Backers of Manchester Terror Bomber Accuse Russia of Looking to Kill Brits in Their Jammies

Actually Russia has bolstered British security where British governments undermine it

Manchester mural to Salafists who traveled to Libya in 2011 courtesy of MI5

The Secretary of Defense of the Government of the United Kingdom is worried that Russians are looking to plunge Britain into chaos and cause “thousands and thousands and thousands” of deaths:

“The plan for the Russians won’t be for landing craft to appear in the South Bay in Scarborough, and off Brighton Beach. What they are looking at doing is they are going to be thinking ‘How can we just cause so much pain to Britain? Damage its economy, rip its infrastructure apart, actually cause thousands and thousands and thousands of deaths, but actually have an element of creating total chaos within the country.’”

The British defense minister goes on to explain the Russians are looking to accomplish this by taking out power stations and leaving millions in the dark. He does not explain how exactly the Russians would hit these stations.

If he means the Russians would bomb them from the air that means WWIII and isn’t terribly likely. If he means cyber-attacks that sounds like a very unreliable and roundabout way of going about ordinary people in Britain.

Manchester terror in 2017 carried out by the son of a veteran of Al-Qaeda and Britain’s Libya war

A more direct approach would be to aid a group of extremists, for example of the Salafist variety, who enjoy detonating explosives in British streets. Now the British Defense Secretary does not claim Moscow has done any such thing, but guess who has?

In 2011 the British government facilitated the transfer of Libyans and Arabs in Britain, including known and suspected extremists, interested in fighting Gaddafi to Libya. There it provided them fire support from the air, and sent SAS to fight at their side.

Except one of these extremists upon return to Britain in 2017 blew himself up at a Manchester concert killing 22 and wounding 55. Undeterred the British government continues to back similar extremists in Syria, for example by funding their White Helmets psychological operations outfit.

But please worry about the Russians instead — and earmark more money for these guys

Guess who has instead been fighting the extremists in Syria and condemned the British-jihadi alliance in Libya at the time? Official Moscow.

So we have a perverse situation here where people who are aiding violent anti-western extremists who regularly blow themselves up in European cities, are fearmongering about Russians who are instead unequivocally confronting these extremists, setting them back, and bolstering the security of all Europeans, ordinary Brits included.

It’s a sad thing to say but in the last decade at least the British government has been a far bigger threat to the lives of Brits than has the Russian government. The latter has almost certainly saved British lives by thwarting British government policies in Syria that would have seen the country transformed into an Al-Qaeda emirate.

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