Australian Special Forces Executed Afghan Prisoner Because He Could Not Fit on a Plane

So bloodthirsty they shocked even the Americans

TV and movies present an image of U.S. special forces of all varieties as being the most aggressive in the world and not particularly concerned about legalities, Geneva Conventions etc. This is an article of faith among left-wingers worldwide and the so-called right-thinking intelligence in the West. You are portrayed as not very bright homicidal knuckle draggers, compared to say, the magnificent Australian Special forces – surgical foreign policy tools, etc., etc. Well, I now wish to apologise for entertaining such thoughts.

There is an ongoing Australian Army investigation into what are, I believe, potentially Calley grade war crimes by Australian special forces over a long period in the middle east. Crimes that are not justified by the pressures of combat, etc.

The latest allegation, from a U. S. marine aircrew, is that an Australian special forces unit holding several captured Afghans, when told that their U.S extraction helicopter was overloaded by one man, responded by shooting and killing one of their prisoners to lighten the load.

A United States Marine Corps (USMC) helicopter crew chief says Australian special forces shot and killed a bound Afghan prisoner after being told he would not fit on the US aircraft coming to pick them up.

Josh* flew 159 combat missions for the USMC’s Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 469 (HMLA-469).

He has allowed the ABC to publish pictures of him but has asked that we don’t use his real name because he fears retribution.

He has told ABC Investigations he was a door gunner providing aerial covering fire for the Australian soldiers of the 2nd Commando Regiment during a night raid in mid-2012.

The operation took place north of the HMLA-469 base at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province.

It was part of a wider joint Australian special forces-US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) campaign targeting illicit drug operations that were financing the Taliban insurgency.

“We had done the drug raid, the Aussies actually did a pretty impressive job, wrangling all the prisoners up,” Josh said.

“We just watched them tackle and hogtie these guys and we knew their hands were tied behind their backs.”

He says the commandos then called up the US aircraft to pick them and about seven prisoners up.

He says the Americans only had room on the aircraft for six.

“And the pilot said, ‘That’s too many people, we can’t carry that many passengers.’ And you just heard this silence and then we heard a pop. And then they said, ‘OK, we have six prisoners’.

“So it was pretty apparent to everybody involved in that mission that they had just killed a prisoner that we had just watched them catch and hogtie,” he said.

Josh says neither he nor any of his crew spoke about what had just happened.

“We were all being recorded on our comms,” he said.

“All of us were pretty aware of what we just witnessed, and kind of didn’t want to be involved in whatever came next.”

Josh says he later discussed the incident with his crewmates after returning to Camp Bastion.

“This was the first time we saw something we couldn’t morally justify, because we knew somebody was already cuffed up, ready to go, taken prisoner and we just witnessed them kill a prisoner,” he said.

“This isn’t like a heat of the moment call where you’re trying to make a decision. It was a very deliberate decision to break the rules of war.

“I think that was the first thing that happened that didn’t quite sit right with us, where we were like, ‘OK, there’s no excuse, there’s no ambiguity, there’s no going around this one’.

‘Lots of fire and bodies were often left in their wake’

ABC Investigations understands that — as part of its inquiry into alleged special forces war crimes in Afghanistan — the Inspector-General of the Australian Defence Force (IGADF) is investigating the killing of at least one prisoner by Australian commandos.

It is unclear if this alleged killing is one of those being investigated.

When contacted for a response to this story, an Australian Defence Force spokesperson said: “It is not appropriate for Defence to comment on matters that may or may not be the subject of the Afghanistan Inquiry.”

Josh says he did between one and two dozen drug missions with the Australians from 2nd Commando in 2012, mainly providing aerial cover fire and sometimes dropping sniper teams on overwatch positions.

“A lot of us wanted to work with the Australians because we were all like — I don’t know if bloodthirsty is the right term — but we wanted action. They wanted to shoot. And when you worked with the Aussies you get involved pretty often,” he said. “Lots of breaching of walls with explosives and lots of fires and bodies were often left in their wake.”

He says on a mission early in his 2012 deployment, one of his USMC comrades was shocked by what he witnessed the commandos do on a joint drug operation.

“They go down for a landing. As soon as the Aussies exit, there was somebody just sitting on a wall watching them land. They got off and popped the guy a few times in the chest.”

Josh says his fellow marine later confronted the commandos about the killing.

“My buddy came and asked, ‘Hey, what happened to that guy?’ And he said, ‘Oh, he’s dead mate.’ And he’s like, ‘Why? He wasn’t even armed. What happened there?’ He said, ‘Oh, he was armed when we got through with him.'”

