Biden and Harris Call for Mandatory Muzzles for 330 Million Americans; Trump Slaps Down the Proposal

'For the next three months at a minimum'

The presumed Democratic presidential candidates called for a federal order for mandatory mask mandate that would apply to all Americans nationwide.

Former Vice President Joe Biden made the demand on Thursday and California Sen. Kamala Harris endorsed the policy.

“Every American should be wearing a mask when they’re outside for the next three months at a minimum,” Biden told reporters in a media briefing in Wilmington, Delaware.

“Let’s institute a mask mandate nationwide starting immediately and we will save lives. The estimates are we will save over 40,000 lives in the next three months if that is done,” Biden added.

Harris approved of Biden’s statement.

“That’s what real leadership looks like,” Harris said. “We just witnessed real leadership.”

The announcement was made only a day after Harris was announced as Biden’s vice presidential pick.

Federal vs. local control

President Donald Trump has resisted calls for a federal mask mandate and has instead left it up to state and local governments to determine their own policies on enforcing social distancing guidelines.

When asked to respond to the suggestion from Biden and Harris, he gave a characteristically dismissive response.

“We do not need to bring the full weight of the government down on law-abiding Americans to accomplish this goal. Americans must have their freedoms, and I trust the American people and their governors very much,” President Trump said in his media briefing.

“I trust the American people and the governors want to do the right thing to make the smart decisions and Joe doesn’t. Joe doesn’t, Joe doesn’t, know too much,” he continued.

“Unlike the Biden approach, our approach is guided by science,” he added. “Sleepy Joe rejects the scientific approach in favor of locking all Americans in their basements for months on end!”

The president went on to accused Biden of wanting to “shut down our economy” and “grind society to a halt” through a federal mandate.

A poll in June found that 76% of Americans thought the lockdown was appropriate or didn’t go far enough, while 80% of Americans said that they looked favorably at people who wore masks to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

The U.S. has seen more than 5.2 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 across the country, and the death toll in the U.S. is at more than 166,000 people.

Here’s the video of the demand:

Source: The Blaze

  1. Houndog Houndoggie says

    Masks don’t do diddlysquat other than fearmongering. I call bullshyte. Among 0-44 year olds they’re 4 times more likely to die in an accident than with covid-19. That’s from the CDC’s own data. Just as likely to die in a car accident. Maybe we should mandate walking instead of driving… Think of the lives we’ll save!!!

  2. Padraigin Eagle says

    Muzzletov: 76-80% of the populace brainwashed into believing the hoax, a non-existent disease bringing the proles to their knees, the Gates of Hell vaccine, now line up if you please, left, white and schlenter, and God bless the dissenter!

  3. Michelle Magee says

    33%, wear for 3 months, until Dec which is the 12th month. 1=2=3…. 33 How evil this is. Part of the ritual, showing you with numbers and signs in plain site. For eyes to see…

  4. Saint Jimmy (Russian American) says

    I’ve got a mask those two front running, fake fraudsters can wear.

    1. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

      They aren’t committing copyright defamation.

  5. cechas vodobenikov says

    “the wolf cares not how many the sheep there may be”. Virgil

  6. Undecider says

    The point was to make the statement and use the campaign as the platform. Surely, millions upon millions of Americans cheered as they heard this.

  7. Raptar Driver says

    Only criminals hide their faces.

  8. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

    Will Biden and Harris resign if it doesn’t work?

  9. thomas malthaus says

    Wouldn’t it be “safer” in the basement, Joe?

    1. MrRedwoodGuy . says

      I don’t see that a man who died of AIDS at 45 is the one to follow for medical advice.

      1. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

        That would the man who died without an HIV infection.

        1. MrRedwoodGuy . says

          At 45.

          1. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

            Age is irrelevant to disease. Comorbidities kill more people than viruses do.

            1. MrRedwoodGuy . says

              Let me say with clarity, Mr. Mercury was a brilliant artist who would also be approximately the last person I would consult for medical advice.

            2. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

              Freddie Mercury died of the same thing my mother and sister did, iatrogenic ignorance.
              More importantly than consulting him for medical advice would be his doctors, who didn’t seem to be more interested in successful treatment of his condition than he was.

            3. MrRedwoodGuy . says

              I’ll go with his own admission that he had AIDS. Your second or third hand analysis is of no interest to me.

            4. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

              I didn’t know that he was a leading pathologist.

            5. MrRedwoodGuy . says

              I’m pretty sure a man of such means relied upon notable doctors to provide a diagnosis. In spite of your denials, he didn’t seem to embrace them. Go figure.

            6. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

              Notable doctors kill more people than COVID has.

      2. Mensch59 says

        I’d follow his medical advice before I’d follow your political advice.

        1. MrRedwoodGuy . says

          Such misguided faith in other people is not uncommon. The hoards number in the tens of millions who choose to follow the political advice of 6 time bankrupt pussy grabbing fraudster. There’s just no accounting for taste.

          1. Mensch59 says

            Maybe you are just sore that I’m not putting misguided faith in your dots & pixels & algorithms & performance art. Maybe you desire for our “tastes” to converge, while my desire is to converge with another.

            1. MrRedwoodGuy . says

              ‘Cosplay with pixels’ is nothing to get sore about.

