Bad News for Aussies & Kiwis: Vaccine Grants Zero Protection From PCR Tests

What is vaccine efficacy against "zero COVID" lockdowns?

Apparently of the past 16 months many Australians have spent 6 in snap lockdowns of one intensity or another.

Lockdowns accompanied with instructions to not “act like a human”:

Undeterred by 16 months of snap “don’t act human” lockdowns their rulers proclaim “NO REGRET”:

Worst of all, far from there being light at the end of the tunnel if nothing changes Australians (and New Zealanders) can look forward to snap lockdowns until the end of their lives. That is because the promised salvation — the vaccine — can’t deliver with what the optimistic Australian virus Maoist rulers tasked it with.

Australia and New Zealand have declared even a single “case” of COVID intolerable and grounds to confine millions of people to their homes (like in a Third World military coup in progress). Problem is, it is clear now beyond doubt that vaccines do not eliminate infections or even transmissions. In fact in Israel — the leader in global vaccination rates — the vaccinated and the non-vaccinated are contributing “cases” (PCR test positives) in exact proportion to their share of the population.

If the two countries stick to “zero COVID” ideology where a handful of “cases” call for crippling and imprisoning vast swathes of the nation at the snap of politicians’ fingers, they can expect to continue to be doing so well into the next decade.

COVID will become endemic and will always be ‘burning’ at one intensity or another, just like other viruses that we aren’t manically testing for are. (Especially not with notoriously oversensitive PCR “tests”.) Vaccines will not change that.

There was a time when people marveled and laughed at the incomprehensible Stalinism of North Korea. Now Australia and New Zealand are taking that place.

Covid: Anger as half of Australians in lockdown again

Anger is growing in Australia as 13 million people – about half the population – endure fresh lockdowns to quash Covid outbreaks.

A third state went into lockdown on Tuesday. Stay-at-home orders are now in place in South Australia, Victoria and parts of New South Wales.

Many people have expressed frustration at being back in highly policed lockdowns 18 months into the pandemic.

And re-openings in the UK and the US have put pressure on the government.

Fewer than 14% of people are vaccinated – the worst rating among OECD nations.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been heavily criticised over the slow vaccination rate, but has resisted calls to apologise.

“No country has got their pandemic response 100%,” he told reporters on Wednesday.

He again mentioned Australia’s success in keeping overall infections low compared to those in many nations.

915 people have died of Covid in Australia. Mr Morrison noted that the UK had recorded more than 90 deaths in a single day on Tuesday.

Until recently, Australia’s strategy of border closures, quarantine programmes and snap lockdowns helped keep cases low. But the highly contagious Delta variant has challenged these defences in the past month.

The outbreak in Sydney – Australia’s largest city – has infected more than 1,500 people and officials reported more than 110 new cases on Wednesday, despite the city being in lockdown for a fourth week.

There are fears Sydney’s lockdown could extend into September.

Australian authorities have said they intend to eliminate local cases completely until a majority of people are vaccinated, but in Sydney eliminating cases could take months.

  1. Sally Snyder says

    Here is an interesting look at how the medical profession treats those who argue against Covid vaccines:
    The cancel culture is alive and well.

    1. Rabbitnexus says

      Who would doubt it? The CC is just a teen yet and a healthy one, un-jabbed no doubt, it should be reaching full maturity in a few years and then watch out. Grown up cancel culture, well fed and pampered will be called Pogroms and Inquisitions. Resistors today will be tomorrow’s witches. Thanks Francis Bacon, it was good while it lasted but we’ve decided reason was too hard. Witch burning and other Middle Age science was easier.

      1. Rabbitnexus says

        It gives the song “We’re off to see the Wizard” a whole new spin really.

        Speaking of Wizards, Fauci will become like Merlin of Mythology a hundred years from now.

    2. Terje M says

      It is the same with health care workers in Australia. If Aussies have wondered why no Australian doctors have spoken out against the injections, the answer is simple – if they say anything, they are no longer doctors!

      “Doctors, nurses and pharmacists could be stripped of their ability to practise if they are found by the medical watchdog to be spreading COVID anti-vaccination claims.”

  2. ken says

    AE has it right. The cases from their ‘test’ are simply dead debris that happen to match the partial genetic code the ‘test’ is looking for.

    For example,,, if I search for “ion” in population I come up with multiple ‘cases’ but when you look at each instance you find it may be a totally different word.

    The variants are as nonexistent as the original. Example of the original using a binary number.

    101110001010110000100001111000010101010000100001………. 99% Made up by a computer. It would have over 30,000 digits.

    The partial of the ‘isolated’ virus they show us and what they have the PCR look for in your fake test.

