Biden Rushed CIA Chief to Moscow to “Warn” Russia Over Ukraine

"The administration is very, very concerned—this is the most concerned I've heard them about Russia in a really, really long time"

Burns was first mentioned as a probable main candidate to land the head of the Department of State post in 2016, in the presumed Clinton administration, and later in 2020 in Biden’s Administration. However, Biden picked Antony Blinken for the job

Hat tip to Rick Rozoff of Anti-Bellum

President Joe Biden dispatched CIA Director Bill Burns to Moscow earlier this week to warn the Kremlin that the US is watching its buildup of troops near Ukraine’s border closely, and to attempt to determine what is motivating Russia’s actions.

The rare trip by Burns to Russia, where he held talks with senior Kremlin security officials directly involved in the military activity, came as the US has grown increasingly concerned by Russia’s irregular movement of troops and equipment near Ukraine’s northern border, according to multiple US and Ukrainian sources briefed on the meeting.

The Biden administration has ramped up its efforts in recent days to de-escalate growing tensions between Moscow and Kiev. Following his meetings in Russia, Burns spoke to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky by phone in an attempt to diffuse those tensions, the sources told CNN. A senior State Department official was also dispatched to Kiev on Thursday to support those efforts.

Burns as key intermediary

Assessments on Russia’s motives differ widely within the administration, with some sources telling CNN they believe Russia could be preparing for an invasion, while others suggest they are conducting an exercise, or simply trying to intimidate Ukraine.

And publicly, Ukraine has downplayed the idea that Russia is building up its military presence near the border beyond normal levels. Russia has “established a practice of “transferring and accumulating military units for the purpose of maintaining tension in the region and political pressure on neighboring countries,” Ukraine’s Defense Ministry said on Tuesday.

But in an effort to prevent any kind of escalation, Biden dispatched Burns to Moscow on Tuesday, where he met with Kremlin officials to try to deter any plans for an offensive by conveying that the US is closely monitoring the troop movements, according to people briefed on their meeting.

Satellite images taken by Maxar Technologies on Monday demonstrate the kind of irregular Russian troop and equipment movements that US officials are worried about. The images show Russian troops, tanks and artillery massing near the Russian town of Yelnya, and the Biden administration is more concerned than it was in the spring that Russia could launch an invasion, two senior US officials said.

In response to questions about the satellite images, Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters this week that “The movement of our military equipment or army units across the territory of the Russian Federation is exclusively our business.” He added that “Russia has never threatened anyone, is not threatening, and does not pose a danger to anyone. But against the background of rather aggressive expansionist tendencies, especially on the part of NATO and other countries, Russia has always taken measures to ensure its security and will continue to do so.”

But one US official told CNN that the US has “serious concerns” about the Russian build up, adding, “It would be foolish for us not to be considering the possibility of an invasion or incursion.”

Another State Department official and a senior congressional aide noted that the US concerns stem largely from the fact that Russia appears to be putting pieces into place should it want to take action against Ukraine quickly.

“It is certainly an unprecedented buildup, and if Russia wanted to invade Ukraine, it has the capability and capacity to overwhelm Ukrainian forces,” the aide said. “With such a large buildup, Putin could order an invasion at any time and there would be very little warning.”

Intense outreach to allies

European diplomats in the US and Europe say that the US has been conducting intense outreach about Russia, an effort that began in just the last few days.

“The administration is very, very concerned—this is the most concerned I’ve heard them about Russia in a really, really long time,” said one diplomat. “I wouldn’t underestimate this. They’re doing a massive outreach to raise awareness about this.”

The concerns the US is sharing are “pretty specific” said another diplomat, who echoed others in saying that they are now being carefully and closely examined in European capitals, where perceptions of the Russian threat vary. Even so, diplomats from five different European countries acknowledged that the trendline of Russian actions in relation to Ukraine have been worrying.

Watching ‘with all of our capabilities’

The administration is far from reaching a consensus on Russia’s intentions, however, and other defense officials told CNN they have not seen indications that Russia is preparing for a sustained operation like an invasion. That would require supplies to be brought into the area like food, fuel and spare parts, the officials said.

Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mark Milley said this week the US wasn’t seeing anything to indicate an imminent Russian move on Ukraine, but he still expressed concern at the “significant amount” of military movements along the border.

Speaking to NBC’s Lester Holt at the Aspen Security Forum, Milley said the Russian activity was “nothing overtly aggressive per se,” but he cautioned that the US is watching the movements “with all of our capabilities.”

Source: CNN

  1. Steve Ginn says

    The Yanks are getting edgy because they can see all the effort that they have put into their overthrow of the original, duly elected government! As usual, the Yanks have made a complete screw up of the country and the political situation!!

    1. goyim 1 says

      Russia is going to take the opportuity to kick Zio NATO ass out of all of Ukraine if Turkey attacks Syria

      1. goyim 1 says

        Nord Stream 2 is now complete and Russia’s hands are free. If the stupid Euro slaves of the Zio empire allow racist supremacist Jews to block their cheap natural gas from Nord stream 2 let, their economy collapse and they can freeze this winter

        Russia is finally using its real power over Zio America and the Zio EU.

        Let us see the Zio Jew EU governments stay in power with a 90% unemployement rate, wide spread famine and death, with millions freezing to death, because their Jewish slave masters won’t let them import cheap Russian gas from Nord stream 2.

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    1. Helga Weber says

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    2. Leisure Larry says

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  3. nnn says

    Long overdue to eliminate all this Judo-Bandera scum in Kiev

  4. ken says

    I’m sure the Ruskies are shaking in their boots. Those high heeled, panty wearing Mericanos are going to kiss err kick butt! Hell,,, half will be discharged shortly for refusing the killshot. Only ones left will be the gullible kiss asses.

  5. Mr Reynard says

    Quote: Biden Rushed CIA Chief to Moscow to “Warn” Russia Over Ukraine
    Is that a joke ??

  6. Helga Weber says

    I am actually happy, that the Russians are now strong enough so that the Empire has no chance of getting its hands on Russian resources.

  7. steve kastl says

    Russia is tired of our USA arrogance and BS.

  8. Mark says

    I think it is just a concrete warning to Kuh-yiv that there is a real army just over the hedge, and that it could crush the Ukrainian army of hoodlums and conscripts like a paper cup without even breaking a sweat. Nothing much needs to be read in to an absence of supply vehicles and spare parts, because (a) the Russian logistics chain is short; they are at home and access to reinforcements is not far away, and (b) in the event of an actual attack their thrust would be much like the Americans; if a vehicle breaks down, abandon it. They don’t pause the whole offensive while the mechanics smoke and tinker. The real giveaway is the absence of electronic-warfare and communications jamming equipment – and we don’t even know for sure that’s not present, we just haven’t seen it – and medical vehicles on standby to support casualties. It looks more like a good-sized exercise, but at that if it cools Ukraine’s ardor, it is a bonus. And it should – what we have seen is only about a battalion-strength presence, and even with that Russia would go through Ukraine like a spear through cottage cheese.

  9. Pablo says

    I find it hard to believe that the US War Machine would warn Russia against amassing troops inside Russia!! Talk about Hubris! Arrogance. It is especially galling that the US War Machine would warn a Country about amassing troops when it is the US War Machine that has troops and military bases ALL over the World. And it is the same War Machine that bomb Humanitarian aid workers. By “accident” of course.

    1. Leisure Larry says

      Jews control America and consider it to be 100% expendable.

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