‘We’re not going to work with those f***ing guys’

A member of 2nd Commando’s Oscar platoon who served on that deployment has confirmed that the Americans were unhappy with the conduct of some of his comrades.

“Our platoon commander pulled our platoon together and said that the [DEA] has said in no uncertain terms that they won’t operate with [2nd Commando] November platoon any more due to their behaviour in the field,” he said.

Another commando from Oscar platoon who was on that deployment confirmed to ABC Investigations that November platoon had a bad reputation among the Americans.

“I remember talking to [DEA agent] afterwards, and he said, ‘We’re not going out with those f***ing guys ever again’. Every DEA team that went through there loved working with us and had no problem, but November platoon was the first platoon that the DEA said they wouldn’t work with,” the former commando said. “Something obviously went down.”

Former USMC helicopter crew chief Josh says he flew dozens of missions with other special forces, including USMC special operations and the British SAS.

“The [British] SAS always had an incredible restraint, at least in the times when me and my friends worked with them. Sometimes a frustrating amount,” he said.

“Everybody else would step on the lines, but the Aussies would just see the line and just hop right over it.”

US Marine Josh from the story
US Marine Josh from the story

I have no reason to doubt this story, as it is just one of an ongoing stream that is non-political. If what is portrayed is found to be true then I would like to see these units disestablished and rebuilt from the ground up because they in no way represent Australian ethos. Killing combatants is one thing. Killing prisoners and civilians is another. I apologise to American special forces for thinking that the Australian S.A.S was on some kind of superior pedestal. Yes, I have worn the uniform. I’m not some milquetoast. The honour of the Australian defence forces, or what passes for it these days, demands a thorough investigation and the punishment of those involved. I’m ashamed, and so is every service person, if these stories are found to be true.

Source: Sic Semper Tyrannis

  1. Pablo says

    Notice how the soldiers wear masks and large sunglasses? Makes for a tough ID in the event of War Crimes allegations. Armed Robbers use the same tactic to avoid being identified.

    1. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

      Those who work with them, and take orders from them, know full well who they are. All of the evidence is contained in the chain of command.

  2. itchyvet says

    Australian Army to investigate alleged war crime ? W.T.F. Since when is Dracula allowed to check out the blood bank ????? It should be the U.N. War Crimes Commission doing the investigating. We’ve already seen how the Australian Government acts when such allegations are made. Vis a Vis the recent raiding of the reporters working on such and the confiscation of their P.C. and all data. Where did that investigation go ???? They are rotten to the core. B.T.W. I’m a Vietnam Vet and I saw my share of similar incidences during my time in that war. No one ever, came to account. I don’t believe anyone will this time around either.

  3. cechas vodobenikov says

    anglo immorality–amerikans like Australians derive from the lowest most incompetent classes from other societies: under socialized barbarians

  4. ke4ram says

    Heard same-o while in Viet Nam where American forces were concerned.

    These Aussie Commando’s need to come home and free their people from the fascists that rule there now…. just a thought.

    1. Southern says

      These Aussie Commando’s need to come home and free their people from the fascists that rule there now…. just a thought.

      That doesn’t make sense – those trigger happy blood thirsty Aussie commando’s would leap at the opportunity to defend the embarrassingly submissive Canberra poodle club at a moments notice.

    2. XRGRSF says

      I had to leave an NVA POW behind in ’72 because there wasn’t room on the AC. I thought about shooting him, but in a fit of perversity I decided to thumb cuff his left thumb to his right big toe, and leave him butt naked in the elephant grass. As we lifted off I couldn’t help, but noticed this his right hand above the grass with middle finger extended. Since his buddies were shooting at us I’m certain that he was eventually, to his great embarrassment, set free. Who says Special Forces troops are humorless?

  5. Johann Schutte says

    All bullcrap. A moral perspective is the secure man’s luxury. You and your mates get shot at/killed/injured, two things happen: You’re (a) traumatized, and (b) the survival instinct kicks in. I’ve been there. One of the phenomena associated with PTSD is psychological fixation in an aggressively volatile state. I’ve seen soldiers focused singularly on the next contact (revenge) and being highly distressed/labile if they’ve missed the opportunity, e.g. due to being on pass. It’s part and parcel of being under threat/war and the psychological states that arise under those circumstances. The G convention is typical romantic European idiotic idealism, much like equality before the law. It’s all based on the misapprehension that barbarism can be civilized.

    1. itchyvet says

      Seriously Johann, in my country, we’d say your full of human excrement. I too suffer from PTSD as a direct result of my experiences in Vietnam. However, you don’t see me running around wanting to shoot anyone who crosses me. Now if you asked me the same question regarding the politicians who put me in that place, there may be a different outcome.

