Belgium Saves Lockdown From Dangerous Bio-Terrorists, Heroically Tramples a Woman With Horseback Police

Looks like a very substantial policewoman running over a much slimmer woman

2000 revelers gather in a Brussels park threatening the jihad against the invisible enemy. Luckily police is on hand to trample them with horses, attack them with water cannons, and beat them up. Lockdown ordnances saved from the insurrectionists! (Actually no, the revelers stood their ground and persisted into the night. Life 1 : Death cults 0.)

And victory:

  1. Tony Vorsteveld says

    The headline should read, “Police Riot At Peaceful Demonstration”.

  2. Mr Reynard says
  3. Jerry Hood says

    Belgium,one of the most degenerated countries of Western Europe, which cannot stand for anything! At most,2000 people at protests…

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