Belarus’s Lukashenko Warns Global Elites Using COVID-19 to Reshape World Order

"Europe's last dictator" least eager to make his country easy pickings for IMF/UN servitude

Declines to “eat through” country’s small reserves and then be forced to seek an international bailout with strings attached

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has expressed concerns over how powerful nations and interests may try to use the coronavirus pandemic to reshape the world to their own advantage.

“I once asked the question: is this pandemic, this coronavirus, a man-made phenomenon? I don’t know the answer yet, but I have my suspicions. Are politicians and others using this situation for their own purposes? You and I both know the answer to that question. You already see how it is used today…Doesn’t it seem to you that the powerful forces of the world would like to remake the world, without a ‘war’ (Emmanuel Macron has already called it a war), through this so-called ‘corona-psychosis’, or ‘info-demic’? Many people are asking: ‘what will happen after the pandemic?’” Lukashenko said, speaking to Mir TV in an interview airing Friday.

Lukashenko has insisted that Belarus’s economy continue to operate as normal, even if this means risks to his political popularity, saying he could imagine what would happen to the country after the pandemic is over if it were to shut down.

“What will happen to us? Other countries will survive. Russia has oil and gas which the world including China needs. China is a huge, powerful economy. America has the [dollar] printing press – they’ve thrown in $2 trillion and plan to spend $2 trillion more. My friend [UN Secretary-General] Antonio Guterres, a sincere man, has proposed printing money worth ten percent of global GDP. Even as things are the dollar is gradually losing its value, and here it will just drop, giving rise to inflation. Where we will come out of this with our [Belarusian] ruble we know,” the president explained.

“Moreover, who will receive these $20 trillion? Where will this money end up? Will it not be a case of the rich getting richer, while the poor get poorer? I think it will.

“We’ve been pushed to shut down and sit and eat through the small reserves we have. Even in Russia it cannot be said that its currency reserves are so large,” Lukashenko said.

“And then, having printed out this 10 percent of global GDP, those who stay on their feet will come to us and say ‘here is a little for you, but now you will do what we say’. That’s how the world can be reshaped,” he warned.

The president noted that he has no doubt that the world will be a different place when the pandemic ends. His main concern now is what place Belarus will have in this new world.

Belarus has 351 confirmed cases of COVID-19 infection to date, as well as 4 fatalities.

The country has rejected broad coercive restrictions to fighting the virus, preferring a strategy of pinpoint measures [of focusing resources where they are the most needed instead of spreading them thin!] including quarantine for people with the virus and testing anyone coming into contact with them.

Belarus’s factories and farms remain open, as do educational institutions, shops, restaurants and other public amenities, and the country has not closed its borders with its Russian neighbor.

Source: Sputnik

  1. Undecider says

    One among the global ‘Elite’ will e-mail him a link to a YouTube video showing JFK’s head getting blown off.

  2. Islander says

    Viva Lukashenko! At least he understands what it is all about!


    A ten year-old picture of two dead leaders and on dead leader walking is very apropos. Lukashenko has been dancing a long time on the tight rope. Now he has bitten the hand that fed him in Russia, and there’s no safety net, he will eventually crash.

  4. PioneerPreacher says

    This man is locking up people with the virus and allowing the rest of the Country to live a normal life. The West is Locking up it’s so-called “free people” and letting the people in prison go!

    1. Ese Bob Shokare says

      Really?? And how do you know this? Please a viable link would be most appropriate

  5. Rowdy-Yates says

    There was an article on Bill Gates and one reason behind the COVID-19
    Kevin Ryan wrote in the article. Ryan estimated that well over two million people will likely die from the sequelae of the lock-downs and other drastic measures to enforce ‘social distancing.’ Millions could potentially die from suicide, drug abuse, lack of medical coverage or treatment, poverty and lack of food access, on top of other predictable social, medical and public-health problems stemming from the response to COVID-19.
    It appears that rather than let the population be exposed to the virus and most develop antibodies that give them natural, long-lasting immunity to COVID-19, Gates and his colleagues far prefer to create a vast, hugely expensive, new system of manufacturing and selling billions of test kits, and in parallel very quickly developing and selling billions of antivirals and vaccines.

    And then, when the virus comes back again a few months later and most of the population is unexposed and therefore vulnerable, again selling billions of test kits and medical interventions.
    Vaccines are very big business: this Feb. 23 CNBC article, for example, describes the vaccine market as six times bigger than it was 20 years ago, at more than $35 billion annually today, and providing a $44 return for every $1 invested in the world’s 94 lowest-income countries.

  6. kpevt12 . says

    He calls it an “Info-Demic” … I call it a “Scam-Demic”.

  7. CHUCKMAN says

    Quarantines were common in America in the first part of the twentieth century.

    A sign was fixed to the front door of a house or business, quite routinely.

    It stated the period that the premises would be under quarantine with no one allowed to enter or leave, as two weeks or a month, depending on the nature of the disease.

    Those were diseases whose transmission and effects were well understood.

    Transmission of the coronavirus is still not completely understood. I see new suggestions and theories regularly. Some viruses are transmitted only by bodily fluids, as by sneezing or coughing. Others are airborne. Some can be transmitted from a surface, with active infection times varying greatly from hours to days.

