Australian Police Double as Immunologists, Constitutional Scholars, and Moral Gurus

Aside from violating your rights they will insult your intelligence with their drivel as they go about it

Listening to Victoria Police’s Luke Cornelius sure is something. Here’s him at the start of the Melbourne lockdown:

“Participating in this proposed protest would be a serious and blatant breach of the chief health officer’s directions and it jeopardises the health of the entire community,”

“The tinfoil hat-wearing brigade are alive and well in our community.

“They’re taking every opportunity to leverage the current situation to serve their own ridiculous notions about so-called sovereign citizens, about constitutional issues and about how 5G is going to kill your grandkids.

“It’s bats*** crazy nonsense.”

Is it the place of a public sector bureaucrat in the violence branch to be speaking of taxpayers who pay his wages as “boofheads”, “tinfoil” and “batshit”?

Why does a copper feel himself called upon to philosophize publicly on epidemiology, constitutional law, and morality?

A bureaucrat is a technical specialist for his field serving the citizenry and answerable to their elected representatives and courts. According to my elementary school civics teacher all public servants, but doubly so those who are armed and deal in violence (military and police) are supposed to be absolutely professional and apolitical.

So why is a cop general permitted to launch into ideological sermons? Into demonization and character assassination of the part of the taxpaying citizenry?

If the police have such strong opinions on best epidemiological practices and constitutional law what does that mean? That if a different democratically elected party was in power, which gave them different instructions, they would withdraw obedience?

After all, if it is up to the police to have an opinion on what is best medical practice in an epidemic they can not in good conscience do otherwise.

As far as I was taught it is up to the police to do as they are ordered, and it is up to those people’s representatives who gave them the orders to justify their actions, and to defend and propagandize the logic behind them, but certainly not for the cops.

Properly his comments would be limited to something like:

“We are ordered to do so by the government you picked, so that is what we are doing, as you are paying us to. The government assures us it is the right thing to do, and the courts have not told us it is against any law, so for us that is that. For more you’ll have to talk to our bosses (that you picked).”

They can talk about technical aspects of their activities, the numbers involved and the technical challenges they are facing but (according to my admittedly brief post-Communist civics education) it is not up to the police to have or espouse political (or medical LOL) opinions of their own.

It doesn’t stop them from violating your rights, but it at least it stops them from insulting your intelligence with their batshit, tinfoil, boofhead nonsense as they do it.

Not to mention that once police starts to resemble a political party, or the armed wing of one, with strong political views of its own, you’re no longer living in a democracy.

Is this the apolitical, technocratic police force of a liberal democracy, or the ideological “People’s Militia” armed wing of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union?

“No one has the human right to infect other people and to place the entire Victorian community at risk.”

“We’re not idiots, and the rest of Victorians are not idiots.”

“Stop playing us and the wider community for fools.”

“Just for one moment stop thinking about yourselves.”

“Spare a thought for the loved ones of the nearly 500 Victorians who have died so far.”

This is a political speech. Why is it being given by a cop?

Luke, the great public philosopher, and epidemiology maven

  1. Mad Hatter says

    Maybe its an exercise for what’s coming, forced vaccination.

    1. Ron Roy says

      Forced vaccination? When I’m out of ammo or any other means of fighting.

  2. Afshin Nejat says

    I want the world to vote publicly whether or not it might be better to put this rotund, culpable and criminally complicit monstrosity into a closed arena with me. Let him call me those names and see what happens.

  3. brian niziol says

    Australian Police should try doubling as human beings. Right now they are something other than.

  4. restless94110 says

    Don’t they have a bill of rights down there? Boy am I glad i was turned down from immigrating there decades ago.

  5. Southern says

    People are getting arrested for posting on social media like FB – not only more and more people are disputing the ”official” version of events but qualified medicals and scientist are as well.

    This qualifies as another must watch video

    A 76 year old victim of the Victorian thought police makes his police interrogation public.

    Sol Milhilin knows what he is talking about.

  6. Southern says

    Batshit crazy nonsense?

    Bill Gates won’t vaccinate his own children which is hardly surprising considering the numbers of people that have died from his vaccinations.

