Belarus to Deploy up to 200 Non-Combat Troops to Syria

Imagine being the guy who said Russia must regime-change Lukashenko

Editor’s notes: Previously Armenia had deployed non-combat troops to Syrian government territory. There is an Armenian ethnic minority in Syria dating back to the days of the Armenian genocide by the Ottomans.

Belarus plans to deploy up to 200 troops to Syria to serve alongside Russian forces in the country, according to a Russian government document released Monday.

A draft agreement between Russia and its ally Belarus endorsed by Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin says that the Belarusian troops will work to provide “humanitarian assistance” to the population outside combat zones.

Russia has waged a military campaign in Syria since 2015, teaming up with Iran to help Syrian President Bashar Assad’s government reclaim control over most of the country after a devastating civil war.

The planned deployment of Belarusian troops’ to Syria reflects increasingly close defense ties between the two ex-Soviet neighbours and allies.

Source: Middle East Online

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  1. GMC says

    Smart move – get your military trained in real combat situations. And have your partners be Russian speaking trainers. The West didn’t count on the ” Last East European Dictator” to be so courageous and unable to be Bought off , like the reat of them.

    Some US State Governments, could learn a lesson or two from Belarus and their Leader – Лукашенко.

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