Australia Loads Up Aborigines on Army Trucks, Dumps Them in Isolation Camps

Relax, it's a totally non-racist roundup of Aborigines by a white government

FEMA camps used to be a conspiracy theory then Australia said ‘hold my beer’

Northern Territory government has confined two Aboriginal communities to mass house arrest. No one in the extraordinarily remote settlements of Binjari and Rockhole may set foot outside “except in an emergency or for medical treatment”

Additionally, those who “tested positive” or their “contacts” were loaded onto army trucks and taken to remote isolation camps. 47 people in total (9 positives and 38 “contacts”.)

Or course, this was all taken out of the great concern and compassion the Michael Gunner government has for the Aboriginal community. In fact, we could say it is precisely the great sorrow over historic injustices of the white government against Australia’s indigenous that moves the officials in 2021 to engage with them with such sensitivity to their dignity and autonomy.

Sensitivity that is not warranted since as largely unvaccinated they don’t actually count as people.

It’s about time these non-cooperative minorities got put in their place.

“Binjari is a low vaccination community, nine positive cases in one day and one is in hospital,” Mr Gunner added.

“Binjari has a smaller population than Robinson River. Please get vaccinated, once you catch the virus that will be too late. We need you to get the vaccine now.”

South Australia thinks these totally non-racist camps especially for colored people are a great idea they just have to copy. Because they’re so compassionate you understand:

SA Health plans regional quarantine camps for Indigenous close contacts

Health authorities in South Australia are racing to organise quarantine “camps” for Aboriginal people unable to quarantine at home.

“It has been identified that facilities would be required for the quarantining of persons who would otherwise be unable to home quarantine due to their living circumstances,” the tender document stated.

“Some Aboriginal communities’ sociocultural practices may place them at higher risk of transmission because they involve mobilisation and participation in communal cultural activities,” the health document said.

Kidnapping people for their own good — what could be nobler??

  1. TZVI says

    Please get vaccinated, once you catch the virus that will be too late..”

    Get covid, and with a good immune system , you get long term immunity…get the injection before Covid get endless jabs, if you are lucky.

    1. Brenda says

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  2. Chacko Kurian says

    As has been predicted earlier, we have COVID concentration camps under the guise of ‘the greater good’. Using false medical science, the tyrants are imposing the new world order.

    1. Mr Reynard says

      But.. Don’t worry ? Those camps don’t have “gas ovens” because of Scomo COP 26 promise ZERO CARBON EMISSIONS can’t have Gas Ovens ?
      Therefore they will use Microwave Ovens (Will, seat six)

      1. Chacko Kurian says

        Guess we have to be thankful for small mercies!

  3. ken says

    I am without words,,, Australia is totally gone. Everyone else, pay attention… We’re next!

    1. Ultrafart the Brave says

      Hey, at least you still have states like Texas and Florida where some level of feeedom and political integrity still prevails. The first warning sign that you’re on the downward path to perdition is every single state and federal leader being a certified f*cking psycopath.

      Victoria’s Premier, full-term abortionist baby-butcher and self-appointed 4th Reich Fuhrer, Dictator Dan (a good Catholic boy, so we’re told), is an exemplary example. Dictator Dan was so thrilled over grinding the Victorian population under his jack boot with poison injections, lockdowns and rubber bullets for the last two years, that he decided to award himself the power to rule with supreme unnaccountable authority forever. That power grab is still playing out as we speak.

      New South Wales Salem trial refugee and obligate baby-eating spinster, Gladys Berejiklian, was so corrupt that she got pushed out of the Premier spot – but not before she set up the framework for the dystopian New World Order declared by fellow spinster witch and socially dysfunctional misfit Chief Health Officer, Dr. Kerry Chant, and homicidal sociopath Health Minister Brad Hazard who personally pioneered the technique of herding thousands of school children into a stadium without their parents for forced injection with an experimental eugenic gene poison. Word on the street is that about a dozen of those kids dropped dead on the spot, and numerous more are now gravely ill and/or permanently impaired or disabled.

      Now Gladys’ replacement, Dominic Perrottet (another “good Catholic boy”), is making a pretense of a kinder, more gentle approach to the sheeple, but has emphatically kept all Gladys’ totalitarian New World Order framework in place. It’s an incremental thing, you see – when it comes to rights and freedoms, they take away as much as they can when they can get away with it, but they never ever give any of it back.

      Meanwhile, to the north, the Queensland Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk, is making noises about incarcerating the “unvaccinated” into Queensland’s newly constructed “quarantine facilities” (read – concentration camps) while openly warning us all about the next pandemic outbreak as if reading from a preprinted schedule (hint – it is).

