Australian Police, Troops Arrive in Solomon Islands to Help Quell Unrest Against Pro-Beijing PM

And to protect Chinatown from rioters and looters

If Australia didn’t intervene, was China going to?

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare, who requested help from Australia, on Friday blamed foreign countries for stoking the violent protests, but did not name any.

“These very countries that are now influencing Malaita are the countries that don’t want ties with the People’s Republic of China, and they are discouraging Solomon Islands to enter into diplomatic relations and to comply with international law and the United Nations resolution.”

Taiwan Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Joanne Ou said in a statement: “We have nothing to do with the unrest”.

Sogavare declared a lockdown Wednesday after about 1,000 people gathered in protest in Honiara, demanding his resignation over a host of domestic issues.

The protesters breached the National Parliament building and burned the thatched roof of a nearby building, the government said. They also set fire to a police station and other buildings.

Sogavare ordered the capital locked down from 7 p.m. Wednesday through 7 p.m. Friday after saying he had “witnessed another sad and unfortunate event aimed at bringing a democratically elected government down.”

Solomon Island resident Transform Aqorau said more than a hundred people were on Friday looting shops, before Australian Federal Police officers arrived.

“The scenes here are really chaotic. It is like a war zone,” Aqorau told Reuters by telephone on Friday morning.

“There is no public transport and it is a struggle with the heat and the smoke. Buildings are still burning.”

He said later Australian police were “taking control of Chinatown.” [Were rioters targeting Chinatown because the local Chinese are seen as pro-Beijing, or because that’s where the good shops are?]

Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne said Australia was sending 100 police personnel and was “clearly focused on stability in our region.”

“Residents walk through the looted streets of Chinatown in Honiar. Tear gas was deployed in Chinatown where looting and the burning of buildings continued on Friday morning”

Australian police were previously deployed to the Solomon Islands in 2003 under a peace keeping mission authorized by a Pacific Island Forum declaration and stayed for a decade.

Morrison said Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare asked for the help, and that Australia’s role was to “provide stability and security.” Morrison said the deployment would last weeks, unlike Australia’s previous peacekeeping mission from 2003 to 2017, Agence France-Presse reported.

Australia and the Solomon Islands have a 2017 bilateral security treaty that allows Australian police, defence and associated civilian personnel to be deployed rapidly to the Solomon Islands in the event of an emergency.

“It is not the Australian government’s intention in any way to intervene in the internal affairs of the Solomon Islands. That is for them to resolve,” Morrison told reporters. [But you already have intervened. Doesn’t sound like you’re terribly invested in protecting the pro-Chinese guy though.]

Source: Reuters

  1. ken says

    I don’t think those that voted for that democratic government wanted to be locked down in their homes!

    Australia is the purrrrfect country to help considering what that fascist totalitarian government did to its own people.

  2. Adam says

    I like what I am seeing, the Burnings buildings, and the people sending a message to their government that they just happen to disagree with. This is what Morrison will be facing in the near future if he is still around.If a Government wants to/has to imprison/lockdown its people then this is the reaction. People are taking back their freedoms, and will not accept the Totalitarianism imposed by the CCP.

    1. DannyWhite says

      Peaceful demonstrations accomplish nothing
      Only violence
      Target violence achieves change.
      China really needs to step in and take control
      Boot the Aussies out
      Eliminate any nationalist and replace them with chinese nationals.
      The solomons would be a strategic asset for China

  3. DannyWhite says

    The chinese really needs to step it up and take the solomons now.

    1. DannyWhite says

      Take the solomons and boot the aussies out.
      Establish a military base ready to hit Nth Australia and establish a beach head on the australian mainland.

  4. Martillo says

    You can only torture the sheep so long before they inevitably stampede. This Dark Winter, as the covaid$ death squirt starts to “work”, get ready for the EuroPeon masses to rise and the tax cattle down in Slumville USSA to go ape. Guaranteed. Then let’s see if the robopig divisions slurping at the elitist trough will slaughter without syringes.

    This scam is finally going to blow.

    Rize up! Take the power back yo
    Rize up and be the change you want to see
    Rize up! Your silence is compliance
    Let your words shape your future destiny yea
    Rize up! A counter attack yo
    Rize up and take a stand for love and peace

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