    (The isolation is not of the virus itself but one particle in a soup in a petri dish with many other particles of cell debris they ‘conclude’ must be the virus.)


    Now partial of the variant they show us and have the PCR look for in your fake test.


    Looks different but if you look closely it is part of the supposed original sequence.

    They use a series of letters instead of numbers but you can get the drift.

    Please not how many ‘variants’ I could have the PCR look for using this method.

    The poor bastards that got jabbed will show positive because the spike protein their bodies are now manufacturing by the billions are the same they claim from the fake virus.

    Now a little off topic…. There is a woman in Hattiesburg Mississippi that is in critical condition with the supposed virus. They will not treat her with Ivermectim as requested by her relatives. This virus situation is so bad that doctors will allow to die rather than do everything to try and save her. This is political murder in my opinion.

    The reason government won’t allow this treatment is if there is a proven cure then their Emergency Use Authorization goes out the window.

    13,000 US deaths so far and counting, by their safe and effective kill shot. Over 45,000 if the lawsuit filed in Alabama is correct and we are only into this debacle seven months.

    Please do not inoculate children!

    1. Mark says

      Each cycle added to the PCR test doubles the sample size; tests at greater than 20 cycles have no value, as at a high enough cyclic value, you could get the swab to test positive with nothing on it.

      My take on the constant infliction of misery – lockdowns, masks, etc…(incidentally, according to investment brokers, masks are about to make a comeback) – is to subtly point the public in the direction of the unvaccinated as the source of all their problems. We can’t get back to normal because SOME PEOPLE won’t get their jabby-jabs. That could very well progress to civic leaders – except they call them ‘influencers’ now – warning the unvaccinated that the authorities can no longer guarantee their safety if members of the public decide to take the law into their own hands. The police can’t be everywhere, you know, to protect you even though your selfish and irresponsible actions are causing public suffering…

      They’ve pretty much hit a wall ordering free people to get inoculated, and there are still quite a few who won’t do it. Focusing the angry attention of the public on them would be another way of applying pressure.

      1. Rabbitnexus says

        Of course any push-back will be excuse to bring more pressure and eventually cops ad military down on the heads of the new witches. Turning a blind eye to crimes against the witches, which will only be portrayed with one eye shut by the media always will be the norm and official policy more and more will reflect this.

        Nevertheless. Faced with the option of going against the ones with the guns and establishment, the witches will lose patience and will begin to curse both with various spells. The most effective will probably be against the snitches and active participants in the campaign of tyranny by the establishment. Fear is the thing they best understand and it is a situation of their own making. The gullible public is a bigger problem because their co-operation limits the chances of resistance. In the end, one way or another the designated witches will have to confront both but the public on the whole needs to be kept on side, while the establishment scum have no redeeming reason for existence.

  3. Oilman says

    If Australians and Kiwis don’t fight back, they are done with…period! Get in the streets and fight for your lives. Cops show up, fight back and make sure they are aware that they will become victims if they do not stand down. Remember, there are very few of them vs so many of you. They cannot win if you stand together.

    1. Ultrafart the Brave says

      Here’s the problem – the Australian culture is a cringe culture.

      Always has been.

      Australians are conditioned to believe that everything good in the world comes from overseas. They might say otherwise, but that’s the truth.

      Australia was the 3rd country in the world, after the Soviet Union and the United States, to successfully design, build and launch its own satellite into Earth orbit. There was a massive space launch facility built at Woomera in South Australia. The future was looking rosy.

      Then Prime Minister “Pig-Iron Bob” Menzies, forever looking for a knight-hood from Her Majesty the Queen, bulldozed the lot with his nationally televised statement (and I quote) – “There is no future in space”.

      Australia is a nation built on the back of sheep, populated by sheep, and whose rotten-to-the-core political class never back down, they only ever double down – because that’s all they know how to do, while adding to their extensive private “investment property portfolios” and looking for any favour or kickback they can secure from their various media, Big Pharma and Globalist benefactors.

      This is why Australia’s and New Zealand’s fate rests with the USA. If the American people fight back and overturn the Corona Chan dictatorship and restore some sanity to their part of the world, then Australians and Kiwis might actually grow a spine and challenge the establishment. Not a second before.

      God knows, during Exercise WWII it took the Japanese literally breathing down our necks before someone in the Australian government finally grew the balls to stand up to the UK and bring Australian troops back from the European theatre to defend the Australian continent.

      Same as this Corona Chan situation right now. Cultural cringe. Creepy Bill and Uncle Klaus own the Australian political class and the entire Australian medical establishment as well as the TGA. No-one here is going to take a step forward until someone somewhere else takes the lead and shows everyone how it’s done.

