Biden Awards Gen. Milley Participation Trophy for Afghanistan

In an effort to spin the disastrous Afghanistan situation, US President* Joe Biden awarded Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley the prestigious presidential participation trophy.

“This is an honor beyond belief,” Milley said wiping some teary mascara away from his eyes. “I’m 100 times more decorated than Patton, but this trophy is probably the most meaningful for me.”

Milley was heavily criticized for his role in planning the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan. Following the withdrawal, the Taliban began its campaign to overthrow the Afghanistan government in Kabul. The city was ultimately besieged by the Taliban and fell to their control on August 15, 2021, resulting in mass panic among Afghan citizens and some mostly peaceful beheadings and rapes.

Thousands of Afghan citizens surged into Kabul Airport in a desperate attempt to leave the city, with some even attempting to grab on to a military transport as it took off, falling to their deaths minutes later. Milley later denied knowing about the imminent fall of Kabul or having seen intelligence indicating the position of the Taliban to be stronger than believed.

As a result of Milley’s execution of the withdrawal, Biden said he immediately needed to lift his self-esteem.

Source: Genesius Times

Text may contain traces of satire.

  1. ken says

    Today’s ‘generals’ are just climbing the corporate ladder. Their game is making money for those that make the tools of war. The billions of dollars worth of equipment left behind for the Taliban and ISIS will have to be replaced and net these lunatics with a nice Christmas bonus.

    1. GMC says

      Over 400,000 assault weapons and machine guns, tanks, hundreds of humvees and Oshkosh APCs, helicopters, artillery, manpads, airplanes, thousands of night optics, etc. etc. etc. And not even an article 15 prosecution. But don’t cheat on your taxes to the Federal Government – or you will go to jail. lol

    2. Art says

      Not new Ken:

    3. Jerry Hood says

      It was Mossad/ Cia/ Taliban deal! Left for war against ” nuclear” Iran! Don’t you hear zionist shrecks? ” Iran is only 7- 8 eeeks from achieving nuke(s)”!!!
      Now they conspire how to start the war and sale it to the American (= USrael)goyim public!!!

  2. Jerry Hood says

    I could easily slip a rope around his zionist neck,and kick away the chair under his legs…

  3. Steve Kastl says

    Our biggest Benedict Arnolds are in charge of our military. We need an officer like Hugo Chavez to arrest and execute all our traitor generals. Our generals are sociopathic war criminals.

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