Biden Assured Putin US Won’t Deploy Offensive Weapons in Ukraine

Does the Aegis Ashore in Romania count as "offensive" or "defensive" for DC?

They spoke for 50 minutes. Of course, unlike in the press release photo, Biden wasn’t really alone. Of course, Aegis Ashore counts as “defensive” for Washington, and is further deployed to protect “against Iran”

US President Joe Biden assured his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin during their call that Washington doesn’t plan to deploy offensive weapons in Ukraine, Kremlin Aide Yury Ushakov told reporters.

“The key point that was voiced by the American side during the call was that President Biden clearly stated that the US doesn’t plan to deploy offensive weapons in Ukraine,” Ushakov said.

Putin noted that was one of the key points in the proposals that Russia handed over to the US, which we want to hold substantive talks about in future, the Kremlin aide said.

Source: TASS

Machine translated from Russian:

Assistant to the President Yuri Ushakov called the telephone conversation of the leaders Russia and UNITED STATES Vladimir Putinand Joe Biden specific and meaningful.

“In principle, we are satisfied with the contact that took place, the negotiations that took place today, because they were frank, substantive, concrete. And I could say that in general, the direction of it, this conversation, was quite constructive, “he said following the results of the conversation of politicians, which took place late the night before and lasted about 50 minutes.

Ushakov noted that the American side demonstrated a desire to understand the logic of Russia’s position, which is set out in the documents on security guarantees transmitted by Moscow.

Putin and Biden, he said, were well prepared for the conversation and agreed to continue the dialogue after the New Year. Ushakov stressed that “this was not a purely pre-New Year conversation, holy gatherings.” “Exactly one day before the New Year, a really important political action took place,” he said.

Major bug

The US president in a conversation with Putin mentioned possible “large-scale sanctions”, who in response warned that this would be a major mistake that could lead to a complete rupture of relations, the diplomat said.

The Russian leader added that the restrictions will entail “the most serious consequences” and Moscow hopes that this will not happen.

“Our president emphasized that in this situation it will be quite difficult for us to behave as the United States would behave if offensive weapons were deployed near the American borders,” Ushakov said.

He noted that Putin tried in every possible way to convey this key idea to the American president.

“Guaranteed Security of Russia”

The Russian president also detailed the basic principles laid down in the transferred to the United States and NATO documents on strategic security guarantees.

“(Putin. – Comment. ed.) Stressed that for us, of course, negotiations on these three tracks are important (bilateral negotiations in Geneva, Brussels through Russia and NATO and in Vienna through the OSCE. – Editor’s note), but most importantly – we need a result, and we will achieve results in the form of ensuring the guaranteed security of Russia,” the presidential aide reminded.

At the same time, he stressed that Moscow is ready to take into account “some considerations of the American side” and other Western states. “But the main thing for us is not a compromise, and the main thing for us is to provide ourselves with security guarantees, which we urgently need. That’s the point of our position. We will strive for this,” the diplomat added.

How the negotiations in Geneva will take place

Negotiations on security guarantees will be held along three main lines – in Geneva (Russia – USA), Vienna (OSCE) and Brussels (NATO), Ushakov said.

“Putin said that we attach great importance to the negotiations, but they should not turn into chatter. We are waiting not for the treaty process itself, but for concrete results,” he said.

Speaking about whether Moscow set any deadlines for Washington, Ushakov said: “Let’s see how the negotiations go – a day or two, three rounds. Then we will draw conclusions.”

The leaders of the states will personally control the process of the Geneva talks. “On this account, we agreed to maintain telephone contact both by the presidents themselves and they will instruct the relevant assistants of the two administrations to maintain contacts,” the presidential aide added.

White House Commentary

The conversation between Biden and Putin was serious and substantive, the contact itself was appropriate in connection with the upcoming diplomatic negotiations in early January, said a senior representative of the presidential administration.

“The leaders recognized that there will likely be areas where there will be substantial progress, as well as areas where agreements may not be possible. [They also agreed] that the upcoming negotiations would define more precisely the contours of these categories. This is the essence of diplomacy, negotiations for this and exist, “the American official added. The parties discussed the need to de-escalate the Ukraine and the actions of the United States in the deterioration of the situation.

At the same time, Biden, according to a Comment from the White House, threatened that the United States, together with allies and partners, would give a “decisive response” in the event of Russia’s “invasion” of Ukraine. In this case, Washington will strengthen NATO forces and provide additional assistance to Kiev.

Ukrainian authorities and Western states have recently expressed concern over Moscow’s alleged “intensification of aggressive actions” near the borders with the neighboring state. In turn, the Kremlin stated that Russia moves troops within its territory and at its discretion, but does not threaten anyone.

Source: RIA Novosti

  1. GMC says

    Sometimes I think President Putin , likes to push the speaker phone on his US Presidential calls , so the rest of his administration can Laugh at all the Lies that come out the USA and their B S teleconferences. LOL I do to !

    1. Mr Reynard says

      Vladimir to Joe, first words ? “Lets Go Brandon” !
      Vladimir to Joe, last words ? “Lets Go Brandon” !

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  3. Pablo says

    If you note the number of agreements the US has abandoned/reneged on I believe Mr. Putin would be wise to not trust Joe Biden’s assurances. And not just because Biden is not mentally competent, but because of the Neo Cons who run US Foreign Policy.

  4. ken says


  5. ken says

    Good thing it was on the phone where Putin couldn’t see Biden’s fingers crossed!

  6. Jasonovich says

    Whatever Biden says today, he would not have remembered it the next day.
    Let’s Go Brandon, time to change your diapers.

    Still, it matters not what the US President says, they cannot be kept to any binding agreement, I think we’ve long gone pass the appeasement, any violations from Ukraine should be met with brutal force, that’s the language the fascists understand.

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