Belarus Shuts Down Samantha Power’s USAID Offices

And US Embassy’s "Public Diplomacy" office

Power after killing a child with 60mph motorcade

Belarus has forced the closure of the U.S. Embassy’s Public Diplomacy and USAID offices in a move that comes amid the tensions with the U.S. and its allies over Belarusian authorities’ crackdown on protests.

Samantha Power, the U.S. Agency for International Development administrator, said Friday that the Belarusian authorities aim to “severely disrupt U.S. development assistance and public diplomacy in Belarus by forcing the closure of facilities that house key U.S. Government operations, and by ending employment of all of USAID’s local staff and Department of State public diplomacy staff.”

She added that the move, which is effective Nov. 20, demonstrates the authorities’ “callous disregard of the interests of the Belarusian people.”

U.S. Envoy for Belarus Julie Fisher described the Belarusian authorities’ decision as a reflection of their “deep insecurities about the role of diplomacy, people-to-people ties and independent civil society.”

She added that the U.S. “will not be deterred from its commitment to helping advance democracy and human rights in Belarus and to supporting the aspirations of the Belarusian people to build a more promising future in a free and independent Belarus.”

The ambassador noted that the U.S. government’s development assistance implemented in Belarus by USAID since the 1990s has supported entrepreneurship and the expansion of small-to-medium private enterprises. More recently, it provided key COVID-19 relief while Belarusian authorities were dismissive of the pandemic.

Source: Associated Press

  1. ken says

    One would think these bums could pay for their advertisements with all that money their making instead of pirating comment space.

    1. Leisure Larry says

      Ads are Hasbara disruption ops.

  2. ken says

    “She (chief demon Powers) added that the move, which is effective Nov. 20, demonstrates the authorities’ “callous disregard of the interests of the Belarusian people.””

    While she and the demonic “Lets go Brandon” administration call tax paying citizens at home Domestic terrorists, White Supremacists. Transphobes, Racists, Bigots, Anti-Killshots, and an assortment of other Woke complements.

    It appears Lukashenko is smarter than the average bear. Shutting down an obvious 5th column. The US is literally falling apart at the seams, yet it’s gov still pokes it nose in other peoples business.

  3. nnn says

    It was long overdue. Get rid of all this American scum

  4. Romeo LeBlanc says

    More and more countries just want the USA out of their turf and who can blame them!

  5. Mark says

    Uh huh; it’s obviously ‘in the best interests of the Belarusian people’ to have an American regime-change cell operating in their midst. Nothing like being told how shitty you have it, and how much better it would be if you would only overthrow the government and let Washington call the shots, to put a shine on the morning.

    1. Leisure Larry says

      (((“American regime”))).
      Power is a shabbos mick shiksa married to Cass Sunstein.
      A personnel roster of the U.S. State Department reads like a Tel Aviv phone book.
      Mike King has written an excellent book on the vindication of Joe McCarthy.
      State Dept. was Judeo-Bolshevik as far back as FDR.

      1. Malatok says

        Poisoned juice killed USSA, that simple and of course the treacherous demons like ex mick power who suck the zionazi demon.

  6. Malatok says

    Who let the evil zionazi treacherous Irish slag into the country in the first place. Accepting USSAN slash Slumville “aid” is like welcoming leprosy to your home and then stinking up the joint with this psychopathic red headed witch to boot. WTF

  7. Malatok says

    sarah slutter the one trick slag

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