Biden: Stop China From Becoming World’s ‘Leading’ Country

"That’s not going to happen on my watch, because United States is going to continue to grow and expand.”

President Biden vowed that he would not allow China to become the world’s “leading” country during his first press conference on Thursday. His comments come as US-China tensions are soaring, and the two countries’ relationship is at its lowest point in decades.

“I see stiff competition with China,” Biden said. “China has an overall goal … to become the leading country in the world, the wealthiest country in the world, and the most powerful country in the world. That’s not going to happen on my watch, because United States is going to continue to grow and expand.”

President Biden spoke of his relationship with Chinese President Xi Jinping, who Biden got to know while both leaders were serving as vice presidents. “I spent hours upon hours with him alone with an interpreter,” Biden said. “He is very, very straightforward. Doesn’t have a democratic — with a small ‘D’ — bone in his body.” [Says the mail fraud coup guy.]

Using Cold War-style language, Biden framed the situation on the world stage as a battle between democracy and autocracy, and compared Xi to Russian President Vladimir Putin. “He’s one of the guys, like Putin, who thinks that autocracy is the wave of the future and democracy can’t function in an ever — an ever-complex world,” he said.

“I predict to you, your children or grandchildren are going to be doing their doctoral thesis on the issue of who succeeded: autocracy or democracy? Because that is what is at stake, not just with China,” Biden told reporters.

While he’s taking a similar approach to China as President Trump, the Biden administration has been able to rally its European allies to take action against China. On Monday, the US, EU, UK, and Canada all announced sanctions on Chinese officials over alleged human rights abuses in Xinjiang.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken called on the US’s European and NATO Allies to unite against Beijing in Brussels on Wednesday. The common talking point coming for US officials is that China threatens the US-led “rules-based order,” which means Washington sees Beijing as a threat to US global hegemony, something Biden made clear at his press conference.


  1. GMC says

    Joe was only talking about the MIC, the Intel Agencies and the normal BS, because the domestic part of the country is on life support. Problem is – there is no one around to question the imposter president on these matters. Even Putin got the ” Cold War Shoulder” when he asked for a debate – lol

  2. mijj says

    Biden’s “grow and expand” = more US guided wars, terrorism, subversion, propaganda and looting.

  3. ken says

    I suggest Biden wake up long enough to smell the roses.

    Americans waiting on government stimmy checks to buy what hard working skilled Chinese are manufacturing. That’s Americas definition of being great.

  4. Oilman says

    “Doesn’t have a democratic — with a small ‘D’ — bone in his body.”
    Coming from a US president, that is quite laughable as they sell democracy one bomb at the time. When they refuse democracy when it is for someone who is anti-USA. When they weaponize sanctions to make sure democracy is beaten and replaced with puppets.

    The US is well aware that the empire is losing ground worldwide. It’s in a downfall and for that reason, the US will end up like the former USSR. Broken, people using their right to self-determination hence separating from the USA, criminal organizations taking over…basically, a complete mess.

    No one trusts the US anymore.

    Fun times ahead.

  5. Ron says

    The only thing America is going to grow are it’s National debt, stock market and real estate bubbles. Wall Street and real estate benefit the wealthy while leaving every American behind. America has NOT invested in it’s future. Where is the investment in Industry, Education, Infrastructure etc? All wealth is channeled to the Elite while the propaganda and chants of “freedom and Democracy” keep the average American citizen shackled. As George Carlin once said, “you gotta be a dreaming to believe in the American dream”.

  6. Val says

    Biden is such a grifting fool. The office should be off limits to ANYONE over 60.

  7. Mr Reynard says

    O.K. Joe ! I’m right behind you ?
    Here is your camo gears & your AR 15 & we drop you by the Great Wall of China ?
    Go ahead .. We are behind you ?

  8. nnn says

    Idiot in the WH

  9. Voz 0db says

    A demented obsolete OLD degenerate uman animal playing the role of main jester is always a good source of entertainment!

  10. yuri says

    of the 261 million amerikans in the workforce 127 million have full time employment….biden is as farcical as their bewildered herd of robots pretending to be people

  11. Jerry Hood says

    This senile with paedo son, cannot stop the Tao-Path of Heaven, bfinging China on top of yhe world for next 500 hears, and the zionist corrupted USrael 500 years on the bottom of the Dark Age! The Path is starting new cycle from the Far East golden age with Yellow race ruling the workd for hundreds of years to come! So will be slowly fiding up Russia,its Far East, later replacing China in Russian golden age to come! We saw it on riding and falling empires,from the East toward the West! Look at the British former empire, colonising the Third World 300 years ago, now in Dark Age, colonised former empire,now average country colonised by the Third World emigrants to Britain!!!
    China is rising and unstoppable superpower of the world!!!

  12. Mr Reynard says

    Is he on Crack Coke,laced with LSD for his dementia ??
    Or some more potent recreational medication ?

  13. Jerry Hood says

    The only USrael’s growth and expansion is in its dozens of trillions of dollars outstanding debt!!! And his senily expansion and growth.

  14. abinico warez says

    Joe, ya need to learn how to count into the multiple billions and see who large china military is.

  15. L Garou says

    (aka) CGI Joe..

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