Beijing Describes Pentagon’s Budget Increase as Being Caused by “Mental Disorder”

"For quite some time, certain representatives of the US administration have been unable to shake themselves loose from maniacal psychosis and delusions of persecution"

Washington’s intention of boosting its military budget is caused by a psychological disorder and paranoia plaguing certain members of the Biden administration amid the exaggeration of the alleged “Chinese threat,” Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Wu Qian said Thursday.

“For quite some time, certain representatives of the US administration have been unable to shake themselves loose from maniacal psychosis and delusions of persecution. They’ve become obsessed with speculation over the so-called Chinese threat, and they irrationally exaggerate the topic of ‘the challenge from China’,” he told journalists, commenting on Washington’s announcement of a military budget increase.

“This is the embodiment of some mental disorder, which can only result in harm to others, as well as to themselves, not to mention ‘self-fulfilling prophecies’. China has no intention of threatening other countries or posing any threat to them. However, should anyone threaten or challenge China, we will have no other choice but to respond,” he concluded.

On April 13, Jane’s reported citing the US Office of Management and Budget (OMB) that Washington plans to request $715 billion for military needs from the Congress. The OMB will reportedly request $753 billion for national defense funding, with the bulk of this sum intended for the Pentagon. Therefore, the US Department of Defense budget will increase by 1.6% compared to fiscal year 2021, from $704 billion.

Source: TASS

  1. Dale says

    I know we’re supposed to play a game here. But I don’t trust China either

    1. Richard says

      Of course, you are one of those who is afraid of your own shadow. How do you suppose China will invade and attack your country? Has China made any move to contain and box in any country in the world?

    2. Mr Reynard says

      Nihil Fidei.Dale..

  2. ken says

    Considering it takes $90 of fraud to get $10 worth of product in the US and then the products seldom work and need more $$$$$$ to fix them. And gee! Don’t forget the congressional and pentagram payoffs.

    So China has little to worry about here.

    The US woke military should be the worry…. Its lethality comes from making the enemy troops laugh so hard they’re unable to fight.

    1. Mr Reynard says

      Picture above ??
      Is it US shock troops training ??

    2. Zhonghua says

      And all the keyboard warriors claim that this woke faggot US military will destroy the PLA lmao!

      The PLA already has operational hypersonic missiles, working on incorporating AI into their systems and adopted new camo patterns that not only look cool but actually look effective and most likely cheaper than that UCP garbage ($6 billion wasted on a bluish gray “universal” pattern that only works on ugly couches)

      I guarantee PLA soldiers aren’t being subjected to SHARP classes or confused on what gender they are!

  3. Jerry Hood says

    China has communist government with crude capitalist economy! The outcome? Harmonious society= socialism with human face!= Tao path of Heavens!

    1. Richard says

      Only its own people will bring America down. Take a good look at the street people in the States compared to China and you will understand.

      1. Arius Armenian says

        Check San Francisco. Tragic.

  4. Dale F says

    The Land of America was well groomed just to be Raped by the People who said they Loved her!

  5. edwardi says

    I would add that Washington’s increase in military budget is caused by the capture of it’s Government by a criminal Sociopathic group of Racketeers who use the budget to fund their various Psychotic endeavors. Thus the military brass run a string of golf courses on prime real estate all around the world, for their exclusive enjoyment. The weapons may not be the best or even work, but the Profits are made and enjoyed by the 1% elite class of American Gangsters, 4 star generals, and the political class, all in cahoots. Sorry China but the U.S. needs a threat, lots of them, to keep the Baloney train running. If We the People could defund the military and all of the laughably called “intelligence” agencies it would be done already, but We the People are as much the victims as are the Chinese, Russians, Syrians and etc. This Racket is an albatross around the neck of the American Public, and absolutely Shameful.

    1. Richard says

      Friend, you have hit the nail squarely on the head.

      Congratulations for your intelligence and power of observation.

      While the generals and the shakers and movers are busily creating fears and skinning the public fund alive, the poor citizens in the US are deprived of shelter, health, nutrition and suffering the cold to death.

      Not a nice way to die in order to fill the coffers of the grand thieves and make America great. Great for whom?

  6. Arius Armenian says

    US elites use fear and hate to lead its people into another Cold War and against each other. A symptom of its insanity is thinking it can defeat, subdue, or neutralize Russia and China at the same time at which it will utterly fail. China alone is a peer that in nearly all major metrics has surpassed the US.

    It is tragic to watch a great constitutional and republican people dig its own grave. It is in the grip of a supremacist madness that is similar to what led the German people in the 1930’s.

  7. yuri says

    “amerikans are the most prudish people in western civilization –they sublimate their desire by chasing the dollar”. S Freud
    everything in amerika is, “prudishness and pornography–sexual symbolism”. Horkheimer/Adorno
    amerikans, especially males, “suffer from a basic insecurity that requires them to over-compensate…only in amerika is the father vestigial: the amerikan mind and conscience is feminine”. Geoffrey Gorer

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