Biden Administration Views Russia Building a Pipeline With Germany as “Example of Russia’s Aggressive Action”

Not "defensive" like bombing Iraqi armed forces supressing ISIS in Syria

Politico reports Biden’s people are coming up with yet more Russia sanctions (aka sanctions on people who won’t to work with Russians):

The Biden administration is preparing additional sanctions on the controversial Russia-Germany gas pipeline Nord Stream 2, according to officials familiar with the internal deliberations, as lawmakers demand the pipeline project be derailed before it’s too late.

And then there’s this bit:

The first senior administration official similarly declined to divulge details of the administration’s diplomatic talks with Germany, but said they have made clear to Berlin that Biden views the pipeline “as a clear example of Russia’s aggressive action in the region, which provides Russia with the means to use a critical natural resource for political pressure and malign influence against Europe.”

Well, that’s interesting. Even Russia constructing infrastructure Germany asked for is an act of aggression. If only the Russians had bombed the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces in Syria, like Biden has. That would have been “self-defense”. (And a “kinetic military action,” not an act of war.)

We all have biases, but this level of lack of self-awareness is something else.

And this is why the Empire is not agreement-capable. It doesn’t even remotely inhabit reality. Of course, it also doesn’t need to. In fact, it is beneficial for it, not to.

  1. KlcTan says

    To the US, everything Russia does is turned upside down. Russia supplying gas is aggression. US endless wars/bombings are not aggression, they bring peace, freedom and democrcy.

  2. mijj says

    and not only that – China is building infrastructure and alleviating poverty – more anti-America aggression designed to reduce the world into chaos.

  3. Pablo says

    Well it IS a “legitimate” Act of Aggression. You only need to understand the REAL reason the US War Machine exists. It exists to protect and defend the Special Interests that control the US War Machine. And Big Oil is one of those Special Interests.

  4. yuri says

    installed senile hologram in nation plagued by 30+% mentally ill (civilized nations less than 6%), most violent/non violent crime/rape per capita, 3 million families in extreme poverty, 1 million homeless (Russia/China= zero extreme poverty, homelessness rare, believes aggression is denial of life alert system in basement or Russia/China refusal of military to pay for gender reassignment surgery ….amerikans spreading transgender “dimocracy”

  5. Jerry Hood says

    Senile,paedo Joe do not know if he was elected or not, or just selected to play stupid clown in Fashington, District of Crimminals, run by judeo-bolshevik Demon-rats!

    1. Jerry Hood says

      With senility immunity, forgetting days and people, wired by Huawei software and hooked up on Chinese and IsRealHell embassy 5G towers!

  6. Vladimir says

    I am sick of the terrorist state USA

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