Australia’s Medicine Regulator Has Never Seen Pfizer COVID Vaccine Study Data Despite Deeming It Safe for Australians

Challenged by a freedom of information request to share Pfizer's raw data the regulator replies it doesn't have it

Only read Pfizer’s report but not the raw data — for a happy life find yourself someone who trusts you the way medical regulators trust big pharma

A freedom of information request made to Australia’s drug regulator has revealed they have never seen the extremely limited study data for the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine despite giving it emergency approval and deeming it safe to be injected into the arms of Australians.

The freedom of information request (FOI) request was made by a doctor who is a part of the ‘Doctors for Covid Ethics’ group, who were recently censored on Twitter for quoting a Daily Expose article in which we confirmed two WHO whistle-blowers had given testimony to Dr Reiner Fuellmich of the Investigative Corona Committee.

The doctor wrote to the TGA (Therapeutic Good Administration), Australia’s version of the UK’s MHRA, in February 2021 asking three simple questions –

1 – Did the TGA request the raw data from Pfizer

2 – Did any of the committees approving the vaccine look at the raw data and/or discuss it

3 – What were the “studies” referred to in the approval document relating to teratogenicity (risk of harm to a foetus)

The reason for the request was due to concern over the validity and verifiability of Pfizer’s data given its legal history, a concern also shared by Peter Doshi in the BMJ in February, as well as the proven concerns over fraudulent data relating to Covid-19 as seen in the “Lancetgate” scandal of June 2020.

The TGA originally attempted to surpress the FOI request by requesting a 6-month extension in view of the amount of work required to respond satisfactorily. The doctor complained to the Office of the Information Commissioner who instructed the TGA to respond by the 26th May, however they still failed to meet that deadline.

Eventually the TGA responded producing a heavily redacted single study showing that the only investigation into the effects on the foetus was performed on 44 rats with no long-term data on the offspring.

Their response also confirmed that they had never seen or requested the patient data from Pfizer and simply accept Pfizer’s report of their study as fact, despite their proven history of fraudulent claims.

This means that when the head of the TGA John Skerritt said that “the safety evidence is pretty thorough” on the 6th February (here) he was lying to Australians who would have assumed, that the TGA had actually looked at the patient data themselves.

The full FOI request and responses from TGA can be viewed here.

Source: The Daily Expose

  1. ken says

    “This means that when the head of the TGA John Skerritt said that “the safety evidence is pretty thorough” on the 6th February (here) he was lying to Australians who would have assumed, that the TGA had actually looked at the patient data themselves.”

    Ass u me makes an Ass out of u and me.

    They have been lying since the infamous “It’ll only be 15 days to flatten the curve, we swear to God!” Well,,, maybe not the swearing to God. 🙂

  2. Ultrafart the Brave says

    This should be major breaking news, a major scandal in the management of the Corona Chan “pandemic” by corrupt Australian officialdom – the muffled admission by the Therapeutic Goods Administration that they have effectively done no safety studies at all on the experimental pFizer Corona Chan “vaccine” before unleashing it on the Australian public at large.

    Instead we hear – crickets.

  3. Raptar Driver says

    He doesn’t need to.
    He was told what to do and like a good slimy piece of crap he obeyed.

  4. Mr Reynard says

    Australia’s Medicine Regulator ??
    You mean the one with a PhD in Gender Studies ???

  5. Kieran DSouza says

    these health regulators are a total disgrace. and mindnumbingly corrupt. So you find a relative safe vaccine like Russian Sputnik-5 or the Indian Covaxin, that does not have the facial paralysis and/or heart enlargement side effects of Pfizer/Moderna vaccines or the fatal blood clotting issues of Astra Zenica, is being denied Emergency Use Authorization by these same regulators. So it’s all about lobbying power and the power to bribe and the health, no, the very life of the denizens is of little consideration.

  6. Richard says

    Hello Down Under, stop listening to what Government tells us about a Lab Bug that was never isolated, and purified as is the medical norm so a virus can be identified and used to make a Vaccine. That never happened, so we don’t have a virus and we don’t have a Vaccine according to The Geneva Convention’s Nuremberg Code of 1947 that states that Protected Persons can not be used for Experimental medicines when there are existing medicines that are proven safe for Human consumption, like Ivermectin, Hydroxychlorin that are an Anti-Parasite drug that worker’s and is safe to Humans. So what is the big push for a Chemical Synthetic operating system that makes Humans a Pathogenic production device that Bill Gates and DR Fachi and the US military made in a few months.

    1. Ultrafart the Brave says

      “… a Lab Bug that was never isolated …”

      I know this is a somewhat popular belief, but (to be pedantic) according to Dr. Richard Fleming, the Corona Chan bug has been isolated and thoroughly analysed. He makes this point during his Event 2021 conference, recorded in the following lengthy video (it makes sense, given that the unusual features and properties of the engineered “Spike Protein” have also been analysed in great detail – hence the warnings over the deadly experimental Corona Chan “vaccines”).

      Event 2021 Conference (Video – 4 hours 30 mins)
      [ ]
      [ ]

      Don’t get me wrong, pretty much everything else you said is spot on target IMO.

      Meanwhile …

      “Hello Down Under, stop listening to what Government tells us…”

      Dude, the problem is that Australian Governments at every level refuse to listen to what eminent scientists, medical experts and the common folk have been telling them from the outset. They have ceded Australian sovereignty to the WEF and the Davos crowd.

      The entirety of the Australian political class, and all the relevant regulatory and medical authorities, are rotten to the core. All of them are in creepy Bill’s and Uncle Klaus’ pockets, on the take and on their payroll. All of them have sold themselves, body and soul, to the Devil (or Satan or Lucifer, according to your preference).

      And a good proportion of the Australian public are conditioned to let the mainstream and social media do their thinking for them. They’ve lost the faculty for independent thought – IOW they’re no longer bright enough to think for themselves.

      1. Raptar Driver says

        Sorry kangaroo jack.
        The virus was never isolated nor was it proven to cause any disease.
        They say so but they provide no evidence.

        1. Ultrafart the Brave says

          “The virus was never isolated…”

          This is something that logically cannot be proven, because it’s not possible to prove a negative.

          On the other hand, the onus is on someone who makes the opposite claim (“the virus was isolated”) to provide the evidence.

          Dr. Fleming does indeed state that the Corona Chan bug has been isolated, and provides a video recording of the scanning procedure which discloses the bug structure (complete with spikes).

          That’s included in the Event 2021 Conference video.

          Dr. Fleming says so, and provides evidence.

          Make of that what you will.

  7. silver9blue says

    It started with that greasy smile from bill gates to a never isolated virus and then an 80% inaccurate test that’s still used today to never any real vaccine just a coded injection to 95% worldwide unworkable lockdowns by PM this and President that to mass population injecting which did what as everyone still wears masks. Looks like I’ve been conned along with everyone else.

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