Australia Ordered Care Home Staff to Stay at Home Causing Unattended Residents to Die en Masse in Horrific Conditions

Yet another way the COVID Rouge killed (starved) people in 2020

Residents at a Melbourne aged care home were subjected to inhumane and degrading treatment during a Covid-19 outbreak when 50 of them died, an inquest has been told.

The inquiry into the deaths at St Basil’s Home for the Aged in Fawkner during the state’s second outbreak in 2020 opened on Monday with the names of each of those who died read out in court.

Of the 117 residents living at the home, 50 died in July and August 2020.

In an opening statement counsel assisting Peter Rozen QC said staff at the home were deemed ‘close contacts’ and furloughed on July 22, with the Commonwealth taking over the home despite multiple warnings that regular staff should not be replaced.

He said one doctor involved in the response, Dr Rabin Sinnappu, warned that furloughing St Basil’s staff would result in disaster, while another doctor described it as a ‘shocking’ idea.

Mr Rozen said a lack of care for residents had become apparent by the end of the first day of the takeover, after the federal health department could not find enough new staff.

‘There were far too few of these workers at St Basil’s for them to have provided care at the level the residents deserved and the law required,’ he said.

The court heard that by July 23, pathology staff visiting to test residents found the conditions ‘shocking to say the least’.

The medical director of Melbourne Pathology, Dr Ellen Maxwell, alerted the Victorian health department in an email that Covid-positive residents were mixing freely with others, bins were overflowing, PPE had not been cleared and medication was on the floor.

She said one staff member was in tears, appalled that a patient who had died was wheeled out of the home with no attempt to clear the corridor of people.

The first witness at the inquest was Christine Golding whose mother Efraxia, 84, caught the virus at the home.

She testified that St Basil’s had provided good, culturally appropriate care for her mother, but during the outbreak her mother’s treatment was inhumane and degrading.

Although Efraxia could not feed herself, several trays of food were found left in her room, and at one point she was no longer able to talk due to dehydration and lack of food, Ms Golding said.

She recalled the facility manager warning that if staff were furloughed, people would die from neglect rather than Covid.

‘That sent a shiver up my spine,’ she told the hearing.

During the outbreak a group of residents’ families met outside the home, and when staff would not tell them who was in charge, they began banging on the windows until the police were called, she said.

‘It was a state of chaos and desperation… the anger was driven by fear,’ she said.

‘Australians deserve to know why our aged care Covid-19 preparedness was so poor, why it spectacularly failed my mother and contributed to her premature death.’

Mr Rozen said the inquest would not lay blame on the workers brought in to care for St Basil’s residents, saying the evidence would show a number of them went ‘above and beyond’, but the circumstances were impossible.

He also explained that an expert report would show the delay between the notification of the first Covid case at the home on July 9, and test results becoming available on July 17, was a root cause of the failure to contain the outbreak, as was a lack of co-ordination between state and federal health departments.

Forty-five residents died from coronavirus, [Isn’t that convenient, since when does coronavirus have a 43% fatality rate, even in care homes?] but the inquest is also covering five other deaths at the home during the same period.

Victorian State Coroner John Cain will spend the next five weeks hearing from 65 witnesses about how the virus got into the home and how it spread among residents.

Source: Associated Press

  1. Ultrafart the Brave says

    These were planned human sacrifices to get the fake “pandemic” rolling. Hillsong God-botherer and closet Satanist PM Morrison and the State Premiers and Health Ministers and Chief Health Officers were all in on it from Day One.

    Still are.

    Just like happened in so many other countries around the world – the UK being one notable case in point with a veritable geriatric genocide.

    Hanging the Satanic scum behind all of this will be way too lenient a penalty – but it will be a start.

    1. Hank says

      You can sugar coat genocide in the name of protecting the public’s health. It is an issue that is easy to scaremonger and mislead with. Just ask any Big Pharma CEO and they’ll say the same thing- off the record. Population control through education and sound and reasonable public policies is the way to go, not “let’s keep the population around such and such through all these planned wars and pandemics . . . you can rouse people easily for wars with the same lies and you can scare people to death literally when you threaten their lives(pandemic)”. The virus that kills people is ignorance!

