BBC Presenter Died With Blood Clot After AstraZeneca Jab, Family Says

As a 44-year old her risk of dying from COVID was non-existent

The award-winning BBC radio presenter Lisa Shaw died in hospital after suffering blood clots following her AstraZeneca vaccination, her family has said.

The 44-year-old, who was a well-known broadcaster in the north-east of England and had worked for BBC Radio Newcastle since 2015, developed severe headaches a week after having the jab and fell seriously ill a few days later, relatives said in a statement.

Shaw died at the Royal Victoria infirmary in Newcastle on Friday last week after being treated in intensive care for blood clots and bleeding. She was surrounded by family, the statement said.

Under-40s in the UK are being offered an alternative to the Oxford/AstraZeneca jab where available, after reports of extremely rare blood clots with low platelets. There have been 309 cases in the UK out of 33 million people given the AstraZeneca vaccine.

The risk of a clot linked to the jab is thought to be about one in 100,000 for people in their 40s, according to the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). The risk of death across all age groups has been put at about one in a million.

The MHRA has said the benefits of the vaccine continue to outweigh the risks for most people. It has not proved the vaccine causes the clots, but has said the link is getting firmer.

Colleagues and listeners have paid tribute to Shaw since her death was announced by Alfie Joey on the Sunday morning show on Radio Newcastle.

In a statement released by the BBC, Shaw’s family said: “We are devastated and there is a Lisa-shaped hole in our lives that can never be filled. We will love and miss her always.

“It’s been a huge comfort to see how loved she was by everyone whose lives she touched, and we ask for privacy at this time to allow us to grieve as a family.”

Shaw previously worked in commercial radio and won a Sony Gold award in 2012 for the breakfast show she hosted on Real Radio with Gary Philipson.

Rik Martin, the acting executive editor of BBC Radio Newcastle, said: “Everyone at the station is devastated and thinking about Lisa’s lovely family. She was a trusted colleague, a brilliant presenter, a wonderful friend, and a loving wife and mum.

“She loved being on the radio and was loved by our audiences. We’ve lost someone special who meant a great deal to a great many people.”

Source: The Guardian

  1. Ronnie says

    So why not the pesky Russian SputnikV covid19 jab. NO CLOTS?
    Will the socialist woke employees of the BBC demand answers?

    Whoops..forgot about Princess Die and the fake BBC paperwork entrapment.

    Keep on voting for Buff Head Boris and Goon Britain, you deserve every thing you have got, plus so much more coming drown the track.

  2. Raptar Driver says

    Culling the herd?

  3. Mr Reynard says

    BBC presenter, it’s only “De mortuis nihil nisi bonum” prevent me of further comments ..

    1. Ronnie says

      Then feel free to rip it up her employer.

      Mi6 + Foreign Office has the BBC .
      Ditto the CIA created CNN for the Iraq war.
      Imbedded journalist riding the tanks in.
      HERO, HEROS, political propaganda to support the military after the hate generated by the Vietnamese slaughter (not to mention dead and wounded American/Australian lads) and their eventual defeat all for nothing ..except HUGE Vietnam exports to America. No manufacturing jobs for the veterans grand kids now.

      Let’s not mention the shameful medical care for American veterans, including any of the other defeats. (On the brighter side, Australia has a medical gold star standard, for Aussie Diggers.)

      But the Australian Gov still rush’s in for moar “NO WIN’” Pentagon shows.
      I’m thinking China …Australia is leading with an Orange nose. It’s had a few hits and the blood is starting to trickle. China just advised the Oz of a knock out blow after a suitable flogging on the ropes.

      Biden would do Jack Shit about it.

      Back to the lady and the colts. All the money Buff Head Boris is going tho spend on New Nukes…..wonder if that money could provide Gold Star Medical care for moms.
      I wonder if Lisa Shaw’s BBC colleagues will stand up for her/family and all the other poor souls.

  4. Dale says

    Chances of dying of Covid – in her age bracket … virtually 0%.

    1. irish says

      no one dies from a virus.

  5. ken says

    Being with BBC she was probably chomping at the bit to get the freedom ‘shot’. Well,,, can’t get much freer than she is now.

    At 44 her risk with the ‘alleged’ virus was 0.01%.

    And since the virus likely doesn’t even exist, her risk was zero.

    So go ahead,,, take the shots. 309 out of 33 million –they say, and considering all the lies over the last 18 months their credibility isn’t exactly great– but do you want to be number 310?

  6. yuri says

    perhaps died of anxiety after BBC informed her that she would be repacked by LGBT, black lies mater grifter

  7. Jerry Hood says

    She was hooked up on the BigBullShit propaganda,lying to us every day, and she got what she deserved…

  8. tunamelt says

    You reap what you sow.

  9. Eddy says

    I wish there was such a thing as a time machine, allowing us to make short visits to the future. It would very interesting indeed, to visit the future 4-5 years from now, and see how those jabs have panned out with the population reduction and the sterilisation of women. Even kids are now being targeted. No one can convince me, there won’t be a massive backlash as a direct result of all this. I only hope and pray, the guilty people who have foisted this upon us all, get what they deserve.

  10. Larry says

    Its VERY important to understand EPSTEIN GUILTY Trump’s ROLE in this so you dont make the SAME MISTAKES or support him as he MAKES MORE! CASES NOT DEATHS! EVENT 201 proves this was all a PLANNED FARCE! Understand that Epstein GUILTY Trumpy is a deep state FAKE like all others before him and gave Gates GAVI group a BILLION to FORCE a DNA ALTERING NOT-a-vaccine on YOU using the MILITARY in a ‘powerful way’ Gates controlled and funded Fauci AND Birx and they ALL should be EXECUTED. Trump PARTIED WITH Clintons, Gates and EPSTEIN and AS A DEMOCRAT!

  11. h5mind says

    My wife knows a couple who went for their Covid vaccine. Although they went at the same time to the same provider, the husband, to happens to be white, received one vaccine, and his wife, who happens to be black, received a different one. I’ll have to ask her again about which got which one.

  12. Revo says

    Good riddance, hopefully it happens to the rest of the scum in the media pushing this poison

  13. sowhat says

    dumb twit

  14. irish says

    no one dies from a virus. stupid people get these shots of death.

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