    Bill Gates polio vaccinations have had the complete opposite effect…they triggered it !!!

    ”UN Forced to Admit Gates-funded Vaccine is Causing Polio Outbreak in Africa” –

    1. Mad Hatter says

      Gates started off as a celebrity influencer then began developing a Messiah complex. Must be Hell living with the son of Gawd.

      1. Southern says

        From computer systems that are weak to viruses by design and require annual updates for virus protection to the real thing, humanity.

        What’s triggering alarm bells all around the world is the looming prospect of mandatory vaccinations to combat ” alleged” viruses also supplied by the same source which will require annual booster shots [vaccination passports blocking of digital ID etc..]

        The road to hell is paved with ”good” intentions.

        1. Mad Hatter says

          And what will follow? What’s next? Ever read the book by Aldous Huxley, Brave New World? Even Hitler had soldiers take speed to keep alert. Vaccine experimentation took place in concentration camps. We have to be careful who we choose as leaders. Gates ain’t the one!

          1. sabelmouse says

            it’s never really the leaders though, but the minions who do the work, and the masses of supporters.

            1. Mad Hatter says

              I think it can be all suffering similar delusion

          2. Southern says

            An attempt at massive population reduction.

            Gates should be held liable for the consequences of his vaccines – however the manufacturers of vaccines are exempt from being held accountable for any harm that their products cause – they are as exceptional as the come and yet the global masses might be at the dawn of mandatory vaccinations or risk having your digital ID blocked.

            1. sabelmouse says

              been going on for years/decades. us ”anti” vaxxers have warned, and warned…

            2. Southern says

              I’m a late starter when it comes to vaccines.

              Tell me if I got this right.

              If anyone were to given a vaccine for lets say a seasonal flu shot than that vaccine would only be for that particular strain and your body would develop anti bodies for that particular strain – but if a hybrid strain comes along – a different strain perhaps manufactured and put out there – then your body starts producing anti bodies for the wrong types of the disease and your body will kill you.

            3. sabelmouse says


              Receiving influenza vaccination may increase the risk of other respiratory viruses, a phenomenon known as virus interference.

            4. Mad Hatter says

              We see with covid, all exposure to the common cold led to nothing. Flu mutates so much we’d have to find a way to alter the virus. Our immune system is a reactive system that reacts as it needs to, if it can.

            5. Southern says

              Our bodies are perfectly capable of dealing with Corona viruses, we already have anti bodies in our system, so it cannot be a novel virus [lets get that out of the way]

              Everyone is a late starter when it comes to Covid, my understanding is that ever since the claim has been made there has not been any scientifically backed evidence to support the claim that it is a novel virus yet it has remarkable similarities to flu and Influenza which has never triggered a economic meltdown.

              Who ordered the economic shutdown of 193 different nations while corporate economies are doing just fine so that already answers questions of who benefits. [but just in case anyone needs to know Jeff Bezo’s earned billions in a single day no thanks to this ”alleged” pandemic – that the financial elite bailed out each and every time also gives the game away.

              And who will benefit from mandatory vaccines – [no prizes for correctly guessing]

              I fink there’s far more to this and will call it a hoax.

            6. Mad Hatter says

              My mutual funds have done very well. Especially Health/ science and entertainment & communication. Makes sense.

            7. Southern says

              Are you a capitalist playing the stock market?

            8. Mad Hatter says

              Better than having it play me.

            9. Southern says

              That’s interesting thanks,

            10. sabelmouse says

              this too
              and i’ve been saying this re cashless

            11. Southern says

              Informed / underinformed or misinformed all while doing the song and dance to the beat of the MSM mass fear campaign [fear sells and Covid is the new divide and concur]

              One way or another there are plenty of valid reasons not to buy into the fear campaign- the looming possibility of mandatory vaccinations must never be allowed


              Going cashless is simply not practical for the working class – [It is for those who wish to control it]

              Who gets to create credit?

              People living in remote area’s require cash for all kinds of reasons including secondhand goods and farmer produce markets on top of that I could not contemplate embarking on a long trip somewhere without having taken the precaution of being able to pay cash for fuel, food, repairs – or in case of malfunctions such as no internet access.

