Australia’s Cup-Checking New Normals Make Sure Disease Vectors Aren’t Getting Away With Unauthorized Non-Masking

Please let us shake that cup

Victoria Police filmed checking if a person’s coffee cup was full while outdoors have been slammed on Twitter for “Nazi” and “North Korea” style tactics.

However, others have praised the police and criticised the coffee drinker for not wearing a mask outdoors while holding onto their drink.

A video posted on Twitter shows a citizen out in a Victorian park being stopped by an on-duty police officer who asks to check if the person’s coffee cup is empty.

“Do you just mind if I check is there’s actually anything in it”” the male officer asks and takes the coffee cup with his gloved hand.

When the officer shakes the cup and finds it contains coffee, he hands it back to the citizen and waves him on.

The person replies, “Thank you. Jesus loves you all. God bless” and another officer gives him a thumbs up.

The tweet posted by @OzraeliAvi and retweeted by former Australian senator David Leyonhjelm has caused confusion.

Some Twitter users, who included those in foreign countries, seemed unaware that Victorian Government rules allow people to remove masks when “consuming food, non-alcoholic drink or medicine”.

One Twitter user asked “Why is police checking if cap is full or empty?” and another posted “Why does it matter if there’s coffee or not?”.

Another protested: “What motivates these people? They live in Australia!! Not North Korea? What kind of a world do they want to live in?”

While one Twitter poster questioned, “What is this Nazi Germany”, another said “Yeah tell them to piss off” and claimed “There’s no law or CHO direction that gives them the power to do that.”

Others joked online about the exchange, one saying, “As a tax payer I am relieved this dangerous situation had 5 police officers on hand. Protect & Serve (coffee)?”

Another said: “At least he changed his glove before touching the cup to prevent passing any germs or viruses that may have been on his glove…oh wait…” adding a thinking face emoji.

“Well at least there was coffee in the cup which means that we’re all safe.”

One Twitter poster claimed it was “all about control” for the Victorian police officers.

Another commented sarcastically, “So relieved he’s got coffee in there, take that Covid! “Thanks to the utmost courage and dedication of the cops faced with what could have been an empty cup!”

And one tweeted with a rolling eyes emoji: “Covid is only contagious when the cup is empty.

Lord help us, I pray for the return of common sense.”

Victoria Police Media declined to answer a question from about what Victorian officers are permitted or directed to breach people on with regard to mask wearing.

A Victoria Police Media spokesman said: “We don’t make the rules. The rules are on the Department of Health website” and “I can’t comment on each incident. Each individual incident will be judged on its merits”.


  1. ken says

    We don’t make the rules.”

    Remember when they used to stop you for violations of the ‘law’?

    Saying any more to these sick perverted animals would do no good. They are NOT police,,, they are state knee breakers.

    Can’t say any better for the legislature or the mentally defective hypochondriacs called citizens.

    Yea,,, the fourth Reich is rising by the very descendants that died trying to eliminate it 80 years ago. This is a real disease and will spread rapidly if not stopped.

    The new Australian flag…

    1. Helga Weber says

      Perhaps now there is more understanding for the german people during Hitler’s time, because then you lost your life fast not only your freedom

      1. Gertjan Zwiggelaar says

        If National Socialist Germany had not been dragged into war by the international parasite and ganged up upon by mass murdering psychopaths this entire jewish covidocaust would not exist today. You people who still throw aspersions at Adolf the Great and NS Germany have not a clue about the truth and are just continuing the jewish narrative. The swastika is a beautiful symbol which stands for a vortex spinning wealth and prosperity. The longer you mis educated jewish agenda supporters continue to denigrate the true heroes of jewish world war two you continue to support a dangerous, alien parasite hell bent upon the destruction of planet Earth. Sieg Heil!

  2. Raptar Driver says

    Execute the fat pig bastards!

  3. Mr Reynard says

    Victoria Police filmed checking if a person’s coffee cup was full while outdoors have been slammed on Twitter for “Nazi” and “North Korea” style tactics.
    Show me a picture of a North Korean Policeman doing that ?
    Hmm.. #1 North Korea doesn’t have Einsatzgruppen, as our Gauleiter Dan Andreswitz has ..
    Above picture Gauleiter Dan’s Einsatzgruppen checking & asking the person “Ihre Aussweiss Schweinehund”..

  4. Kieran says

    Dystopian that’s what it is. the police thinking is that one can excuse oneself from wearing a mask by carrying a coffee cup. So coffee drinkers are guilty until proven innocent. Weird.

  5. Cap960 says

    Maybe the guy should shake his pants to see if he has any balls for acting so politely.

  6. Jerry Hood says

    Penal colony stzys a penal colony!

  7. Malatok says

    DARK WINTER will see the poisoned sheeple stampede as even the dumbest of these critters will figure out that they have been played for the mutts they are. In the coming year we will see the demons destroyed, Gates of hell, “Soros”, Fauci and the rest of the filth masquerading as human. Nuremberg on steroids is coming, of that I have no doubt whatsoever.

    Evolution is a nasty business and life doesn’t give a rat’s a$$ who lives it or indeed who throws it away.
    Your kakistocracy only wants what’s best for you…..nudge..nudge…wink…sputter…. cackle.

    YOU are the disease, their covaid$ death squirt the cure. Get the covaid$ death squirt and erase your “carbon footprint.” Greta and the rest of the retards luv ya’ll. Your masters know best!

    Professor Mattias Desmet on EweTueb “How can so many still buy into the narrative” The psychological manipulation of the herd is “nudging” the least intelligent to their demise, the rest of us will be forced to fight.
     PfiZer macht frei…permanently.
    NO “smart” phone, NO tracking device, NO Qr code, NO virus.
    Kill the beast now and while you are at it destroy that damn Teeeeeee Veeeeeee too.

  8. Malatok says

    Nuremberg 2 on steroids is coming and all these demons will be destroyed, of that I personally have no doubt. Humanity cannot be this dumb that it allows vermin like Kill Bill gates of hell, Klaws Slob, the Hollyweird central casting cutout blockhead NAZI, mega criminal Gyorgi “Soros”, Rothschild bagman and consigliere and the divisions of third rate pedovore political hoes terrorizing the anglozionazi empire of filth. Blowback is coming and it will be very very messy. The skeletal ho, Gladass Bearajerkoff and miscreant Danny hunchback Adams are the lowest life form in Oz and considering the swamp critter competition that is pretty sick. It is a pleasure to see this miserable, ugly maggot squirm. 
    If the heroes down under want to get out of this nightmare they are going to have to skin and grill some vertical pork. Identify these sociopathic thugs and make their lives hell (and their porcine families) while you still can. The concentration death camps are soon going to be up and running and the rest of the sheeple will turn a blind eye as did the German sheeple back in the day of Zio bankster Project Adolf.
    The Vaccine Death Report or how the filth pulled off this global cull of the poisoned, feeble-minded sheeple.

  9. Gertjan Zwiggelaar says

    Aussies ought to carry a steaming hot cuppa joe and ‘accidentally’ spill it all over the order taker demanding to see if the cup contains a liquid. Or, the liquid can be something else which smells really badly; raw sludge, ammonia… Be creative. Coppers are not human beings. They have no conscience. They are like humanoid robots so don’t worry about fighting back. They are the front line of the Entity attempting to genocide us. We are at war and it’s a world war of colossal proportions. In war, enemies are killed; bottom line.

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