Authorities Say Vaccine Safer Than Soft Blue Cheeses, Unpasteurised Milk, Liver, Game Meat, Swordifsh, Shark and Vitamin A

That would be the vaccine that has "emergency authorization" and won't complete trials until 2023

Some things governments (in this case the British one) tell pregnant women to avoid:

  • mould-ripened soft cheeses with a white coating on the outside
  • soft blue cheeses
  • any unpasteurised cows’ milk, goats’ milk or sheep’s milk
  • any foods made from unpasteurised milk, such as soft goats’ cheese
  • liver and liver products
  • all types of pâté
  • game meats such as goose, partridge or pheasant
  • duck, goose or quail eggs, unless cooked thoroughly until the whites and yolks are solid
  • swordfish
  • marlin
  • shark
  • raw shellfish
  • no more than 4 cups of herbal tea a day
  • high-dose multivitamin supplements, or any supplements with vitamin A in them.

Things the governments are not telling pregnant women to avoid, but are encouraging them to have:

Pretty remarkable how a COVID jabs are safer than a raw shellfish.

Except since trials that test that won’t be complete until 2023, and the initial trials didn’t even include pregnant women, how is exactly is it that they really know that? Are they psychic?

Have a raw shellfish and you’re an anti-social person who probably wants her kid to die. Don’t have an untried “vaccine” for a virus with the average age of death at 75 and you don’t get a passport to go to a restaurant. Makes sense.

  1. ken says

    Over 3,000 have died from that safe and effective shot in the last 3 to 4 months.

    The manufacturers say it doesn’t prevent the alleged disease nor stop the transmission. They say it simply lightens the more sever symptoms.

    The Medical Nazis say the mask still needs worn and distancing still practiced. Lockdowns will still be in vogue as they claim the variants and mutations will require it… and probably more of the DNA hacking concoctions being passed as vaccines.

    So much for effective. So much for normal.

    Between 2010 and 2021 a little over 2,500 died of all vaccines. This means the Rona shot has killed more in 3-4 months than all other vaccines did in 11 years.

    So much for safe.

    I thought the sheep would ‘get it’ when the medical nazis said the flu was on hiatus. But no! They bought that bs as well. I don’t know what drug they used to make so many so utterly obedient even at the price of their lives but it must have been some really good shit.

    Still, the sheep are lining up like cattle in slaughter pens.

    1. Robin says

      Yep, and so many fail to see that truth in plain sight. The Flu has disappeared and the statistics are all fake not to mention the tests which weren’t even designed for this and give false-positive results 80% of the time to whoever has had the flu in the past 25 years will come up positive because the flu is caused by one of four coronaviruses that have been with us for generations..

  2. Robin says

    It’s not a vaccine because vaccines contain live viruses so that your immune system can make antibodies. This jab is nothing more than a human experimentation trial designed as a form of population control and DNA restructuring. It should not even be allowed to be injected into humans, yet we have them bypassing the FDA regulations and Pharma given full immunity from prosecution. If that doesn’t ring alarm bells then your brain dead.

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