              The cashless economy is all about yet more and most likely stricter control as it will enable the creditors to deny purchase of non approved items as well as preventing people from shopping in non approved outlets – they are already doing that in Australia with the cashless welfare card which prohibits the purchase of certain items.

              In trade agreements there are provisions that enable companies to sue whenever they ”imagine” that something will negatively effect their and imagined financial forecast – by means of ISDS/IIAS provisions.

              There are never any provisions made for the benefit of humanity and the environment yet we appear unable to push back against the assault on the little freedoms that remain.

              As if the entire TPP [and its’many variations] has already been implemented by stealth.


            12. Farmer Scott says

              Excellent post here. As was the previous one to Vic.
              When you said: “…there’s far more to this and will call it a hoax.” There may come a time when using the “H” word (why does it trigger so many?) will be deleted by the algorithms that will be in place everywhere.
              I’ve begun to use the term: “unreal event” or “unbelievable story” to describe them instead.
              For now these terms work to get content creators past YouTube censor bots.
              Keep on keeping on with what you do – working to wake the masses.
              You do it well!

            13. Southern says

              Thanks – my eyes are not exactly cooperating thus limiting the amount of time spend behind a screen, and listen to more podcats (^^,)

              Behind the moderators/administration disqus dash is a feature to trigger automatic moderation if the nominated words are used in comments, same goes for links.

              Mispelling words or cryptic clues are an option or just use initials.

              There always more sides to everything, if the masses want to become informed there’s nothing to prevent them from doing their own research – it cannot be forced on them although it might help to take to tweeter in order to reach a wider audience – so I did and immediately had my account frozen before I had even finished typing the initial comment – [due to insecurity reasons that goes without saying]. I’ll find a way around that obstacle]

              How to wake the masses to think outside the box

            14. Farmer Scott says

              Why aren’t V/NB/C and others not getting it yet? I’ve seen V say at least twice: He’s not averse to “believing it’s a fraud, but I’ve not seen any evidence yet.”
              It’s been 6 or 7 months and there’s been plenty of time and loads of evidence out there revealing the truth. But they aren’t interested in seeking it!
              What’s the real story there, I wonder?

            15. sabelmouse says

              just ineffectual for other strains. IF it works for any strain. often the efficacy is les than 20%
              but the flushot can cause autoimmune issues, and increases the chances of respiratory infection generally.

            16. tomonthebay says

              What paranoid nonsense.

            17. Mad Hatter says

              Thing is though, mass depopulation already occurs. In 2017 and 2018, 20 million died of starvation. It’s kept so quiet. Then you hear the endless squawking that there is an outbreak of chicken pox under a dozen and calls for immediate action.

            18. Southern says

              More people die from hunger than from this allegedly novel virus – at the same time the consequences of the global lock-down – ruining the economies of countries – [not corporations they are doing really well] – will have the effect that yet more people will die from starvation.

              Note – out of the worlds 100 largest economies, 30 are those of countries while 70 are those of corporations. [Oxfam 2016]

            19. Mad Hatter says

              Dire straits indeed

        2. sabelmouse says

          i doubt that they have ”good” intentions, really.

  7. johnscriv says

    Stupid dumb fuck, obviously from the attitude expressed by this cretin he has no idea what a healthy democracy would look like.

    1. sabelmouse says

      i am fat.

      1. johnscriv says

        Sorry, you make a valid point, my comment wasn’t very intelligent, so I changed it out of consideration for your sensibilities.

        1. sabelmouse says

          thank you πŸ™‚

  8. Raptar Driver says

    R.I.P. Australia. If you are too stupid and cowardly to live then do the opposite and spare us the agony of watching your idiocy.

    1. Mad Hatter says

      OR other countries will attempt to follow the Auzzie example.

  9. Mr. Evans says

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  10. Aurum Cimex says

    Here is a real time demonstartion of what happens when you give psychopathic personalities a uniform and power to bully people. This fat moron is probably only regretting it hasn’t got to the cattle trucks and “work camp” stage.

    1. sabelmouse says

      why ad ”fat”? it’s NOT dicken’s time anymore. most of the rich and powerful are slim.