      1. Andrew says

        Regrettably, I have to agree with most what has been written above. The population in Melbourne where I live is in the majority scared shitless of shadows. They seem to believe the official nonsense propaganda. You need to live for years under a communist regime, as I did, to see through the official crap. Resistance is nowhere to be seen – as yet. The fools believe that ‘it is for their own good’. Pity the children, may hell swallow adults that are too strupid to realise what they are doing. And politicians – I think it was Einstain that said that the sign of stupidfity is to do the same thing over and over again expecting different outcomes. Welcome to the ‘zero Covid’ lunatic world. Pity the kids.

      2. Rabbitnexus says

        Even if Aussies did take back our nation, what do you think would happen next? Actually well before then it would be brought down. By the USA. CIA had time to shut Whitlam down. Don’t kid yourself they’d not launch an assault on our capital if we took it back.

        1. DeQuincey says

          They have started building concentration quarantine camps for the dissidents unvaccinated.

    2. Rabbitnexus says

      This is the same choice everywhere. Anyone who is missing the global “Lockstep” nature of this isn’t even awake yet/.

    3. Vaclav Odehnal says

      they give up the rights to have guns,they will just die from the many vaxxes and became a zombies

    4. Alfred says

      Why do you think they had false flags in Dunblane, Port Arthur and Christchurch? The confiscated the guns for a very good reason.

  4. Trauma2000 says

    Please don’t use the word vaccine. It is not a vaccine. A vaccine provides something calling immunisation. The ‘jab’ does NOT provide immunisation and in fact has been show to lead to higher ‘infection’ PCR POSITIVE rates. The JAB is not approved. The JAB has not been testing in 3rd stage ‘trials’. The JAB does not work. The JAB is actually ‘contagious’ and has lead to many people experiencing horrific symptoms such as blood clotting, fever, cardiac arrest and straight out death.
    Don’t call it a vaccine. It is NOT a vaccine, It does not ACT like a vaccine. And it does NOT provide ANY of the benefits traditionally associated with a VACCINE.

    1. silver9blue says

      You forgot to mention that it’s an mRNA jab. Even the makers call it that. The media prefers to call it a vaccine.

      1. jake says

        mRNA…. what is it? how was it made? what was it made with? .. do they ever tell you this? They only tell you how it works… hypothetically.

        1. Rabbitnexus says

          Not even. They lie saying it does what they officially admit it does not. They lie saying it is safe when their own documents show they always knew otherwise. They lie saying nobody has died from it, when record deaths have been recorded from it. Those who are told all these lies, and believe it, call the sum total of that, delivered to them via their TVs, “The Science” and as far as I ca tell it is their new God.

    2. Vaclav Odehnal says

      is a operating system,as somebody from moderna mentioned

  5. Danny.white20 says

    If you dont get tested
    Then you dont have covid
    Which means
    you dont need to self isolate
    you dont need lock downs
    You dont need vaccinations
    You dont need mask
    So why are all the humperdoos getting tested.
    STOP GETTING TESTED you humperdoos

  6. Michael says

    See above the police and military? They will merge to have their own uniform to then become the removalists of vax refusniks to transport them to concentration camps complete with crematoria for those who die after the jab, the survivors being allowed to return.

  7. Afshin Nejat says

    Incredible how cucked “humanity” is these days. “You know who” was RIGHT!!! He was right!!! You already KNOW who I am talking about. He was right. About everything. Get on your knees and beg forgiveness for your betrayals and your treacheries, to the truth and to your children. And admit that HE WAS RIGHT, and that YOUR PARENTS WERE WRONG, and that YOU HAVE BEEN WRONG.

  8. Ultrafart the Brave says

    I consider myself to be a patriotic Australian, but have to conclude that the Australian political and medical beauracracies are populated by either the most CORRUPT or most STUPID specimens on the face of the planet.

    The Australian authorities have just admitted – on camera – that 100% of the recent Corona Chan hospitalisations and deaths in Sydney were already “vaccinated”!

    Corona Chan Cases – Sydney 25-07-2021 – All Cases Are Vaxxed!

    [ ]
    [ ]

    We already know that the supposed Corona Chan bug is only dangerous to the elderly or immune compromised – young people are basically immune.

    But since the Australian authorities have been pushing all age groups to get “vaccinated”, suddenly all age groups (but only those who have been “vaccinated”) are getting sick and dying from the “deadly Delta variant”.

    Now the Australian authorities are gearing up to push for accelerated “vaccination” of all age groups to save us from the “deadly Delta variant”, which apparently only infects and kills the “vaccinated” (no doubt they will blame the “unvaccinated” for this).

    Can the contorted logic of the official narrative be any more STUPID? Do these people really lack both brains and conscience? Or is it just a simple matter of plain old graft and corruption?

    What does that say about the teeming lemmings who happily fall into line for their injections?

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