Why You Should Back Checkpoint Asia

All the good reasons in one place

CPA is fighting the fight, do you have its back?

Here is why you should send it a buck to get it through the next three months:

•  Because you like reading it

•  Because occasionally you get a chuckle out of it

•  Because it shares your values

•  Because it’s quality

•  Because it’s on the same side you are

•  Because it’s not dumb like most media out there

•  Because it doesn’t clickbait

•  Because it will lead with the most interesting part of the article

•  Because it will carry worthwhile content but won’t oversell what isn’t earth-shattering

•  Because it skips texts that have interesting titles but are a disappointment to read

•  Because it draws its content from hundreds of places it would take you hours a day to follow yourself

•  Because it presents reproduced content in a more appealing and direct way than its original sources

•  Because it doesn’t run things the editor hasn’t read and drawn value from himself

•  Because it doesn’t run things that don’t hold up

•  Because it doesn’t speak down to you

•  Because it has zero overhead

•  Because it already has more traffic than far more expensive sites

•  Because it had a spectacular March-April start coming out of nothing

•  Because it registered a 20 percent growth in regular readers in May

•  Because Mark Zuckerberg keeps censoring it

•  Because it’s not pretending it takes several people to make

  Because it will grow larger and become more influential

  Because it will grow larger and be able to present more content

•  Because this is your chance to not be a bystander in history but to register your opposition, your defiance and your pushback against the Empire

• Because we can’t determine whether we win only whether we take up the fight

• Because whether we fight is not determined by our chances of winning but by the justice of our cause

•  Because it will allow me to stretch the savings I have been living off for the past 3 months further, as I build the site

•  Because by hanging around it will continue to grow to where I can recruit more people and double or triple the damage

•  Because it will allow me to buy coding hours to improve its look especially on tablets

•  Because it packs so much information up front you can learn and follow a lot just by visiting its front page and never opening an article

  Because it makes the headlines interesting enough that you’ll actually open the articles you should be reading

•  Because it’s not lifeless

•  Because when the Empire suffers a setback it isn’t above doing a happy dance it

•  Because your vote is never going to matter but Checkpoint Asia will stretch the money you donate the most

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If you can’t afford to donate right now it’s fine, don’t feel bad, spend it where it’s needed more. We’ve all been in that boat. Keep reading and enjoying. Glad to have you.

That said even a dollar is a morale boost and will be welcome.

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  1. silver749 says

    Donated. Thanks for your great website.

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