      Worse still, the Northern Territory’s Chief Minister, Michael Gunner, has gone full retard and is not just threatening to do stuff, he’s gotten ahead of the game and is using the Australian Army right now to forcefully drag Aboriginals out of their remote communities against their will and truck them off to concentration camps! This Gunner character is about the most psychotic specimen I’ve ever seen – there’s no doubt that he will do anything, no matter how extreme, to curry his masters’ favour. The Northern Territory’s Cief Minister Gunner is the current Australian poster-child for New World Order political f*cking psycopaths.

      Let’s not forget the Western Australian Premier, Mark McGowan, who might be a long way away from the eastern Australian states, but he’s also doing his handy best to inject and kill as many people as possible as quickly as possible. McGowan has recently publicly stated that authorities in Western Australia might have to hunt down the “unvaccinated” and hold them down to forcefully inject them – and the Western Australian government passed laws back in 2016 (who would have known?) to allow them to do precisely that!

      It’s not just a “state thing” in Australia. It’s more of a “family thing”, where the “family” involves just the political class and their Globalist handlers, but not the rest of us slated for extermination. Hillsong God-botherer (that means he wants us to believe that he’s a “Christian” – anyone see a pattern emerging here?) and closet Satanist, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, for example, publicly declares that “vaccine mandates” aren’t legal in Australia, and getting a “vaccine” is a “personal choice” – yet he regularly conspires collectively with all the f*cking psycopath state Premiers in the secret “National Cabinet” to coordinate the national “pandemic response”. Here’s an open secret – the Australian Federal Government is occupied by a cabal of f*cking psycopaths just like all the states, working behind the scenes to enable each of the Australian states to carry out the Globalist genocide for which international law and treaties currently hinder the Australian Federal Government’s explicit involvement.

      The “family” meme for the political class in the emergence of the Australian New World Order is more than allegorical – it’s very much a literal mechanic of the Globalist strategy.

      The Federal Health Minister, Greg Hunt, has brothers with millions vested in Big Pharma business interests directly tied to the Corona Chan “pandemic”. Greg Hunt, incidentally, previously occupied a key strategic position in Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum (is anyone surprised?).

      The Queensland Premier’s father has a controlling stake in a major gene-bank enterprise which stands to gain massively from the Australian “pandemic” response policies.

      The Australian Prime Minister gets his marching orders from Bill Gates’ favorite “vaccine” poster girl, Jane Halton, who happens to be the chair of Bill Gates’ Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) and was a key mover and shaker at the WEF’s Event 201 rehearsal for the Corona Chan “pandemic”.

      [ ]

      Jane Halton also happens to be the sister-in-law of the Victorian Chief Health Officer, Mr. Brett Sutton, who incidentally is also on the board of a variety of “charitable” concerns funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

      We could go on.

      Point is, until you have every position of power across your country occupied by certified f*cking psycopaths, you’ve still got a way to go before you descend to Australia’s sorry state.

      1. Chacko Kurian says

        You’re spot on. Be it communist Dan, Opus Dei Dominic, or Hillsong Scott, they are servants of Sauron.

        1. richseeto says

          I agree with all the other assertions but communist? What the f*ck has that to do with this f*cking dictatorship? Speak sense, otherwise you are speaking nothing.

        2. covid1984pl says

          Hillsong is more a cult and freemason/vatican controlled.

      2. richseeto says

        F*ck me, what a f*ck up!

    2. XSFRGR says

      Australia voluntarily gave up their arms, and thus their ability to directly influence government oppression. Such is the fate of cattle.

      1. richseeto says

        We have become a nation of sheeple.

  4. silver9blue says

    Australia has disguised racism of Aboriginals for decades. Before that it was very open.

    1. richseeto says

      Indeed and Australia under this LNP sh*tshow government has the hide to criticise China for Human Rights abuse. It is happening right here and right now under our very noses.

  5. Linda says

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    1. richseeto says

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  6. Linda says

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  7. Chacko Kurian says

    Note from WA, Australia where Tyrant in Chief Mark McGowan is demanding mandatory vaccination: Adam Zydek the principal of Divine Mercy College is resisting mandatory vaccination for his staff. Quote, ‘ “The college does not take a position on vaccines in general. It neither encourages nor discourages staff to accept a vaccine because that, like all medical interventions, should be a matter of choice for each individual, particularly when accepting a vaccine involves some level of risk,” he wrote.
    “The college’s view is that each individual should prayerfully consider that matter and be guided by the dictates of their conscience.
    “We see the COVID-19 vaccines, and an individual teacher’s decision to accept one, in precisely that way.
    “In keeping with that view, the college abhors the premier’s decision to coerce teachers to accept a medical intervention by threatening them with the loss of their livelihoods, and their capacity to pursue their God-given vocation.”…..

    Catholic Archbishop Timothy Costelloe condemns Divine Mercy College principal Adam Zydek over anti-vax stance (the church has long been infiltrated by the satanists).And threats from the Education Department to suspend him.

  8. Cap960 says

    Australia is trying to beat China.

