Australia Is Pretending It Didn’t Target Djokovic by Suddenly Detaining a Player It Let in a Week Ago

Banana republic arrests a Czech player who was already competing in a warm-up tournament

Czech tennis player Renata Voracova has been detained by Australian Border Force officials and asked to leave the country.

A source familiar with the case said the Czech player entered Australia with a vaccine exemption on the basis she had been infected with COVID-19 in the last six months.

This was the same reason used by Novak Djokovic.

The 38-year-old, who has already played in a warm-up tournament, is being held in the same Melbourne inner-city hotel as Djokovic.

Voracova had been in Australia since December before sudden arrest

The former Wimbledon doubles semifinalist, ranked 81 in the world, has had her visa cancelled, but it’s not clear if she will appeal against the decision.

Voracova’s potential deportation raises a question about why she was let into the country in the first place if the federal government believed a prior infection was not a valid exemption.

On Thursday, Australian ambassador to Serbia Daniel Emery was hauled into the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs by its secretary Nemanja Starovic as Serbia protested against Djokovic’s detention in an immigration hotel.

Source: The Age

  1. London says

    The world’s richest families run the professions, politics, and media globally. They have no interest in these except that their own greed must be satisfied. Continuously.

  2. ken says

    Covid cases…Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Two going on three years and the public remains as stupid as ever. The CDC has even dropped the PCR but the public is so stupid they pay little attention and the slime are still using it successfully as a scare weapon.

    And what happened to the flu!? Remember drones, they said it was going to be a bad flu year. And since their scare weapon PCR cannot distinguish between the two how do you know it’s the rona? Oh,,, because the guys in butcher coats say so? (lol)

    And now we have flurona in Israhell. Yes,,, the flu shagging the rona. Well,,, guess that makes as much sense as the rest of it.

    It is astonishing the bullshit people will believe! Like the unvaxxed killing the vaxxed.

    So what about those that keel over right after the shot or within a couple of days? How can the unvaxxed possibly be the blame? That’s pretty fast work, even for Super Rona!

    The medical tyrants say it’s the spike protein from the virus that is the culprit — then what do they inject you with…. spike proteins! and an army of bots to turn you into a spike protein manufacturing facility along with assorted other poisons. Too funny.

    Then they tell you to wear a mask because their miracle warp speed experimental crap concoction cannot stop transmission. Well,,, you must first have ‘something’ in order to transmit it but few have the capability to think one whole step ahead.

    So you took the killer jabs,,, forced your children to take them,,, and now you figured,,, uh oh,,, you might have been had,,, so you want to screw the rest of us.

    What a piece of work you are!

    1. Eddie says

      Spot on comment.

  3. Jerry Hood says

    Satanic jews behind every problem! A time to start to deal with them…

    1. Mr Reynard says

      Jerry.. Just imagine that Novak would be a black American Or African, you would been deafened by the screams & howling from media & leftards imbeciles.. Noise above 200 Decibel (Concorde on take off only 120 Decibel)

      1. Jerry Hood says

        The anglojudaisers hates him because he is proud Serb and Slavic fella!!!

  4. Ultrafart the Brave says

    The Satanic Globalist regimes currently entrenched in the Australian federal and all state governments are illegitimate. They do not represent the Australian people.

    Leader of Reignite Democracy Australia Party –
    [ ]

    Common Australian folk protest on Novak’s behalf in the pouring rain –
    [ ]

    The solution not just for heroes like Novak, but for all of us, is to drag these Satanic bastards out into the street and string every last one of them up on a lamp post.

  5. Phil says

    The other players should leave and forget, boycott every Australian event.
    Why support a shitty country like that?
    Interesting to check the choices made : cowardice, submission or standing up?

    1. Ultrafart the Brave says


      If all the international tennis players simply united and walked out, jumped on the first plane out of the joint, then the Australian political class and their beauracratic stooges would be the laughing stock of the world (if not already).

      Of course, none of this would matter one bit to the psycopaths entrenched in the Australian governments – they get their orders from Klaus Schwab, after all.

      But at least the lie would be unambiguously exposed for anyone who had any doubts, and the resistance to the WEF’s Corona Chan depopulation plan would be strengthened.

    2. Eddie says

      I’m afraid it is too late for some of them.Look at Nadal.He is completely brainwashed.I don’t know whether it is greed or simple stupidity.

  6. John Rourke says

    I am guessing..but it’s probably the Vaccinated that caused the Government to over react..the Vaccinated must be protected and they demanded “blood”.

  7. silver9blue says

    You can’t avoid the fact he had covid on Dec 16 as proven by a test. His lawywer now said this. Loophole was to ask for an exemption because he had the disease. He would enter Australia mask less able to spread covid apparently.

  8. Jerry Hood says

    Anglo-american-aussie zionazis and their regimes….

    1. Jerry Hood says

      Heavily judaised bastards….

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