Australian Man, 78, Died in Freezing Caravan Stuck on State Border for 3 Months Waiting to Move in With Son 50 Km Away

'He was so close and now he won't ever get back there, he won't be there for Christmas'


An elderly man who was hoping to relocate from NSW to southern Queensland has died after waiting in a caravan for the border to open for three months. 

The man, 78, had been living in the caravan with his wife and daughter in the northern NSW town of Tenterfield and wanted to move just 50km further north to live with his son in Stanthorpe. 

The man, whose name has not been released, is understood to have been stressed and confused about the border requirements. [Aren’t we all?]

He reportedly submitted a travel exemption application last month but then withdrew it shortly after.

The man and his family had first stayed at the local showgrounds before moving to a caravan park and had been living in the cramped space for 14 weeks

It is not known how the man died but emergency services confirmed they attended the site on November 22 and performed CPR assisted by members of the public.

Fellow caravan park resident Susan Hosking says she has also been stuck waiting for the border to re-open after visiting her partner’s sick relative in Victoria. 

‘It’s a sad thing because it’s just somebody who needed to get across the border to be with his family,’ Ms Hosking told the Courier Mail.

‘(He) was so close and now he won’t ever get back there, he won’t be there for Christmas,’ she said.

Queensland Opposition Leader David Crisafulli said the incident was ‘harrowing and hard to fathom’.

‘It’s difficult to comprehend what his family is going through right now or how this could happen… I have said all along you can be safe and compassionate.’

The man is understood to have been a carer for his wife and daughter, aged 71 and 55, and they have both since been granted an exemption to cross the border.

Queensland Health said their exemption team had communicated with the man more than once to progress his application but it was withdrawn at his request. [They would say that. Who knows what they told him. Anyway since when do you need a permit to move in with your family?]

Source: The Daily Mail

  1. ken says

    I never thought any country could out perform the German Nazis of the 1930s. Australia, New Zealand and Austria are making those German Nazis look like freedom advocates.

    1. Ilya G Poimandres says

      Thing is the Nazis cared for 95% of their population.

      Give Hitler the hate or the Jews, the Slavs, and whoever else, but they did good by the German people, until their started their war .. where do these tyrants have any care for any group within their nations, beyond billionaires?

      1. Ron says

        Hitler was a tyrant and imprisoned and killed all who opposed him.

        1. jack says

          …and enslaved people to profit from their labor. Afterwards, he just killed them.

      2. jack says

        yeah, you’re right. For 5 years only, though. (are you able to read sarcasm?)

      3. Mark says

        Ophelia, you need to call Emma right now. The poor thing also works online, but she makes less than half what you do – obviously, The Man is ripping her off. Do something; get her out of that dead-end $7K-per-month loser job.

        1. Marshall Lentini says

          Underrated comment

  2. nnn says

    Fascist government

  3. Eric the Red says

    Neofascism is here, new and improved. The dirty little secret of WWII was that fascism is the most efficient form of government ever devised. Note that I didn’t say ‘better’, I said ‘most efficient’. Now that technology has improved to keep track of the peons, neofascism is perfect for the globohomo mafia.

    1. Ultrafart the Brave says

      It’s comforting to see that at least some people are recognising this for what it is.

      Too many mentally constrained people claim that the tyranny now engulfing us is “communism”. It’s nothing of the sort, nor is China in any meaningful way the source of the evil.

      We’re the victims of a global coup by the most extreme fascists the world has ever seen – a cabal of perhaps 3,000 Satanic billionaires and their loyal stooges in the governments all around the planet, who are determined to kill a few billion of us off and grind any survivors under their heels, forever.

      With a bit of luck and some clean living and prayer, most of us will live to see the day when each and every one of those genocidal psycopaths and all of their willing supporters will swing at the end of numerous lengths of rope.

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