    2. Séamus Ó Néill says

      You are mercenary, amoral butchers, trained assassins devoid of decency or humanity… kill for money, you’re not defending your country or your people, you’re lackies for the cabal/khazars/deep state….you and your ilk have butchered 37 million innocents since 2001…..well fecking done !!!!

      1. itchyvet says

        Spot on Seamus. Sadly, many European/white people would never be caught dead voicing what you’ve said. They all support this murdering mayhem because they all stand to benefit from it, one way or another.
        The Brits built their country based on such behaviour, nothing’s changed, same as .

        1. Séamus Ó Néill says

          The Satanic countries of America, Israel, England and their ass-licking toadies are foolishily attempting to take control of this planet. Their ultimate goal is 500,000,000 people left alive, a 1% ruling elite and the remainder slaves. To achieve this aim they will and have, used continual warfare, vaccines, bio-warfare (covid19) etc, etc and being moronic to the point of lunacy, are now eagerly trying to initiate armageddon by goading both Russia and China….seemingly without calculating the consequences for themselves. They have control, presently, of all the alphabet world organisationd like the WHO, IMF, UN etc, etc, but still, foolishly, underestimate the power and resilliance of the human race. They are losing and will be defeated, ultimately ending in the complete subjugation of said countries and the quarantining or annhiliation of the evil Khazars/Zionists.

          1. itchyvet says

            Seamus, the WHO,IMF,UN, World Bank are all organisations controlled and run by our enemies, designed to bring us to heel. Nothing more. Our Traitorius politicians should be hanged from the nearest lamp post for signing us on to these criminal organisations.

            1. Séamus Ó Néill says

              I agree entirely if we can find enough lamp posts. There are signs, worldwide that they’re being defeated, slowly but surely .Russia, China and Iran have stated that their weapons are defensive and I tend to believe them but some lunatics in America, controlled, aided and abetted, by Israel believe there’s a small window of opportunity for a first strike and win. Russia has stated catagorically that a first strike, be it launched from Poland or whatever, will warrant a retalitory strike on the seat of government giving the orders ie Washington DC and the Pentagon …..with hypersonic missiles they’ll probably not live to see the fruits of their labour, but they’re definitely not intelligent enough to figure that one out !

    3. Saint Jimmy (Russian American) says

      Being psychologically traumatized is no excuse for murder. I’ve known a few people with PTSD. They were in combat, either in Vietnam or the Pacific during world war II. A couple of them killed people in combat. None of them ever committed murder. There is no excuse for the murder described in this article. Any defense of such a murder is, quite frankly, insanity. See a doctor.

      1. Johann Schutte says

        I have consulted in thousands of cases. The condition is predictable and well known and (as all conditions) not on-off/binary, but of varying intensity temporally and symptomatologically. This is why Vets kill themselves decades after the initial traumatizing event(s).Take a 19 year old and put him in the circumstances that war commonly generate and what you get is is very rapid depletion of whatever morality exists as an operant conditioned response whenever the symbols (uniform, gun, comrades) reemerge. The government of course doesn’t give a flying fck, and asholes like you will blame the victim.

    4. rightiswrong rightiswrong says

      If you don’t like being shot at, don’t join the military.

      If you murder people who might shoot at you in a war zone, then you are a murderer, not a combat soldier.

      1. Johann Schutte says

        The deployed soldiers are typically naive and unthinking adolescents, like yourself. They’re well-remunerated, and a highly effective PR program is deployed to create admiration (within the equally unthinking public) for the future combatants’ willingness to shoot other people. Once they get to the operational theatre they have their first taste of being under serious threat. This leads to a cascade of psychological events of which I am absolutely certain you have ZERO understanding. One of the consequences is dissociation (Google is your friend). This is a highly pathological condition that is something akin to psychosis (Google is your friend) on a psychological level. The govt recruitment agencies of course have no sympathy for the victims they create, just as the the unthinking member of public (such as yourself) have none.

        1. rightiswrong rightiswrong says

          Typically stupid, like yourself Jo-ann.

  6. Johann Schutte says

    PTSD is a a highly variable condition both temporally and in severity. I consulted 1000s of cases, and retain a sensitivity to supersonic aircraft myself given my own experiences. Vets kill themselves by the thousands every year precisely because their murderous behaviour is morally incongruent with who they are at core level and because the stress arising from the discrepancy is just too much to deal with. Government of course turns its back on their victims, who are typically further vilified by the unthinking mass as represented in this outcorner of the internet. Not only do the moral-highground seekers who cheaply blame govt victims have no experiential military/PTSD background, but they are uninformed of the powerful influences of lessay operant conditioning on adolescent behaviour in the operational environment. You lot should be ashamed of yourself.

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