  11. Mr. Evans says

    This Evil Fascist α›‹α›‹ $hite Must Be Stopped, . . And Every Empathy-Less Psychopathic Violent Fascistic Goon Dealt With Immediately And Harshly . . . . ;-0 . . . The WWII German NAZI Bs Excuse At The Nuremberg Trials Of ” I Was Only Following Orders .” Cannot Be Used Again To Allow These Present Day Fascist α›‹α›‹ Goon $quad $cum To Get Away With Their Violent Fascist Idiocy And Fascistic Thuggary . . . The Term ” Never Again ” Was The Mantra The Jewish, And Other Almost Genocided Holocaust Surviving Peoples Said Who Survived NAZI Germany’s ” Final Solution ” Which Is About To Happen Again If We Do Not Realize It For What It Is And Stand Up This Time And Stop Them Again . . . . ;-0 . . . NEVER AGAIN!!!

  12. Mr. Evans says

    α›‹α›‹ Doctor Fauci, . . . aka Fraud$ki, . . aka α›‹α›‹ Josef Mengele . . . . $pawn Of Dr. Death . . . . Do You Understand ?

  13. fluttershield mlp says

    Braying jackass playing God.

  14. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

    Australian police are an improvement over every one in the American media and bureaucracy.

    1. Southern says

      And they don’t shoot as much – blacks deaths in custody are a disgrace though.

      1. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

        If they were the knockoff of Sir Robert Peel’s Bobbies that they should be, they wouldn’t even carry firearms. I visited LOndon in December of 2003 and spoke to several Bobbies, and none of them open carried because they didn’t want to ruin their traditional reputations.

        1. Southern says

          Don’t get your hopes up they’ve vicious all the same, in recent times Police on horse back have run deliberately run into a group of peaceful protesters and broken a woman’s legs.

          Day’s ago they deliberately ran their vehicle into the back of a man and subsequently kicked his head in, he’s in a induced coma.

          1. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

            We wouldn’t need police departments if Americans hadn’t abdicated from service in the now extinct well-regulated militias.

            1. Southern says

              Were they self regulated?

              The advent of the for profit prison industry has revealed that even judges were receiving kickbacks from filling prisons and that it’s not justice being served but a greed motive.

              What it comes down to is that corporate interests are being served instead of the interests of people.

            2. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

              Do you even know what “well-regulated” meant in the late 18th century?

  15. voza0db says

    Coming from a FAT ASSHOLE that can’t even take good care of his own body that’s just a good laugh!

    1. sabelmouse says

      i am fat and have had an eating disorder for 50 years.

  16. voza0db says

    Yes… Using sequences from the human genome for the FAKE RT-qPCR “SARS-CoV-2” “tests” do sound crazy!

  17. glib1 says

    He is just having a power trip. He knows this is his time. It is happening all over the West.

    1. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

      Their trips will all be cancelled when they try to push the wrong people too far.

  18. ke4ram says

    “As far as I was taught it is up to the police to do as they are ordered, and it is up to those people’s representatives who gave them the orders…”

    Not to be picky,,, This was many WWII Germans defense which was refused by the Nuremberg court.

    Most military’s / police have an article that allows them to refuse an unlawful order. I would think hitting someone with a car then pummeling their head in the concrete was a bit of excessive force regardless what their orders state. They should have been fired on the spot.

    The police are to enforce LAW not some petty ass tyrant wannabbe dictates.

    This oinker (literally) has been fed well by politicians. He doesn’t want to miss his free meals so, like the Stasi, he does what he is told,,, whether it is right or wrong.”

    This fat clown was appointed,,, not elected and therefore sucking from the public trough has no right to speak of the people like he is. Someone needs to locate a lamp pole strong enough to hold him.

    1. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

      It was also up to those who used that defense at Nuremberg to be executed, go to prison, or take a trip to American under Operation Papership.

      1. ke4ram says

        I wasn’t aware that any of the 1600 German scientists and engineers were on trial at Nurumberg.

        1. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

          Then they wouldn’t have used the defense, would they?
          Operation Paperclip wasn’t limited to scientists and engineers, which were of little use to the OSS in becoming the CIA.

  19. sabelmouse says


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