Belgian Horror & Shame: Police Barge Into Family Home, Assault Family, Break Mother’s Nose, Cause Concussion

Just another day enforcing the superstitious impositions of the virus cult

Narced on by the neighbors

A reader from Belgium emails:

The video’s from the French speaking part of Belgium, but the images should speak for themselves.

The video was recored Friday evening in the Belgian town of Lasne near Waterloo. A family consisting of a husband, wife and 2 teenage daughters had a few guests over. Specifically the boyfriend and 4 or 5 other friends of the oldest teenage daughter. The police illegally entered the family’s home -which unfortunately has become a common occurrence in Belgium these last few weeks- and started writing people up. In cases like this, the homeowner gets a 750 euro fine and every other individual present gets a 250 euro fine.

The mother started filming the police officers present, specifically their names/badges. One female police officer didn’t like this and… well, the video tells the story.

After the mother was taken down by the police, the eldest daughter’s boyfriend continued filming. At least 2 officers pulled their weapons on the father.

The father, mother and oldest daughter had to spend the night in jail. When they were released the following afternoon, a doctor diagnosed the mother with “severe injuries including brain damage”.

  1. cechas vodobenikov says

    can’t these incompetents find any real criminals?

  2. James Willy says

    Why are people not banding together and hunt down these pigs where they live and target THEM and their families. A molotov cocktail into their family room would be fun fun fun. Dox these pigs. Publish their names and adresses and photos of their families. People need to retaliate for these things. Why the F won’t anybody go after these pigs?

    1. Johann Schutte says

      ‘ A molotov cocktail into their family room would be fun fun fun. ‘

      Slow burn his 8 month old to make the skin peel back slowly? Rape his kids, acid-disfigure his wife while he is forced to watch and then behead him?

      You’re a disgusting barbarian.

      1. ke4ram says

        A wife that doesn’t shame her husband for acting like a barbarian is basically an accessory…. yes. Now I don’t like making war on women but when people act like barbarians then they should be treated as such.

        I don’t know where you are at but the West has been fire bombing families in the ME/NA for years and no one seems to care. They’re terrorists say the war mongers.

        Well,,, what do you call cops that break in and beat the hell out of people and all because they had a couple of friends over.

        And,,, All this for a fake virus makes it even stupider….

        1. Rod137 says

          watch this rnhgR.Com

      2. James Willy says

        THEN JUST KEEP BENDING OVER AND ENJOY IT. All of those things would be good if done to these pigs perping these crimes against citizens. You said it. Not me.

        1. Johann Schutte says

          No you fool. I’m in favour of making it highly unpleasant for rabid cops such as this, even to the point of precipitating his next incarnation. However I do not see, nor support the ‘fun-fun-fun’ of dispatching molotov cocktails to his living/family room. Are you too stupid to see the difference? You could just as well have been the cop given your support for savagery.

      3. Cervera says

        Go fuck yourself, cuckold.

      4. Joe Blow says

        No, let’s let THEM commit whatever acts of violence they want.

    2. Le Ruse says

      Those pigs are bred in all free western democracies ! & The Light Upon Nations give them training in their little shitty country !

    3. Surly Curmudgen says

      ‘Tis not the police, ’tis the politicians directing the police. Put the hurt on the double be damned politicians to bring a halt to their usurpation of citizens sovereignty.

  3. Undecider says

    All in the name of a hoax?

  4. voza0db says

    Start culling copigs… No other way to move forward.

  5. ke4ram says

    Your witnessing true human behavior if allowed to get away with it… any excuse will do. This is exactly how the Nazis operated. Until they pay for their wrong doings this will continue and spread.

  6. bill elder says

    Cops need firing, ratting Neighbor needs to be run out of the community

  7. Joe Blow says

    Identify the cops. Get some friends together. Visit their houses. Beat the living shit out of THEIR relatives.

    Rinse, repeat until these fuckers think twice.

    Cruel? Yes. Effective? Also yes.

    You got another option? Let’s hear it.

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