  2. ken says

    “Residents at a Melbourne aged care home were subjected to inhumane and degrading treatment during a Covid-19 outbreak when 50 of them died, an inquest has been told.”

    What a sick world. The perps,,, health ‘authorities’ will never be held responsible. We were just following orders. This makes 1930s Germany look like a humanitarian effort.

    All over the world they murdered these helpless folks made easy by the fear of a non existent virus. Easy as pulling babies from the womb, cutting out body parts while still alive, soon they’ll be killing the unvaxxed and any other person that disagrees with the health authoritarians horse hockey.

    “Victorian State Coroner John Cain will spend the next five weeks hearing from 65 witnesses about how the virus got into the home and how it spread among residents.”

    Oh, for crying out loud. In the 21st century of medical history and all of a sudden we can’t figure how a cold virus circulates or how it could possibly spread in a filthy home where people are starved,,, without water,,, unbathed,,, etc.

    This will be 5 weeks of white washing,,, cleansing everyone’s soul,,, Oh, I can hear the sobbing excuses now….

  3. Sally Snyder says

    Here is what China has to say about a war with the United States over Taiwan:

    Washington’s ruling class with its Cold War mentality still believes that it can win a conflict anywhere in the world, however, China’s massive and technically advanced military, its close links to both North Korea and Russia and its geographic proximity to any conflict in the East and South China Seas give it a significant advantage

    1. geoff says

      Hi Sally,
      overall I agree with you, though I am insecure about the real connection between Russia and China. Post Marxist/CCP mafia gang? G

    2. Michael says

      Russia won’t be in on this with China, they’ll stay neutral. NKorea will reunite Korea, after Americans withdraw.

  4. Michael says

    I noticed that there was NOTHING there about this on ch2, ch7, sbs, tonite here in Victoria as it obviously collapses the narrative the criminals called politicians are pushing and have been almost 2 years now, these politicians having suicided easily 1,000 more people in Australia than the 3,000 annually that tragically do.

  5. Martillo says

    One didn’t expect luxury wellness facilities at Ouch Witz and sundry German National Socialist Holiday Centers aka concentration camps. So why in God’s name would one imagine that the pedovore gubermint filth down under would treat their ear marked for death useless eaters any better than Onkel Adolf and Co treated the useless eaters back in the day.

    Pfizer macht frei…permanently.

    Pfizer Fuehrer Albert Bourla of the khazar chosenite mob explains how his covaid$ death squirt is to correct “mistakes in your DNA”. Would anyone with a functioning brain cell allow Satanic pedovore filth like this anywhere near their “precious bodily fluids” or their children’s. The time for taking out this reptilian poison is long overdue.

    Juice Koolaid same as Al CIAduh Jonestown Koolaid only global
    It’s a big club and they are ALL in it.

  6. Martillo says

    YOU are quite obviously the disease; their covaid$ death squirt the cure.

    Do it for Greta…and save the weather already.

  7. tufty says

    Under these circumstances, one would think that FAMILY would remove their loved one immediately.

    1. Sezsue says

      Most likely family members couldn’t get in there to get their loved ones out!

  8. Curmudgeon says

    This is all part of the plan. Not to lessen the tragedy of these actions, but the majority of those dying of “Covid” are older than the average life expectancy. What that translates to in the case of the “outbreak” in the nursing home, is that those most at risk of dying were the ones in their 80s. What this action demonstrates is that governments are ignoring real science (including the science that a pure form of the alleged virus has never been isolated) and rolling back medical advancements in order to reduce the costs of caring for the elderly.

  9. RoHa says

    Stop lying in your headlines. It wasn’t “Australia” that ordered the staff to stay at home. It was the state (Victoria) health minister. Don’t blame the country for the actions of a state official.

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