Biden Correcting Yard Signs for Nurses Who Refuse Vaccine After a Year on Front Line

“I can’t believe we had so many killers in our midst. To think we thought they were heroes!”

President* Joe Biden was seen correcting the yard signs of several homes of nurses in his Delaware neighborhood from “A Hero Lives Here” to “A Killer Lives Here”. Biden said the change is necessary since the nurses refused to take the COVID vaccine after over a year on the front line.

“These people were heroes for facing the pandemic head first without a vaccine for over a year and a half but now they are killers because they won’t take the vaccine that likely won’t help,” Biden said.

Health care workers across the country are being forced to choose between being a hero or being a killer and many are choosing the latter.

“They’re no longer heroes. In fact, we are also revoking all the praise and adoration we gave to them before when they saved millions of lives last year. They have never been heroes,” Biden said.

Some hospital administration have voiced their concerns over having employed so many killers.

“I can’t believe we had so many killers in our midst. To think we thought they were heroes!” Houston Methodist Hospital CEO, Frank Chitferbranz said.

Chitferbranz is also wondering where all his staff is after he fired them for being killers.

Source: Genesius Times

  1. GMC says

    Nowadays, going from Hero to Zero , is standard operational procedure, but the first ones in the Zero group should be Washington and their Zionist agencies !

    1. Cap960 says

      Heroes are overrated. US soldiers illegally invading countries. Killing civilians. Looting the locals the natural resources…are thanked are called heroes upon their return home.

      1. Andra Saltzberg says

        A total disconnect…and just more American fantasy.

      2. Raptar Driver says

        It is quite the deranged society that would call Killers/murderers of women, children and innocent men, heroes.

  2. ken says

    The hospitals were never full,,, they had plenty of time to rehearse tic toc videos.

    The only people dying were elderly put on ventilators and remdesivir and killed,,, and those dying from other conditions labeled as covid. Of course don’t forget the auto/motorcycle and other accident victims labeled as covid.

    Most medical folks saw the scam and the murders and kept quiet. They knew the shot was the killer but like the police, military and others, they thought they would be exempt thinking they would be needed by the PTB,,, and of course any payoffs. Now they’re all required to get the kill shot. Their mistake in thinking was they are witnesses to the mega crime in all history.

    These killers will attempt to kill most of us regardless of our function in society. Only when the numbers get down to where they want them will they start picking and choosing.

    This is a spiritual war between good and evil. So far evil is winning. Time is short for humanity.

    Even the Vatican and the ‘believers’…

    1. XSFRGR says

      JOHN 8:44.

    2. Andra Saltzberg says

      Evil is ably assisted by the current Papacy.

  3. joeg says

    Biden also changed their pronouns.

  4. yuri says

    poko molo, Mickey Mouse and other rat scabs will replace them after 15 doses of rat poison

    1. Raptar Driver says

      Come on yurinator, you can do better than that?

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