Biden Requests Another $33 Billion for Ukraine

Includes $8.5 billion to bankroll Ukraine and at least $15 billion in weapons

Editor’s note: Includes $8.5 billion to among other things “assist the Ukrainian government in responding to operational challenges as businesses shutter and revenue collection plummets” —aka money for salaries and other expenses.

And at least $15 billion in weapons via at least three different programs.

$5bn in “drawdown authority” controlled by the White House, $4bn for “State Department’s Foreign Military Financing program” where foreign states order weapons from US defense plants and the US pays for them, and $6bn in “Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative” where weapons are selected and shipped by the Pentagon.


On Thursday, President Biden asked Congress for an additional $33 billion for military, economic, and humanitarian assistance for Ukraine as the US is preparing to back Kyiv in its war against Moscow for the long term.

According to the White House, the massive request includes $20.4 billion in military aid, $8.5 billion in economic aid, and $3 billion in humanitarian assistance.

The funds are meant to last through the 2022 fiscal year, which ends on September 30.

The military aid will mostly be for Ukraine, but some will go towards arming the US’s Eastern European allies. [To replace the weapons they gave Ukraine from their arsenals.] The White House said the aid will keep “additional artillery, armored vehicles, anti-armor and anti-air capabilities flowing into Ukraine uninterrupted.”

In March, Biden signed a spending bill into law that included $13.6 billion in the military and economic aid for Ukraine, but that amount has almost been exhausted. Since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, the US has sent about $3.7 billion worth of weapons into the war zone.

The massive $33 billion request signals that the US doesn’t expect the war to end anytime soon. Biden said that the new aid package “begins the transition to longer-term security assistance.”

On Tuesday, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin led a 40-nation conference in Germany on arming Ukraine, where the US and its allies pledged to increase aid. Austin pledged that the US would keep moving “heaven and earth” to get weapons into Ukraine. Austin also said this week that one of the US goals in Ukraine is to see a “weakened” Russia.

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  1. ken says

    Boy, are the parasites are raking it in. The West military dumping their old shit to the Ukies then manufacturing new stuff. Ukies dying for the banksters and most of the ‘free’ world morons waving them on! I understand more and more why so many bought into the covid bullshit. There is no vax that can cure stupidity.

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