Biden Accuses 70 Million Uninjected Americans of Slowing Economic Recovery

Comedy gold. The lockdown brigade leader blames economic devastation on...his biggest victims

Comedy gold. The forced lockdown brigade leader blames economic devastation on people least likely to have ever fell for the rona hysteria and the most ready to move on

President Joe Biden has doubled down on his claim that unvaccinated Americans are “creating unease in our economy and around our kitchen tables“, saying that the 70 million people who haven’t been ‘jabbed’ are slowing down the country’s economic recovery. To resolve this ‘problem’, he will “[move] forward with vaccination requirements wherever I can”. CNBC has the story.

Biden’s comments came hours after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) approved distributing Pfizer’s booster shots to roughly 60 million Americans.

“The vast majority of Americans are doing the right thing,” Biden said in addressing the nation, noting that three-fourths of those eligible have gotten at least one shot. He criticised the more than 70 million people who haven’t yet started the vaccination process. “And to make matters worse, there are elected officials actively working to undermine with false information the fight against Covid. This is totally unacceptable.”

Even though the CDC reports that 55% of the U.S. population has been fully immunised against Covid, Biden said the remaining unvaccinated people are hindering economic growth, costing jobs and putting unnecessary strain on the health-care system.

Source: The Daily Sceptic

  1. ken says

    Most in the hospitals are fully vaxxed but had their adverse reaction in less than 14 days of the shots which the clowns at cdc and nih claim are unvaxxed. They’re being wrote off as covid deaths.

    Also many of the vaxxed are shedding to their unvaxed family members causing them to go to the hospitals.

    I do not believe the numbers stated in this article. I’ll wager a good half of Americans are refusing the kill shot.

    Also a good portion of the military including seal units are refusing the shots causing serious problems with assignments. Again,,, not the service members but the lunatics mandating unlawful mandates causing this problem.

    There is no way the unvaxxed can cause any economic problems. It is the employers and businesses that are obeying the lunatic so called president and state governors unlawful mandate dictates preventing them from work and commerce. Add to that cowardly congress, judiciary and state legislators that are making themselves obsolete.

    Last week another 291 people have been killed by this safe vaxx. And it’s sooo effective they have had to add a booster shot after only 10 months. In Israel they are now on their fourth! Soon a fifth will be coming.

    It’s the vaxxes causing the horrifying diseases and death. And they’re pumping more into you.

  2. yuri says

    the malevolent 5 year olds not vaccinated probably did not contribute to increase in # of billionaires and the enrichment of Pfizer profits….these subversives will soon be sent to critical race re-education camps in Ethiopia

  3. Pablo says

    Notice The Fed says the same thing as Sleepy Joe? “The economy won’t recover until everyone is vaxxed.” When did Biden and The Fed become World Class virologists? They are using the need for a Lockdown because this is a cover for something The Fed AND the Political Class in D.C. did. They crashed the economy. BIG TIME. Both these groups want to stay in Power so they have to create The Big Lie. This also explains why they continuously extend the need for a Lockdown. The damage The Fed and the Political Wh#res in not have ANY clue as to how they are going to explain all this Economic disaster. So they keep the status quo.

    1. Leisure Larry says

      Biden, Fed and Political Class are all assets of the Jewish Establishment, that has driven the communist assault for a hundred years.

  4. Mr Reynard says

    Yupp Agree with Joe ! All American take the vaccine & the economy will be hitting the glass ceiling & the 100 $ Trillions national debt will evaporate !
    Joe … The Light upon the Hill ….

  5. Eric the Red says

    Drooler biden is reading his script, and the script writer is just another kneejerk leftist. Believe me, more than anything else, leftism is a state of mind. It makes leftists regurgitate the same tired old verbal tactics, such as Semantic Inversion and Retroactive Justification which we see here.

    1. jack says

      Semantic Inversion and Retroactive Justification

      Can you explain what that means?

  6. Poopy Pants says


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