose at his cronies. But maybe if you cheer for Biden loudly enough, he’ll fire it at you!

Source: The Babylon Bee

  1. CindyElizondo says

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  2. ken says

    Come on folks,,, Biden is a puppet of the Schwab/Gates junta as are just about every ‘leader’ in the world. All the monies used to bribe these parasites was stolen from you in one fashion or another. As usual,,, you pay for your own destruction.

    You cannot Build Back Anything until you destroy it first and that is the job of the puppets. Just how do you suppose these parasites that have lived their entire lives sucking off the public tit know how to build anything,,, much less build it back better.

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