Austrian Doctors Warn of Lockdown Cost for Heart Attack and Cancer Patients

Patients with heart attack symptoms are no longer coming in, and most cancer surgeries are on hold

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Machine translated from German.

The Cardiological Society reported declining heart attacks in the previous week. “But fewer patients with diagnosed heart failure are also coming. They should definitely report if their condition worsens, ”cardiologist Thomas Stefenelli, head of the 1st medical department at the Donauspital, told APA.

“There are also significantly fewer patients with cardiac arrhythmias such as atrial fibrillation, the main risk factor for stroke if left untreated.” “Now one or two patients come a day.” Stefenelli emphasizes that people with acute and increasing heart problems “should definitely come to their resident specialist or to the hospital”.

Concern about postponing surgery dates

The President of the Society for Neurology, Eugen Trinka, has a similar view: “If you have symptoms of a stroke (e.g. paralysis, speech or visual disturbances), you have to call for help immediately.”

Cancer patients are very concerned about postponing surgery. “Surgery is impossible due to the lack of an intensive care bed (because of Covid 19) 03/20″, says a letter to a breast cancer patient. Instead of the surgery, chemotherapy is now being carried out as a “bridge”. “My mother now feels like a second-class person,” wrote the newspaper’s daughter. “And there is also the risk that it may not respond to chemo and the tumor will still radiate.”

Paul Sevelda, President of Cancer Aid, said: “There are a number of tumor diseases today that involve chemo first and then surgery. Or where it makes no difference what happens first. ”Postponing an operation by a few weeks usually has no disadvantage for the patient. “And urgent tumor operations are carried out everywhere.”

Doctors for legal framework

According to the “Kurier” (Wednesday edition), the Salzburg internist Jochen Schuler spoke of “non-quantifiable medical collateral damage from the shutdown”. “There is currently a large number of patients who are not well cared for. The familiar paths in the health system are blocked for many, ”said Schuler. “Many of us have the feeling that it will fly around our ears because the problems don’t go away.”

It was understandable that in the first phase of the pandemic everything was aimed at Covid-19: “But now you have to take care of functioning structures again.” Medical practices would also need a legal framework in addition to protective clothing. “Many are concerned about official closings after contact with infected people.”

Source: ORF

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  1. Charles Homer says

    Here is an interesting look at a pandemic scenario from 2010 designed by an American think tank:

    We are clearly seeing governments around the world flexing their powers to control the behaviours of their citizens. This plan suggests that citizens will be willing to give up their sovereignly in exchange for “safety and stability”.

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