            2. Mensch59 says

              That’s not what I was referring to. I was referring to faith vs putting misguided faith in you & your ideas & your words.

          2. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

            Taste is irrelevant. That’s why it is subjective.

      3. Padraigin Eagle says

        MrTermiteEatenGuy: Wear the muzzle, half-wit.

        1. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

          A muzzle is not a mask is not a muzzle.

          1. Padraigin Eagle says

            Taken to task: A mask is a muzzle is a mask.

            1. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

              “A muzzle is a device that is placed over the snout of an animal to keep it from biting or otherwise opening its mouth.”
              Doesn’t sound like a mask to me.

            2. Padraigin Eagle says

              Flexing my muzzle: I know exactly what a muzzle is, and I exactly know what a muzzle is, and as I said, the mask of the beast is a muzzle. Try again, but best to take off the muzzle before you attempt to express yourself.

              ‘A restraint on free movement or expression, to restrain from expression.’

            3. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

              Sounds like Hannibal Lecter.

            4. Padraigin Eagle says

              Or Honeyball Lickedher

    2. Eileen Kuch says

      Wow! I like this one, Mensch. You really nailed it perfectly;D That sign says it all. Great job;D

      1. Mensch59 says

        My partner forwarded it to me. The credit is hers and I’ll pass it along.

        1. Collectivist says

          “How hard is it to refuse to comply with the (lawless?) diktat to wear a face covering?!?!”

          A better question is:
          How EASY and FOOLISH is it to focus on having to wear a face covering in a pandemic, rather than ACTUAL ARMED repression . . .

          Look away, you cowardly gravedigger:

          1. Mensch59 says

            You posted a news clip from almost three and a half weeks ago. What did the protesting/rioting and your post accomplish?

            On the other hand, the face mask ought to be viewed as a device used by authoritarians to control the masses and enforce compliance to lawless edicts. This control and enforcement by authoritarians is ongoing and growing.
            You must be 100% in compliance with this kind of authoritarian control and enforced compliance to lawless diktats to write “having to wear a face covering in a pandemic”.
            That’s why your brand of “leftism” has become a sick joke. Sad.

            “This website is supposed to give hope but I see mostly defeatist posts here. Let me add some positives: I live in Holland and in most days, I don’t see any muzzled faces (not required outside public transport). I spot more and more elderly and wheelchair-bound people not bothering with social distancing, pressing the green-light crossing buttons with their fingers instead of the “correct way” using their elbows, pubs and bars are full, no registration required, people shake hands. At work, we are having meetings with 8-10 people in a conference room of 6×6 m and nobody bats an eyelid.Nobody talks about “it” as if it didn’t exist. I have the same impression (from online videos) of Belarus, Croatia, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, Serbia or even Russia, and likely there are many countries not in a spotlight where they have quietly returned to the old normal, like baltic countries, African countries, Nicaragua, Seychelles – that’s a destination for you! etc etc). Many US states (republican run) have reverted back to normal. And most surprising of them all, masks are recommended (i.e. not required!) in China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan!
            “Obviously the deceiving efforts of the globalists are concentrated on countries like US, UK, Germany, France etc, where they are most successful in brainwashing the population. The majority of the world population doesn’t buy their crap any more, they are common sense people living in a world with real dangers. To conclude, I think the fact that they are pushing the unbelievably thin “spike in cases” narrative reeks of desperation, knowing that the time is running out before the penny drops even for the clueless westerners.” ~ LuckyLuke1976, Lockdown Sceptics

            Maybe learn from LuckyLuke1976 instead of believing that you have all the answers to all the really important questions.

            1. Collectivist says

              Is that possible?

              However, I did get this (for whoever might be interested):

              “ONE OF THE MOST POTENT MYTHS of mainstream U.S. historiography concerns what Indigenous archaeologist Michael V. Wilcox calls “terminal narratives”: an obsession with the death, disappearance, and absence of Indigenous people rather than their continued, visible presence and challenge to colonialism. The most obvious example of this tendency are historical models that assign blame for the mass killing of the Indigenous to invisible, chance forces—above all, the diseases colonizers unwittingly carried with them—rather than to calculated warfare and theft over centuries of relentless European invasion.

              Debates about the epidemiological vulnerability of Indigenous people first came to prominence in the 1970s as historians backed away from narratives of European cultural superiority in search of more scientific explanations. This biological turn identified microbes as a primary culprit in the mass death of the Indigenous, suggesting that the depopulation of the Americas was an inevitable result of Native communities’ contact with diseases from the old world. In a 1976 essay, the historian Alfred W. Crosby put forth the “virgin-soil epidemics” thesis, which posited that Europeans brought diseases—in particular, smallpox and measles—that wiped out 70 percent or more of Native people in the Western Hemisphere because they lacked immunity. In what was framed as the most extreme demographic disaster in human history, the most affected regions experienced a 90 percent depopulation rate, including deaths related to disease, which is estimated to have reduced the population of the Americas from one hundred million to ten million. . .”


  10. LS says

    I don’t take medical advice from cadavers and resentful mixed castes.

  11. rik pieters says

    Biden is lost in Khazaria!

      1. rik pieters says

        isn’t obvious?

  12. SuzanneK says

    A nut & a slut. Biden/Harris 2020

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