    1. Ultrafart the Brave says

      China’s not even in the race in this particular game.

      The Chinese government does its best to look after its people – and FWIW, their track record has been stellar over the past few decades, lifting a billion people out of poverty.

      Meanwhile, the Australian political & elite classes at every level are determined to destroy the country and kill all Australians.

      I think the Chinese will be very glad that they live in China, when they consider what is happening right now in Australia.

      1. richseeto says

        I am Chinese and this government has f*cked my chances for happiness by refusing to allow me to bring my overseas wife to live with and care for me in my old age and last years of my life on earth; tricking me to spend my life savings in futile applications when it gave me permission to marry her in the first instance.
        is spending our hard earned tax payers dollars to bring in two thousand Afghan
        refugees, whom we have created in the first place by invading and killing their
        under that faking Mad Monk, LNP spent tax payers’ funds to bring in ten
        thousand Syrian refugees, again people we created by bombing their nation to
        the faking rub: I am spending my own funds and life savings to bring in my
        legally married wife but in vain.
        f*cking why? When Australia’s media especially Aunty ABC shamelessly paraded
        one single Uyghur man tearfully crying in QandA condemning China for
        obstructing his child from joining him in this great Aussie land when a senior
        Australian citizen, me who has contributed to society and now in his old age is
        prevented from having a modicum of happiness with a partner?
        human, civic and citizenship rights can be abused and not highlighted but some
        faking alien’s rights can garner more value than those of citizens of the land?
        whole faking corrupt LNP government needed to be uprooted and discarded before
        it destroys Australia and the lives of all Australians.

    2. richseeto says

      Hahahahahahahaha ha is my retort. When?

  9. Martillo says

     “Once the herd accepts mandatory vaccinations, It’s GAME OVER. They will accept anything – Forcible blood or organ donation- “For the greater good”. We can genetically modify children and sterilize them- “For the greater good”. Control sheep minds and you control the herd. Vaccine makers stand to make billions. And many of you in this room are investors. It’s a BIG win/win. We thin out the herd, and the herd pays us for extermination services”
    Henry Kissinger

    Silence of the lambs as the sheeple critters spontaneously abort their babies and destroy their protoplasmic bliss. Perhaps it’s all for the better as the rats among us eat the runts. Evolution was always a merciless and bloody business.

    Life doesn’t give a rat’s ass who lives it or who throws it away.
    YOU are the disease, their covaid$ death squirt the cure.

    Meanwhile an uplifting musical interlude jammin’ the $cam


    “The pathogen that is causing all the deaths from the illness is the spike protein. And the spike protein is what the vaccine is supposed to make in your body. … Spike protein is one of the most contrived poisons that man has ever made. And, the aim of this toxin, is to kill billions of people without anyone noticing it. So it is a poison with an agenda.” (“South African Physician Dr. Shankara Chetty Talks about “The Bigger Plan”, Bitchute)

  10. Rebel Forever says

    Unfortunately the Aborigines were unarmed. We, here in the American South are HEAVILY armed, and Biden, Gates and Fauci can’t do a damned thing to alter that fact. If they decide to go to vaccine ‘passports’ to buy groceries, we’re good with that, too. There are plenty of deer, turkeys, rabbits and squirrels in the woods to kill and eat, as well as catfish in the local rivers. As Hank Williams, Jr. famously sang , ‘A Country Boy Can Survive.’ Don’t send your jackboots to round us up, Uncle Sam…we won’t be complying.

  11. Ying Jun says

    Scandemic brought on by the Freemason Satanists to create a New World Order. Look on YouTube for the trailer to “Gray State” film. Freemason Satanists also caused 9/11 to bring in NWO. After Bush Senior signed Noahide Laws in March 2011, in September on the 11th Twin Towers felled. From then on, people have to go through humiliating security checks to travel. Freemason Satanists have infiltrated all levels of society from the Pope, politicians, judges, celebrities etc…Wake up people and push back. Refuse the poison jab. They are trying to introduce digital currency, digital vaccine passport, digital ID etc…Your life is no longer yours to determined.

  12. ken says

    The aboriginals have just issued a plea for assistance Wed. 11-24,

    They are being attacked by the Australian Army,,, when caught they are thrown down and injected. They are asking any country that still has concern for human beings.

    Mr. Putin,,, Biden where are you. Peters asks,,, Where are all the do gooders that express concern for the down trodden.

    Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the US. While we are eating turkey think about those people hunted down like dogs.

    Anyone see Quiggly Down Under…. This apparently is happening in real life.

    This was on the Stew Peters show tonight. Sure hope I don’t get awaiting for approval on this post. Anyone reading this,,, do what you can…

    1. Eddy says

      Where has all that ALLEGED humanitarian concern gone all of a sudden ???

  13. Jax says

    Kill ’em when they come!

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