Biden Tells Coast Guard Class They Will Face Russia and China


On Wednesday, President Biden told a graduating class at the US Coast Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut, that the military service will play a significant role in Washington’s global competition with Russia and China.

Biden accused Moscow and Beijing of violating international maritime rules and norms, a common talking point coming out of his administration. “As you know, increasingly, we’re seeing those rules challenged, both by the rapid advance of technology and the disruptive actions of nations like China and Russia,” he said.

Biden has framed the US relationship with China as an ideological battle between “democracy” and “autocracy,” something he echoed in Wednesday’s speech. He said the US should “set the norms of conduct, to shape them around democratic values, not those of autocrats.”

The US Coast Guard has been deployed to the western Pacific to challenge Beijing and recently signed a deal to boost cooperation with Taiwan’s Coast Guard. “Our new agreement for the Coast Guard to partner with Taiwan will help ensure that we’re positioned to better respond to shared threats in the region,” Biden said.

Biden told the class that the Coast Guard will challenge countries all over the globe whether it’s in “the South China Sea, the Arabian Gulf, and, increasingly, the Arctic.” The US Coast Guard is currently expanding its base in Seattle where it plans to house three new icebreakers to increase its Arctic capabilities.

The Coast Guard was recently involved in provocations near Iran’s coast. Last week, the Pentagon said a Coast Guard cutter fired warning shots at Iranian boats in the Strait of Hormuz.

The Coast Guard has also been deployed to stoke tensions with Russia. At the height of recent tensions between Russia and Ukraine, the US deployed a Coast Guard cutter to the Black Sea.

President Biden’s speech is just another example to show that US foreign policy is shifting gears to focus on so-called “great power competition” with Russia and China. In his first address to Congress last month, Biden said the US was in competition with Beijing to “win the 21st century.”


  1. Ronnie says

    You will be in the nursing home as the empire sets Joey.

    1. Helga Weber says

      I like your comment, unfortunately their are so many more warmongers where this one came from.

  2. GMC says

    Would love to know how the cadets thought, after listening this BS NWO speech. That bright orange ” boat” is a hell of target for China, Russia or Iran – without using hyper weapons. Do the Coasties even save anyone – anymore- or has their job description changed? They used to be …..

  3. mijj says

    > “Biden has framed the US relationship with China as an ideological battle between “democracy” and “autocracy,””

    of course, Biden isn’t clear about which is which

  4. yuri says

    the senile vegetable installed as prez in autocracy by emperor gates afflicted w dementia
    “there is no functioning democracy in amerika. it is an oligarchy where political bribery determines the nominations and selections of all presidents governors senators congress members”. Jimmy Carter
    “the East German Stasi could only have dreamed of having a police state like USA”. Thomas Drake
    “at best USA is a procedural republic” like north korea. Michael Sandel
    USA= “inverted totalitarianism”. Sheldon Wolin
    “US election laws only exist in dictatorships like azerbijian”. Seth Ackerman

  5. Oilman says

    “Biden accused Moscow and Beijing of violating international maritime rules and norms” … So when the US literally does piracy in international waters, that’s ok?

    “the disruptive actions of nations like China and Russia,” … coming from a US president, that’s laughable. No country comes even close to being as “disruptive” as the US.

    Biden has framed the US relationship with China as an ideological battle between “democracy” and “autocracy,” … Which one is democratic?

    At the end of the day, the US is a failing empire. Russia and China could easily defeat the US in a conventional war and the American knows it.

    Prepare yourselves Americans as your fate will be the same as the former USSR.

  6. Helga Weber says

    I guess all the cadets cheered, they want to die for their country.
    There is so much wrong inside of America, all the money spent on the Military could be put to good use in the country itself.

    1. Ronnie says

      The planet hears your pain and the pain of those who fear to speak our.

      The collapse of Empire America will be swift and violent. Followed by a prolonged terror we see every day in the Middle East.

      I predicted the collapse of the USSR at University in 1977. ALSO predicted the following collapse of America after FORD and GM go broke. [America is totally broke as I write this]
      The future of America is ….East Coast Blue and West coast blue. In these two separate countries the terror never ends.
      Flyover lands and Bible Belt states…..clutching their guns and bibles will have a very orderly union based on the rule of law, property rights and the American Constitution.

      They will defend each other, their homes and most importantly their families.
      Their Union will be based on business and a fair, win-win deal for seller and buyer. The consumer decides who they buy from and do business with not criminal frauds in Congress.
      Choose wisely choose now.

      I can feel the speed.

  7. melville pouwels says

    im thinkin, these kids be lookin for another job !

  8. Jerry Hood says

    LGBT troops and Sleepy , Senile Joe…

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