    When this disease first appeared in China, we virtually knew nothing about its transmission, but we knew it affected a large number of people in a short time, and it killed a good many. The Chinese government, a very cautious institution, took it deadly seriously once it had some idea of what was happening.

    They took extreme measures, and they stopped the spread of the disease in this densely populated country.

    I find this set of events very interesting. It is a revolutionary thing that has happened – for society, for governments, and for America’s position in the world.

    America has not only been shown to be completely unprepared, despite all its arrogance and braggadocio and wealth, once the political pressure was on, it showed itself as a criminal actor – everything from stealing other countries’ medical supplies (from both allies like France and opponents like Cuba) to denying relief to hard-hit societies like Iran and Venezuela – along with a stream of sickening lies from Trump and Pompeo.

    The complete idiocy and ineffectiveness of organizations like NATO has been embarrassingly revealed. It has carried on as usual with nonsense like expanding its membership to meaningless micro-states looking for handouts and prestige (thirty years after the collapse of the Soviet Union) and has not used its vast resources to help anyone. China and Russia and even little Cuba have shown everyone a willingness to help, to give real help while Trump just keeps making inappropriate remarks and doing little.

    The world will not soon forget America’s wretched performance. It will be seeking new international ways to protect from such events, and I think they can only be global in nature. Better early warning systems, better coordination, establishing best practices, and more. New measures to secure international trade in a badly damaged world economy. New avenues of international cooperation, and the United States is not going to be viewed as the leader in any of it.

    There is going to be a new set of norms when this is all over, and I believe that, here as elsewhere, Trump’s malign influence will only have speeded the arrival of what he and the rest of the American entablement most dread, the end of American hegemony and the emergence of the a multi-polar word.

    1. Brion Adair says

      A true partisan “Orange Man Bad” moron. Trump’s a problem but he’s not the problem. Besides he isn’t actually running the country. A medical dictatorship run by Fauci is actually in control in case you haven’t noticed. You and Gordon Duff are both complete idiots if you think the current situation has anything to do with Trump. He’s currently just a figure head.

      A technocratic coup has taken over the country while you were whining “not my president” moron.

      1. XRGRSF says

        Brion, you’re absolutely correct, but you could have better presented your point without being a tactless jerk.

        1. Brion Adair says

          I stand corrected 🙂

  8. ke4ram says

    Sounds like he has his nations best interests at heart.Can’t say the same for the Western ‘democracies’ who constantly preach freedom to their indoctrinated citizens while passing restrictive laws daily. Some say he is a authoritarian. Wonder what they call those that put tens of millions out of work,,, shutter hundreds of thousands of businesses which many will never reopen. Saints?

  9. CHUCKMAN says

    He may here or there say something agreeable, but Alexander Lukashenko is not an agreeable man.

    Quite the opposite, he is an authoritarian, as we know from numerous examples.

    1. Ilya says

      Lukashenko takes %s of business for himself, but so does every Western politician. It is imperfect, but he isn’t selling out his people at least.. Just profiting from them. Better one than both.

    2. ourblue says

      You portray yourself to be the epitome of a pompous person.

    3. Brion Adair says

      Oh please. If you think four deaths is supposedly a valid reason to shut down the country than you’re more disagreeable than Lukashenko.

    4. plamenpetkov says

      he may be authoritarian, but he hasnt attacked, bombed, illegally invaded, threatened, harassed, lied about any countries the way otherS so called Western “democracies” have done.

      And please, feel free to show us examples as to how exactly he has been authoritarian.

      1. CHUCKMAN says

        Agreed, on the violent excesses, compared to Trump or Obama or Bush.

        1. Brion Adair says

          It goes back farther than that three ring circus of clowns you’ve mentioned.

        2. Ron Ronery says

          This United States has been the most deadly warmongering nation in the history of mankind, and even in its short existence of 243 years, America has been at war over 93% of the time. That is 226 years of war out of 243. This statistic is staggering, especially considering that virtually all U.S. wars, domestic and foreign, have been wars of aggression, and never for actual defence. This alone is reason for condemnation of the state, and reason for the American and world populace to finally awaken to the truth that the USA is the world’s greatest terrorist threat to mankind. This threat is not only using bullets and bombs but also economic using sanctions and finance terrorism.

        3. Ulricht says

          America’s violent excesses go way further back than the Bush fam.

    5. stevek9 says

      Authoritarian? The governor of my state has closed almost every business, and if you walk into Wal-Mart (open because they sell groceries), you have to tell them what you are going to buy, to determine if it is deemed essential. I’d vote for Lukashenko to replace him, if I could.

      1. CHUCKMAN says

        Please, keep some perspective.

        Telling an employee what you are going to buy in the store far more closely resembles what everyone routinely tells border authorities when entering a country than anything remotely like genuine authoritarianism.

        1. XRGRSF says

          It seems that you’re not your usual reasonable self where this subject is concerned.

        2. PioneerPreacher says

          I agree with the stevek9. I would have Alexander Lukashenko over any US politician. American politicians are the authoritarians, they are the pigs with lipstick. And the Constitution is the fig leaf they use to cover their shame and nakedness

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